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Book the Fourth


I. The Boy from Slopperton 150

II. Me. Augustus Darley and Mr. Joseph Peters go off Fishing 162

III. The Emperor bids Adieu to Elba 167

IV. Joy and Happiness for Everybody 177

V. The Cherokees take an Oath 181

VI. Mr. Peters relates how he thought he had a Clue, and how he Lost it 187

Book the Fifth


I. The Count De Marolles at Home 200

II. Mr. Peters sees a Ghost 205

III. The Cherokees mark their Man 212

IV. The Captain, the Chemist, and the Lascar 217

V. The New Milkman in Park Lane 221

VI. Slgnor Mosquetti Relates An Adventure 225

VII. The Golden Secret is told, and the Golden Bowl is broken 230

VIII. One Step further on the Right Track 235

IX. Captain Lansdown overhears a Conversation which appears to interest him 241

Book the Sixth


I. Father and Son 247

II. Raymond de Marolles shows himself better than all Bow Street 258

III. The Left-handed Smasher makes his Mark 263

IV. What they find in the Room in which the Murder was committed 271

V. Mr. Peters decides on a Strange Step, and Arrests the Dead 282

VI. The End of the Dark Road 300

VII. Farewell to England 31S