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Miss. Missa—Mass (Br.).; Missionarius—Missionary.
Miss. Apost., M.A. Missionarius Apostolicus—Missionary Apostolic.
M.R. Missionarius Rector—Missionary Rector.
m.t.v. mutatur terminatio versiculi—the termination of the little verse is changed (Br.).
Nativ. D.N.J.C. Nativitas Domini Nostri Jesu Christi—Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
N. D. Nostra Domina, Notre Dame—Our Lady.
Nigr. Niger—Black (Br.).
No. Nobis—to us, for us.
Nob. Nobilis, Nobiles—Noble, Nobles.
Noct. Nocturnum—Nocturn.
Non. Nonæ—Nones.
Nostr. Noster, nostri—Our, of our.
Not. Notitia—Knowledge.
N.S. Nôtre Seigneur, Nostro Signore—Our Lord.
N.S. New Style.
N.T. Novum Testamentum—New Testament.
Ntri. Nostri—Of our.
Nup. Nuptiæ—Nuptials.
Ob. Obiit—Died.
Oct. Octava—Octave (Br.).
Omn. Omnes, Omnibus—All, to all.
Op. Cit. Opere Citato—In the work cited.
Or. Oratio—Prayer (Br.).
Ord. Ordo, Ordinatio, Ordinarius—Order, Ordination, Ordinary.
Or. Orat. Orator, Oratorium—Petitioner, Oratory.
O.S. Old Style.
O.T. Old Testament.
Oxon. Oxonium, Oxonienses—Oxford, Theologians or Scholars of Oxford
P. Pater, Pere—Father.
Pa. Papa—Pope.
Pact. Pactum—Agreement.
Pasch. Pascha—Easter (Br.).
Patr. Patriarcha—Patriarch.
Pent. Pentecostes—Pentecost (Br.).
Ph.B. Philosophiæ Baccalaureus—Bachelor of Philosophy.
Ph.D. Philosophiæ Doctor—Doctor of Philosophy.
Phil. Philosophia—Philosophy.
Ph.M. Philosophiæ Magister—Master of Philosophy.
P.K. Pridie Kalendas—The day before the Calends.
Pœnit. Pœnitentia—Penance.
Pœnit. Ap. Pœnitentiaria Apostolica—Office of the Apostolic Penitentiary.
Pont. Pontifex—Pontiff, Bishop (Br.).
Pont. Pontificatus—Pontificate.
Pont. Max. Pontifex Maximus—Supreme Pontiff.
Poss. Possessor, Possessio—Possessor, Possession.
PP. Papa—Pope; Pontificum—Of the popes.
P.P. Parochus—Parish Priest (used mostly in Ireland).
PP. AA. Patres Amplissimi—Cardinals
P.P.P. Propria Pecunia Posuit—Erected at his own expense.
P.R. Permanens Rector—Permanent Rector.
Praef. Praefatio—Preface of the Mass (Br.).
Prb. Presbyter, Priest
Prof. Professus, Professio, Professor—Professed, Profession, Professor.
Prop. Fid. Propaganda Fide—Congregation of the Propaganda, Rome
Propr. Proprium—Proper (Br.).
Prov. Provisio, Provisum—Provision, Provided.
Ps. Psalmus—Psalm.
Pub., Publ. Publicus, Publice—Public, Publicly.
Purg. Can. Purgatio Canonica—Canonical Disculpation
Quadrag. Quadragesima—Lent, also the Fortieth day before Easter (Br.)
Quinquag. Quinquagesima—The Fiftieth day before Easter (Br.).
R. Responsorium—Responsory (Br.).
R. Roma.
Rescr. Rescriptum—Rescript.
R.D. Rural Dean.
Req. Requiescat—May he [or she] rest, i.e. in peace
Resp. Responsum—Reply
R.I.P. Requiescat In Pace—May he or she rest in peace
Rit. Ritus—Rite, Rites
Rom. Romanus, Romana—Roman
R. P. Reverendus Pater, Révérend Père—Reverend Father
RR. Rerum—Of Things, Subjects (e.g. SS. RR. Ital., Writers on Italian [historical] subjects).
Rt. Rev. Right Reverend.
Rub. Ruber—Red (Br.).
Rubr. Rubrica—Rubric.
S., Sacr. Sacrum—Sacred.
Sab., Sabb. Sabbatum—Sabbath, Saturday.
Saec. Sæculum—Century.
Sal. Salus, Salutis—Salvation, of Salvation.
Salmant. Salmanticenses—Theologians of Salamanca.
S.C. Sacra Congregatio—Sacred Congregation.
S.C.C. Sacra Congregatio Concilii—Sacred Congregation of the Council, i.e. of Trent.
S.C.EE.RR. Sacra Congregatio Episcoporum et Regularium—Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars.
S.C.I. Sacra Congregatio Indicis—Sacred Congregation of the Index.
S.C.P.F. Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide—Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.
SCS Sanctus—Saint.
s.d. sine datâ—undated book
S.D. Servus Dei—Servant of God
Semid. Semiduplex—Semidouble feast (Br.).
Septuag Septuagesima—Seventieth day (always a Sunday) before Easter (Br.).
Sexag. Sexagesima—Sixtieth day before Easter (Br.).
Sig. Sigillum—Seal.
Simpl. Simplex—Simple feast (Br.).
Sine Com. Sine Commemoratione—Without commemoration of other feast, or feasts (Br.).
s.l. sine loco—without indication of place of printing.
s.l.n.d. sine loco nec datâ—without indication of place or date of printing.
S.M. Sanctæ Memoriæ—Of Holy Memory.
Soc. Socius, Socii—Companion, Companions (Br.).