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ed various kinds of poetry according to their taste.

The arts and sciences were introduced into Dekkan from the north of India at a very early period, and Sanscrit poetry, consequently flourished in various provinces, and in course of time, poetry in the vernacular tongues was cultivated, in different districts of the Telugu and Karnata countries, and subsequently in Dravida, Maharatta, Guzerat, and other provinces, the numerous poems in this dialect gave occasion to a Sanscrit, verse which says, "the poem's in the language of the gods, are like the wild cows (very rare,) and only to be found in forests and mountains, while those in the vernacular dialects are like hogs to be found at every door." Several works in the learned lanugage have been brought to light by the labors of learned Europeans, such as Sir William Jones, Mr. Colebroke, Drs. Taylor and Wil-