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OAJAMABOA 142 oat.t

taking up his residence in Rome; promoted Arch- at Ghent, Belgium, 1 March, 1862, appointed Arch- bishop of Aquilla 17 July, 1918. bishop of Calcutta 21 March, 1902, and consecrated


Oajamarca Diocbse op (Cajamarcbnsis) in ^^ ^ °^ ®^°^® ^^^^' Owing to the repatria-

.cru, South America, suffragan of Lima (see C. E, i-vp«7v.i^«HJ^ni2?foHo^^^^ archdiocese was

XVl-Si). This diocese wai erected 5 April, 1908 57Ti?^ ^^'^V^'f J^^^^^ ^^f prefecture apostohc

by a division of the dioceses of Chachapoyas and ?^ ^T ^ ^v^^' ^^^^^ f ^V^ ^^ °^ ^^ ^^^^^^

TVujiUo, taking a territory of some 20.926^8^. miles, ^,7twf oM^ ^"^ w'

or the ^hole department of Cajamaria. Rt. Rev ^^J.^!! l}??.:P^.*^.^u°L^K*L^-^^^^^ *?

FWncis de PauTG^oz^rb: ir^^^^^^ 18^2; f/orimon^tt"^^^^^^^^^ ^"*

and ordained in 1875, wis appointed the first bishop ^'"wifhZ^llt^ Chota-Nagpore.

oi Tur^^u loin ^^A of;ii fill- *v.^ o^ a««^,^;«« Withm recent years the archdiocese has lost two

Oajaieiras, Diocese of (Cajazeirabensis or db 4 April, 1921; Rev. John Desmet, S.J., one of the

Cajazeiras), in the State of Parahyba, Brazil, suf- pioneers of the Chota-Nagpore Mission, in which

fragan of the Archdiocese of Parahyba. This dio- he worked from 1884-1921.

cese was erected 6 February, 1914, by a division This territory has been entrusted to the Belgian

of the diocese of Parahyba, and has as its limits Jesuits since 1859; the other religious orders estab-

the stream which flows between the parish of Santa lished now (1921) are: Irish Christian Brothers,

Lucia de Sa^uly and that of Soldade, as far as the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary

foot of the Teixeira Mountains, and the line which of Rathfarnham (Loretto Nuns), Daughters of the

separates the parishes of Patos and Pianco, as far as Cross of Lidge, Little Sisters of the Poor, Ursuline

the State of Pemambuco. The cathedral is dedi- Nuns and Daughters of St. Anne. There are 8

cated to Oiir Lady of Pity. So far no statistics parishes, 43 missions, 49 churches, 33 mission sta-

have been published. tions, 2 convents for men and 13 for women, 18

rv.i.i^A.^ T-k / i^ * #-i -ci secular and 149 regular clergy, 26 Jesuit lay brothers TT? fJ?^ • ^^" 7 <»» Calabozo; cf 0. E., ^nd 40 Christian Brother^ 260 Sistere, 1 secular ni-148a), m Venezuela, suffragan of Santiago de seminary with 17 seminarians, and 1 regular semi- Venezuela, Venezuela Rt. Rev. Felipe Nen ^^ry with 25 seminarians. The Catholic educa-

5^^ n ^*PP?SI® ^? *^ ®®® ^5 ?^E*®T^®'"' ^^h tional institutions include 3 colleges for men with

died 9 May, IWl, and WM succeeded by the present 90 teachers and an attendance of 2,331, 9 high

mcumbent, Rt Rev. Arthur Celestm Alvarez, b. schools with 250 teachers and an attendance of 2,907,

m Clann^ 1870, appointed Bishop of Zulia 16 2 training schools, 422 elementary schools with

August, 19ia transferred to the titular see of 1 qIO teachera and an attendance of 11,000. The

Thapsiw 18 September, 1919, and made coadjutor charitable institutions are : St. Joseph's Home for

to Bishop Sandrea According to 1920 statistics ^he Aged under the Little Sisters of the Poor.

iiA^iSf* J *f^P^*^*°^°^ • / ^T2S ^t^^^^^ and at Kidderpore St. Vincent's Home, St. Cather-

210,430, and there are 38 pnest» and 70 churches ^^^^^ Hospital for Incurables, and St. Paul's Nur-

or cnapeis. g^^y ^^l conducted by the Daughters of the Cross.

Oalahorra and La Oalaada, Diocese op (Cala- '^he Gobra Leper Asylum and all the jails and

GURrrANENBiB ET Calcaetensis ; cf. C. E., III-148a), hospitals of the district permit Catholic priests to

in the province of Logrono, Spain, suffragan of minister in them. The Apostolic Union of the

Burgos. The see is under the administration of Secular Priests is established in the diocese, and the

Rt. Rev. Fidelus Garcia y Martinez, titular Bishop Catholic Association of Bengal is organized among

of Hippos, appointed 16 December, 1920. The dio- the laity. Two periodicals are published: "The

cese comprises a Catholic population of 154,470, Catholic Herald of India," an English weekly, and

393 parishes di%nded among 19 archpresbyteries, 460 "Nishkalank" (Immaculate), a Hindu monthly,

priests, 393 churches, 316 chapels, and 47 convents The Catholic population is approximately 200,432.

with 116 religious and 428 Sisters. n-i^-^ a o ti r,

-- -- ^ ,^ _ Oaldey, Abbey of. See BfiNEDicriNB Ordeb. OalDayog, Diocese of (Calbatogan^b; cf. C. E.,

XVI-34c), in the province of Samar, Philippine Calgary, Diocese op (Calgariensib), in Canada

Islands, suffragan of Manila. The first bishop to (see C. E., XVI-34). This see, erected 30 Novem-

fiU this see was Rt. Rev. Pablo Singzon, b. in ber, 1912, is a suffragan of Edmonton and is under

Calbiga Samur, 25 January, 1851, prelate of the the administration of its first bishop, Rt. Rev. John

Holy See 3 March, 1904, appointed 12 April, 1910, T. McNally, consecrated 1 June, 1913. The Oblate

d. 9 August, 1920. During his administration he Fathers of Mary Immaculate are established here,

wisely governed the new diocese, did many good as well as the Grey Nuns, Sisters of St. Louis,

works, and was responsible for the erection of a Faithful Companions of Jesus, Sisters of Provi-

new seminary. Since his death the vacant see dence, and Daughters of Jesus,

has been imder an administrator, Rt. Rev. Sofronio The progress of the diocese during the few years

Hacbang y Gobomi, titular Bishop of Anemurium, since its foundation is best shown by the latest

and formerly auxiliary to Bishop Singzon. This statistics, published 1921, which credit it with:

diocese comprises a Catholic population of 1,100,000, Catholic population, 30,000; secular priests, 23;

80 parishes, 138 missions, 65 secular and 30 regular regulars, 15; seminarians, 24; churches with resi-

clergy, 1 seminary, 20 seminarians, 1 college for dent priests, 25 ; churches without resident priests,

boys with 14 professors and 300 students, 2 colleges 36^ mission stations, 106; convents with schools, 3;

for girls with 12 professors and 250 students. A primary Catholic schools, 11; boarding schools for

Catholic periodical, Eco de Samar y Leyte," is Indians, 3; industrial school for Indians, 1; hos-

published here. pitals, 2; orphanage, 1.

Oalcntta, Archdiocese op (Calcuttbnsis; cf. C. Call, Diocese op (Caubnsis), in Colombia, South

E., III-152b), in India, is under the administration America, suffragan of Popayan. This diocese,

of Most Rev. Brice Meuleman, S. J., D.D., b. erected 7 June, 1910 (see C. E., XVI-16), is under