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Excoe. Excommunicatione—Excommunication (abl. case).
Exit. Existit—Exists.
Fr. Frater—Brother.
Frum. Fratrum—Of the Brothers.
Gnalis. Generalis—General.
Humil. Humiliter—Humbly.
Humoi. Hujusmodi—Of this kind.
Igr. Igitur—Therefore.
Infraptum. Inscriptum—Written below.
Intropta. Introscripta—Written within.
Irregulte. Irregularitate—Irregularity (abl. case).
Lin. Licentia—License.
Litma. Legitima—Lawful.
Lre. Litteræ—Letters.
Lte. Licite—Lawfully, or licitly.
Magro. Magistro—Master (dat. or abl. case).
Mir. Misericorditer—Mercifully.
Mirione. Miseratione—Pity (abl. case).
Mrimonium. Matrimonium—Matrimony.
Nultus. Nullatemus—Nowise.
Ordinaoni. Ordinationi—Ordination (dat. case).
Ordio. Ordinario—Ordinary (dat. or abl. case).
Pbr. Presbyter—Priest.
Penia. Pœnitentia—Penance, or repentance.
Peniaria. Pœnitentiaria—Penitentiary (i.e. Bureau of the Apostolic Penitentiary).
Pntium. Præsentium—Of those present, or, Of this present writing.
Poe. Posse—To be able, or, The ability to do a thing.
Pontus. Pontificatus—Pontificate.
PP. Papa—Pope.
Pr. Pater—Father.
Pror. Procurator.
Ptur. Præfertur—Is preferred, or, Is brought forward.
Ptus. Præfatus—Aforesaid.
Qd. Quod—Because, That, or, Which.
Qmlbt. Quomodolibet—In any manner whatsoever.
Qtnus. Quatenus—In so far as.
Relione. Religione—Religion, or, Religious Order (abl. case).
Rlari. Regulari—Regular.
Roma. Romana—Roman.
Salri. Salutari—Salutary.
Snia. Sententia—Opinion.
Sntæ. Sanctæ—Holy, or, Saints (feminine).
Spealer. Specialiter—Specially.
Spualibus Spiritualibus—In spiritual matters.
Supplioni. Supplicationibus—Supplication (dat. or abl. case).
Thia. Theologia—Theology.
Tli. Tituli—Titles.
Tm. Tantum—So much, or, Only.
Tn. Tamen—Nevertheless.
Venebli. Venerabili—Venerable.
Vræ. Vestræ—Your.
Abbreviations in General Use, Chiefly Ecclesiastical.
A.B. Artium Baccalaureus—Bachelor of Arts
Ab. Abbas—Abbot
Abp. Archbishop
Abs. Absens—Absent
A.C. Auditor Cameræ—Auditor of the Papal Treasury
A.C. Ante Christum—Before Christ
A.C.N. Ante Christum Natum—Before the Birth of Christ
A.D. Anno Domini—Year of Our Lord
a.d. ante diem—The day before
Adm. Rev. Admodum Reverendus—Very Reverend
Adv. Adventus—Advent
Alb. Albus—White (Br.)
al. alii, alibi, alias—others, elsewhere, otherwise
A.M. Anno Mundi—Year of the World
A.M. Artium Magister—Master of Arts
A.M.D.G. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam—For the greater glory of God
An. Annus—Year
Ann. Anni—Years
Ana Antiphon
Apost. Apostolus—Apostle
Ap. Sed. Apostolica Sedes—Apostolic See
Ap. Sed. Leg. Apostolicae Sedis Legatus—Legate of the Apostolic See
Archiep. Archiepiscopus—Archbishop
Archid. Archidiaconus—Archdeacon
Archiprb. Archipresbyter—Archpriest
A.R.S. Anno Reparatæ Salutis—In the year of Our Redemption
A.U. Alma Urbs—Beloved City (Rome)
Authen. Authentica—Authentic (e.g. letters)
Aux. Auxilium, Auxilio—Help, With the help of
B.A. Baccalaureus Artium—Bachelor of Arts
B., BB. Beatus, Beati—Blessed
B.C. Before Christ
B.C.L. Baccalaureus Civilis [or Canonicæ Legis—Bachelor of Civil [or Canon] Law
B.D. Bachelor of Divinity
B.F. Bonâ Fide—In Good Faith
Ben. Benedictio—Blessing
Benevol. Benevolentia—Benevolence
Bon. Mem. Bonæ Memoriæ—Of Happy Memory
B.P. Beatissime Pater—Most Holy Father
Bro. Brother
B. Se. Baccalaureus Scientiarum—Bachelor of Sciences
B.U.J. Baccalaureus Utriusque Juris—Bachelor of Both Laws (civil and canon).
B.T. Baccalaureus Theologiæ—Bachelor of Theology
B.V. Beatitudo Vestra—Your Holiness
B.V. Beata Virgo—Blessed Virgin
B.V.M. Beata Virgo Maria—Blessed Virgin Mary
Cam. Camera—Papal Treasury
Cam. Ap. Camera Apostolica—Apostolic Camera (Papal Treasury)
Can. Canonicus
Canc. Cancellarius—Chancellor
Cap. Capitulum—Little Chapter (Br).
Cap. de seq. Capitulum de Sequenti—Little chapter of the following feast (Br.).
Capel. Capella—Chapel
Caus. Causa—Cause
C.C. Curatus—Curate (used chiefly in Ireland)
CC. VV. Clarissimi Viri—Illustrious Men
Cen. Eccl. Censura Ecclesiastica—Ecclesiastical Censure
Cla. Clausula—Clause
Cl., Clico. Clericus, Clerico—Cleric
Clun. Cluniacenses—Monks of Cluny
C.M. Causâ Mortis—On occasion of death
Cod. Codex—Manuscript