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rule never to receive money from any one, but only such articles of food, as were necessary for his daily subsistence; they often secreted pieces of gold or silver coin among the rice they gave him. Whenever Vedantachari discovered the money, he used unvariably to throw it away, as did his wife, if the poet had failed to discover the stratagem exercised towards him by the charitable, for she was a virtuous woman, and obeyed her husband's commands in every respect. Vedantachari in this state of seclusion, composed a theological work, and called it Vedanta Bhashya; he also wrote a drama, called Sankalpa Suryadoya, which is much admired, and used by all the students, in the colleges in the south of India: This poet, it is said, wrote one hundred and three books, on various subjects, most of which are entirely lost. The latter years of Vedantachari were employed in religious contemplation, and becoming infirm through age, he resolved to assume the habit of a Synassi, and renounce the world, he obtained his wife's consent, and put this resolution into execution: having first delivered her to her aged father and brother. Ve-