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spies. Under the rule of this peculiar institution rotten social system of modem times shall be buried

nobody feels safe in Russia and the slightest protest in the ruins."

against the Soviet regime results in appearing be- p^<'/«'»«"»* ^-J*"" ^K^^^}L ond Rtatia't Revolt Againtt

f^^^ ♦k^ 4^*;k.,*««i «f ♦k« r'k^li— ^T>A tyTt^txfio.^ Aia^ BoUhevum (New York, 1919); Labor CondUiom m Soviet

fore the tribunal of the Cheka axid thereafter ^ r^^^ (London, 1920) ; Mm. Phiup Snowdbn, Through Bol-

appeanng from the stage of Ufe. By the year 1922 ahevik Rumm (London, 1920); Bsasol, Socialum vs. CivUiza-

the Russian famine had assumed such proportions i^J^^,^,^^K^^^^'* i^^* "^^ Jl^^^*^^^ fH£l?*\?^'^* that the attention of the entire civilize/worM was 'i^f^u'^^Jn^^^J^^

attracted to this disaster. The Umted States, Ranbome, Aut«ta in 1919 (New York, 1919); Malone/ The

through the American Relief Administration, the S,"'i"'?xT^^^^',"^ i^^ York, 1920); Goodb, BoUhevum at International Red Cro«, and the League of Nation. l]^\^Z:!^^r)'^^li^^f^,J.'^^Z'7^«'^X have taken active part m endeavoring to arrest the 1918); Wilton, Ruasia'g Agony (London, i9iBJj Casibe The

spread of the famme area. By January, 1922, ac- BoUhevitt SubMtUute for a Judicial 8y»tem ((5hica«o, 1922); cnrdinv to Snvipt stutpmpnts not lem than twentv Alexi nskt. ^conomic Ruuia m im (New York, 1920); coroing to oqviei Siaiemenra, noi leas xnau iweniy gompees and Waluno, Out of Their Own Mouths (New York,

million Russians were classed as m "a Starvmg 192I); Waluko, Sovietism (New York, I92O); Wells, Ruuia

condition." •'» ^^ Shadows (New York, 1920) ; Jones, My Dear Welle

With nxmrrl t/i Rovipt forpiim nolirv itn fiinHft. ^^^^ Y*^**^' *^^^^ » Schwaete, The Voice of Russia (New York, Wltn regara to soviet loreign poucy, its lunoa- jgjl); Pollock, The Boshevist Adventure (New York, 1919);

mental aim is the promotion of revolutionary German BoUhevik Conspiracy (Washington, D. C 1918);

propaganda, both in the West and East. In this Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Move^

task ^e Soviet Government is aasist^l by the or- ;^'of?/:^^^'^k^'tiiif^.^)^.'^^i<^'Vf

gamzation known as the "Third Internationale, official Reports on BoUhevism Presented to Parliament the official birth of which was in December, 1918, (Loudon, 1919); Bolshevik Propaaanda, Hearings before a

when the first International Communist Congress fy^^iS^o^ d" c"" im)^^' ^' ^^^""^ ^^^^ Congress was summoned in Petrograd, under the presidency » • •» Boms Bbasol

of Zinoviev (Apfelbaum). This Congress was at- tended by representatives of Communist organiza- ^^^ •'•s^ 00 Gurgnola, Prelaturb Nullius of. tions in the United States, England, China, Austria, See Bom Jbsub do Puuht.

Holland, Germany, Servia, Bulgaria, Finland, Tur- Bom Jesus do Planliy, Prelaturb Nullitjs op kestan, Persia, India, Corea, and France. In all (db Bono Jesu), in the Diocese of Piauhy in Braril. of these countnes the activities of the Bol^eviki i^ 1392 Leo XIII conceded all the rights to erect are earned on under the jurisdiction of the Execu- ^^w dioceses in Brazil. On 8 June, 1920, Pope tive Committee of the Tlurd Internationale. Every Benedict XV exercised these rights for the good of Bolshevist or Communist organization desinng to the faithful and separated the provinces of San join the Tlurd Internationale must obey ^e Raymundo, Monneto, Bom Jestis do Gurgueia, "twenty-one terms of admittance" laid down hj Paranagua, Corrente, and St. Filomena, from the Lenin. Iron disciphne is imposed upon the ad- j^ioceae of Piauhy, and erected the prelature of herents to thjs international revolutionary orgam- g^m Jesus do Piauhy, which will later be erected zation. Much attention is devoted by *e Third i^^o a diocese. It is dependent on the Archdiocese Internationale to the formation of the Red umtj ^f Belem do Para. The seat of this prelature wiU within the ranks of the respective arnlies and be at Bom Jesus do Gurgueia and the head prelate navies, sb well as to the ^stematic Communist ^^ ^e vested with episcopal jurisdiction; at present

f;«t^?^t.f^W^^^^ I fh^*^ i* °^y comprises five parishes, but it pronSses to

feature, however, of Soy leUoreim policy w the a^ mpidly, as the territory of Brazil offers ma-

t^fy StSeV/t '^coS^J^61,7SrZe^^ *-^ ^- -- ^' ^^ largest^oceses of the Church. currentB in Asia into one gigantic stream which is Bombay, Archdiocese of (Bombatenbib; cf. C. designed to flood Europe with its "capitalistic E., II-644b), comprises the Island of Bombay, structure. The success of Red propaganda has proved India, with several outlying churches in the Island a real menace to Western civilization, and its danger of Salsette, a large portion of the Bombay Presi- should not be underestimated and cannot be ezag- dency, including the districts of Kathiawar, Cuteh, gerated. While in 1921 and 1922 the Bolsheviki, in Sind, and British Beluchistan. the face of the disastrous economic conditions In 1720, on political grounds, the Portuguese within Russia proper, were compelled to grant minor clergy were expelled by the Government and the concessions to the Russian people in the way of Vicar of the Great Mogul was invited to take partially restoring the freedom of petty trade, which charge of the Catholics. In 1786 endeavors were hitherto was considered as a crime against the made to restore the jurisdiction of Goa and after Communist State (speculation), nevertheless con- some conflict the churches were divided, in 1794, ditions in Russia by the early part of 1922 had between the Archbishop of Goa (Padroado) and become worse than ever. At the same time obsten- the vicar apostolic (Propaganda), thus introducing sible changes in Soviet policies and the avowed two jurisdictions. With the First Provincial Coun- desire of the Boldieviki to take part in interna- cil in 1898, the Island of Salsette and the coast tional conferences are in no way indicative of a country as far as the Nerbudda were placed \mder sincere intention to abandon their program of world the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Damaun (Pad- revolution. In Januar>% 1922, the Third Inter- roado), who also received personal jurisdiction in nationale issued a manifesto to the workers of the Bombay Island over all subjects of Padroado of world in which it is frankly declared that the peace- Goan or Portuguese origin.

ful overtures of the Soviets to the Western World At the beginning of the World War the Arch- are but a tactical necessity caused by the intolerable diocese of Bombay and the suffragan Diocese of internal situation in Russia. The new tactics are Poona were depleted by over seventy men and is described as "a truce" with the capitalist world: at present working with about fifty where before "A truce," thus runs the document, "is a long way there were 120, and many of these are men lent by off from peace. Peace with capitalists is impossible other mission countries, and will eventually have for the workers. Peace will only be possible when to be returned. During the War Rev. Alban the heavy means at the disposal of the proletariat Goodicr, S.J., was sent from England to save the shall drag down the idol of gold of the middle class, colIe{]:cs in case the German Fathers should be ex- when the modem Baal shall be destroyed and the polled, and later, upon the death of Archbishop