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the prose copious and elegantly combined, forming on the whole, a delightful mental treat to the natives of the south, who peruse the work for instructions and amusement.

There are but few copies of the Viswaguna Darsana, to be met with in the north of India at present, but the merits of the work will undoubtedly speedily cause it to be multiplied, the encouragement moreover now given by the liberal public to Oriental literatore, and the advantages resulting from the printing establishments, Intely introduced in this country, will, no doubt, shortly cause this excellent work to be brought into general notice, to the edification of the native population. Some of the descendants of Venkatachari are still living, but none of them have inherited the genius and talents of their fore-fathers, whose works have added much to the beauty of the Sanscrit language, and will, in all probability, be as perpetual as that dialect.