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the records as I received them, and find them,acknowledged by the mogt learned men who have written on Hindu Theology, and leave it to the candor of the English reader, to whom this work is principally addressed, to use their own judgment in giving credit to the miraculous adventures of the Hindu sage in question.

SANKARACHARI, — A celebrated Hindu poet, lawgiver, and prophet, was born, according to some authors, at Sringiri Meru, a village in the subdivision called Nunganad, he was the son of a Nambur Bramin.

There is great discordance of opinion amongst Hindu writers respecting the time of his birth. The Kudali Bramins, who profess to follow, and teach his system of religion, declare his appearance to have been about two thousand years ago. In a Manuscript history of the Kings of Konga Dés, in the valuable collection of the late Colonel Mackenzie, he is said to be con- temporary with Trivikramadéva Chakravatri, Sovereign of Kundinipura in the Dekkan, and to have been born at Sringeri, a place now in-