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different modes of genuflexion and prostration 35. On the means of acquiring riches. 36. How to obtain good sons. 27. Description of an ignorant and profligate son. 28. On wealth. 29. On indigence. 30. On alms, deeds. 31. On Justice. 32. On Gratitude. 33. On the choice of places. 34. On the choice of time and persons. 35. On the treatment of guests and hospitality 36. Description of inspired maniaca 37. On future regards and punishments. 38. On Infidelity. 39. On Covetousness. 40. On morality. 41. On twenty different prime qualities. 43. On resignation from Secular affairs 43. On resuming donations. 44. On the three praise-worthy actions of a king. 45. On History and other texts. 46. On Eighteen books of the Mahabarat 47. On the fifty-six Dasums. 48. On the Seventy two influences. 49. On the Sixty-four Sciences. 50. On the five attributes of Sovereigns. 61. On the duties of a King's prime-minister. 53. On the uses of the areca nut. 54. On Vegetables. 55. On truth. 56. On the qualities and propensities, of females. 57. On Chastity. 58. On the concremation of