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of two-thirds of the votes cast. Single communes Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus was or districts can be separated from one department definitely begim on 8 December, 1921, with the and annexed to another department within the formal opening of a new Jesuit scholasticate at limit of the present boundaries of Bosnia and Her- Weston, near Boston, to be called Weston College, legovina, if their autonomous representatives con- During the World War thirty priests of the diocese sent to this by a decision of three-fifths of the votes served as army chaplains. Rt. Rev. John and the consent of the National Legislature is given. Brady, D. D., Auxiliary Bishop of Boston, died 7

Rbjoion.— The census of 1910 gives the following Januar>^ 1910. The present auxiliary is Rt. Rev. figures: Orthodox, 825,418 (43.49%); Moslems, Joseph u. Anderson, consecrated titular Bishop of 612,137 (3226%); Roman Catholics/ 434,061 Myrina, 25 July, 1909.

(22^%); Uniats, 8,136 (.43%); Jews, 11 JB6S At the present time the Diocese of Boston com- ij52%); Evangelicals, 6,342 (.33%). The Christians prises 2465 square miles, has 259 parishes, 37 mis- in Bosnia are largely Orthodox, in Herzegovina, sions, 296 churches, 1 monastery for men and 2 Catholic and Orthodox mixed. The Mohammedans for women, 14 convents for men and 100 for women, form the majority in Serajevo and Tuzla. The 657 secular priests and 157 re^lar, 139 lay brothers. Catholics of the Latin Rite exceed the other two 1,732 nuns, 3 seminarians with 184 seminarians, 1 denominations in Mostar and Travnik. At the time college for men with 35 teachers and an attendance of the annexation to Austria in 1908, the Sultan's of 755, 1 college for women with 7 teachers and spiritual sovereignty was recognized by permission an attendance of 72, 37 high schools with 276 teach- to continue the mention of his name in public ers and attendance of 3,452 (boys, 233; girls, 1,155), prayer. For Catholic statistics, see Serajevo, Abch- 3 normal schools with 42 teachers and an attendance DI0CS8B cv; Banjaluka, Diocbsb of; Mostab and of 113, 4 training schools with 74 teachers and an Mabkana-Trbbinjb, Dioceses of. attendance of 236, 129 elementary schools with 1,664

History 190&-1920).r— At the Congress of Berlin, teachers and attendance of 70,842, 5 industrial the Great Powers had acquiesced in the occupation schools with 84 teachers and attendance of 545. of these provinces by Austria, as a necessary police Missionary work is carried on through the Society measure, out Austria saw in their possession security for. the Propagation of the Faith and the Holy against the development of Servia into a powerful Childhood. ,,.,,. , ,.

state, and on 7 October. 1908, Baron Aehrenthal, The vanous institutions established m the diocese without any previous authority from the signatories are : 9 homes with 826 inmates, 10 asylums with of the Treaty of Berlin, announced the annexation 818 inmates, 6 hospitals caring for 5,317 patients of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Austro-Hungarian in the year and 22,724 out-patients, 4 diocesan and Empire. The annexation was not unconnected with 25 parochial settlement houses and 5 day nurseries the Turkish revolution of 24 July, 1908, which canng for 1,550 children a year. All the public promised to introduce constitutional government institutions permit the priests of the diocese to among various nationalities under Turkish rule, and minister in them and the Boston School for the roused in Austria the fear that the return of these Deaf in Bandolph is aided by the State. Among provinces might be demanded of her. On 20 Feb- the clergy the societies established are: Clergy ruary. 1910, a constitution was given to the an- Fund Society and the Eucharistic League; among nexed provinces. At the outbreak of the Great the laity: Holy Name Society, League of Catholic European War, Austria took repressive measures Women, Ladies' Catholic Benevolent Association, against the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Catholic Daughters of America, Knights of Colum- even to the extent of wholesale massacres of the bus. Ancient Order of Hibernians, Massachusetts Servian population. About 8,000 are stated to have Catholic Order of Foresters, St. Jean Bapiste died at Doboj in Bosnia, where a camp had been d'Amerique; Catholic Fraternal League, Guilds of formed in December, 1915. Desertions to the enemy St. Luke, St. Apollonia, Infant Saviour, St. Vincent from Bosnian regiments were frequent and were de Paul Society, Cecelian Guild, Daughters of Isa- often due to concerted action. The first Bosnian bella. Catholic Total Abstinence Union. "The regiment twice passed en bloc to the enemy, and Pilot" is the diocesan publication. During 1920, was twice reconstituted. Finally it went over to 1,196 converts were made throughout the diocese, the Russians at Jawy, with its Mohanimedan Serv Bostra (or Bousra) and Hauran, Archdiocese of colonel. Between November, 1915, and July, 1917, (Bostrbnmb kt Auranensis; cf. C. E., n-707d), volunteers were enrolled to the number of^,Ml ^f the Greek Melchite Rite in Syria. This see was of whom the largest proportion was furmshed by ^^cant for almost thirty years until the appoint- Bosma-Herzeeovma. The corps saw much service n^e^t of the present metropolitan. Most Rev. Nich- and suffered heavily in proportion to its numbers. ^1^3 Cadi, 10 February, 1889. The diocese is under

The movement for the umon of Bosnia and Her- the Patriarchate of Antioch, the archbishop residing aegovma with the other Slavic countries took ^t Damascus: he returned to his see in 1918 after definite form at a general convention called by the having been banished by the Turks. By 1921 sta- National JuKOslavic Council on 16 August, 1918, at tistics there are 9,990 Catholics of the Greek Laibach m the province of Krama, m which Bosnia Melchite Rite in this territory, 1,500 Schismatic and Herzegovina took part. It was furthered by Greeks, 17 secular priests and 1 regular, 9 churches, the action of the National Council of A»ram and 13 schools for boys and girls. The see is titular (Zagreb), which voted the umon of all the Slav f^^ ^^e Latin Rite. There are no Catholics of this states with Senna, and on November, 1918, Bosnia Rite in Hauran, but about 1.000 reside in Ageloun and Herzegovina became incorporated with the and Salte. cities which, although in the territory of Kingdom of Greater Servia. Hauran, are dependent on the Patriarchate of Jeru-

Boston, Archdiocese op (Bobtonienbis; cf. C. E., ^^^°^-

II-703b), celebrated its centennial in October, 1908, Botncatn, Diocese of (Botugatuensib; cf. C. E.,

and in 1911 its archbishop, Most Rev. William XVI-34c), in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, was

Henry O'Connell, was created a cardinal. The erected on 7 June, 1908, through a division of the

Catholic Missionary Congress met in Boston in Archdiocese of Sao Paulo. It includes a portion of

1913; and in April, 1919, the sixth Diocesan Ssmod the Atlantic coast called Ponta de Guarani, extend-

was held here. The division of the New York- ing from the rivers Una do Prolado and Riberiao do