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of Mandena Misre, agreeing coma to her in the course of six months, and contend with her on any point she wished to propose.

Sankarachari after this made a journey to a city whose king of the name of Amaraga, was just dead, and the body placed on a pile of sandalwood in order to be burnt. Sankarachari, it is said, being in possession of an art, by which he Could transmigrato his soul into other bodies, was determined to avail himself of the opportunity that now offered, and giving special directions to his own disciples, who were collected round him, and whom he entrusted with the secret to take special care of his own corpse, he by pronouncing some cabalistic and mysterious syllables caused his own soul to animate the dead body of the king; he then sprung up, and quitting the pile proceeded to his palace, where all the courtiers and attendants of the late king were in admiration, at the supposed resuscitation of their master.

Sankarachari enjoyed all the rights of a husband with, the queen, widow of the late king: after a time however, she began to suspect that