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mans. The Catholics are served by missionary 1888, made vicar general 1911 and appointed Bishop

priests who have 4 churches. of Cahors 15 February, 1918, consecrated 1 May,

For the Latin Rite this is a titular metropolitan succeeding Bishop C^zerac, who was promoted to

see, at present vacant. the Archmocese of Albi. Bishop Cezerac had filled

Ossarea PUUppi, Diocese of (Cjesabxenbib ^}t^,^S^J^^\'^^^ ^?a^Tj^? '^^^

Panbasensis; cf. C. E., III-135a). a residential see ""^^^^P ^^°P Laurans (d 15 July 1911).

of the Greek Melchite Rite, in Phoenicia, Asiatic . Within recent yeara the diocese has 1^ two

Turkey. The residence of the bishop is at Gedaidat- 5^i^^r generals, Rev Father Pomarel (d. 29 May,

Marg^um, and the see is now (1922) filled by Rt. }^? ' ^^ ^^\Jt^\}^S?^^^' ^U^^?IU'

Rev.^lement Maalouf, b. in Zahle 1862, appointed 1?21). Dunng the World War 180 pn^ of this

24 November, 1901. This diocese comprw^ 6190 jt°9^ ^^^^ mobilized and of these 16 gave up

Greek-Melchites, 17,000 Schismatics, 160,000 infidels, ^^^^l l^^es, as did also 6 seminarians.

8 secular and 13 regular clergy, iid 16 churched .^t present (1921) the diocese has 33 churches

or chanels ^^^ pastors, 449 succursal parishes (mission

For the Latin Rite this is a titular see, suffragan churches)^ 1',?*'^'a ""^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^T^i^?

of Tyre, the title being at present filled by Rt. Rev. seculanzed by the Associations Iaw of 1901, 71

Antonio Micozzi, appointed 22 July, 1921, and elementary schools with 140 female and 12 mde

coadjutor in Sabina. fe resides in Rome. teachers and an attendance of 300 boys and 1,600

  • ^ girls. Missionary and chantable work is accom-

Oaetite, Diocese of (Caetitbnsis), in the State plished through a house of diocesan missionaries

of Bahia, Brazil, South America. This diocese was at Rocamadour, a home for aged or infirm priests

erected 20 October, 1913, by a division of the Arch- at Souillac, a home for the protection of young

diocese of Bahia, from which it took nineteen girls at Cahors, asylum for the insane, under the

parishes: Caetite, Monte Alto, Gentio, Ampara de Keligious of Our Lady of Calvary, 4 Catholic

Umbaranas, Duas Barras, Jacaracq, Conderiba, private orphanages at Cahors, 7 hospitals, one of

Cacul6, Bom Jesus dos Meiras, Ituassu, Sincora, which is still unoccupied, the others are conducted

Minas do Rio de Contas, Villa Velha de Minas de by religious, 1 house of refuge for youn^ ^irls at

Rio de Contas, Bom Jesus de Rio de Contas, S. Joa Cahors. The public hospitals admit the ministry of

do ParaguasBU, Lencoes, Remedios do Rio de priests. The "^Yatemal Union," and "League for

Contas, Paramirim, Macahubas, Niacho do S. Anna, Clerical Defense," are established among the clergy,

Sta Maria do Ouro and Cannabrava. 'The cathe- and agricultural organizations among the laity. The

dral is dedicated to St. Anne. Statistics have not Defense," a weekly periodical with a circulation

yet been published for his diocese. of 11,000, is published as also the "Revue religieuse

OagU e Pergola, Diocese of (Calliensib B?r ^« ,^^" ^* .^.^ Amadour," a diocesan weekly.

Pbrgulensis; cf. C. E., III-140a), in the province ^ }^ ^^J^ Cathohc population was approxi-

of Urbino-Pesaro, Central Italy, suffragan of Urbino. lately 205,769.

On 5 September, 1908, Rt. Rev. Ettore Fronzi was n^4^„^ T\,,.m.^« ^» rn^rA^i^^i,. «f r« i? ttt

appointed to this see, and filled it until his promo- ,^??f""^^ Diocbsb op (CAiACBNasjjjf. C. E., HI-

tion to the Archdiocese of Camerino, 14 December, Hid), suffragan of Capua, is situated m the prov-

1918. He was succeeded by the present incumbent ^^^^ °^ ^^^ '"^ ^^^'y- J^ population for the

Rt. Rev. Augusto Curi, archdeacon of the Cathedral ^J?®* Part rural, ^^"^^ers 30,000 all practica^^^

of Fermo, appointed 23 December, 1918, and named ""^'f' ^^^T^'^-^^^TK^'^i^^Jir^^^^^

apostolic kdministrator of Macerato 26 August, 1919. ??^ 70 secular pneste. The only religious ordera are

By latest statistics (1920) Cagli has a Catholic ^¥ Sistera of St. Vincent de Paul, who direct a

population of 19,500, 40 parifihes. 60 secular and 3 Pious m^itute, an orphanage, and 2 infant asylums,

fe^ar clergy, 17 seminarians. 2 Brothers. 70 Sisters ^^^^ ^^^ listers of the. Immaculate Conception, who

Sisters, and 50 chuSches or chapels.' ' ^^ ^^^ ^^^ students, making preparatory studies,

^ who go to the regional seminary at Posilipo,

Oagllarl, Archdiocese op (Calaritana- cf. C. E., Naples, for their philosophy and theology. The

III-139c), on the Island of Sardinia. Most Rev. pious institute has twenty-five students, and to it is

Pietro Balestra, appointed to this see 17 December, attached an elementary school for day scholars.

1900, died here 1 May, 1912, and was succeeded by The orphanage has 17 children. There are two

Most Rev. Francisco Rossi, appointed 9 April, 1913, almshouses, one for men and one for women. The

transferred 15 December, 1919. The following year, elementary schools in each commime and rural

8 March, the present incumbent, Most Rev. Ernesto center are maintained by the State and usually

Piovella, was appointed. Bom in Milan in 1867, taught by Catholic lay instructors,

he served as vicar general of Ravenna, was appointed Both the clergy and laity answered the call to

Bishop of Alghero 15 April, 1907, and promoted to arms during the war, and many served on the

the archdiocese of Oristano 15 April, 1914, where battlefield, in trenches and in hospitals. At present

he served until his transfer. the see of Caiazzo is vacant, Rt. Rev. Luigi Ermini,

The latest statistics obtainable (1920) credit this b. in Rome 13 December, 1856, elected titular

diocese with a Catholic population of 199,859, 81 Bishop of Amatha and auxihary of Porto and

parishes, 160 secular and 40 regular clergy, 100 stu- Santa Rufina 30 December, 1908, transferred to

dents in the upper and lower seminaries, 25 Brothers, Sarsina 21 April, 1910 ; having declined he remainrd

80 Sisters, and 118 churches or chapels. titular of Amatha until 4 December, 1914, when he

was transferred to Caiazzo, at the Consistory of

Cahors, Diocese op (Cadurcbnsis; cf. C. E., 13 June, 1921, he was transferred to Fabriano and

III-141a), in France, is a suffragan of the Archdio- Matelica. His predecessor was Rt. Rev. Adolfo

cese of Albi. It is under the administration of Rt. Turchi, b. at Balignano, Diocese of Cescna, 24

Rev. Joseph-Lucien Giray, b. in Chanas, Diocese of October, 1863, elected Bishop of Caiazzo 30 June,

Grenoble, 21 March, 1864, studied at the petit 1909, named secretary of the Congregation of Re-

B^minaire of Rondeau and at Grenoble, ordained ligious and titular Bishop of Canopus in July, 1914,