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places, and at last returned to Pampa, with several individuals, whom he had confuted in controversy, and who become converts to his opinions.

When he found himself incapable, through age of composing any other works, he took great pains in correcting, and revising the literary productions, he had already published, and after having a great number of copies transcribed, he had some buried in the howels of the earth in different places, some secreted in excavations of rocks, and the remainder, distributed in mutts or colleges and holy places, reserving a few copies for the use of his scholars. The ten last years of his life, he entirely devoted to devotions and religious contemplations on the divinity; he died at Pampa, at the age of ninety.

Some of this author's works were dug out of a pit, by the emissaries employed by the late Col. Mackenzie, to collect literary materials in the ceded districts, in the year 1811. The characters in which these works were written, are mixed and obsolete, and but few individuals can now be found able to read them: the late Col. Mackenzie, how-