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"Lord, is there special theme this eve,
That spirit-muse were well to weave?

"The birth of Adam is the first,
That hath within the day been nursed:
Take it unto thee; let it burst
Its spirit-bud, and watch the flower
That riseth in the gauzy hour."

Where the second section is the direct answer of "the Lord" to the inquiry of the first two lines. Again p. 24:—

"Q. Lord, shall I other song achieve?
A. Yea: the next song is Birth of Eve."

And again, p. 37:—

"Lord, give me spirit-song to-night.
And give the theme I should indite.

"Thou shalt sing well, if faith be true,
And Life the theme is given you."

Certain other themes appear to be really chosen, but whether or not by the writer himself is left indefinite. Thus, p. 8:—

"Lord, shew me Patience from the spirit ground:
That I may know its holy temper's round."

Where the petition is for Divine inspiration on a specified subject. Again, p. 312:—

"The Birthday of the Human Soul.

"Can it be given
In stanzas seven?

Yea, in seven stanzas it shall roll."

By far the greater number of the pieces have no such introduction; several have for motto a Bible