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intermediaries between them and the invading chamberlain 1005, and appointed bishop 22 Decem-

forces. According to 1920 statistics Canton has a ber, 1917.

total population of 20,000,000, of whom 35,773 are The 1920 statistics credit this diocese with 122,400

Catholics, 7000 catechumens and 15,000 Protestants. Catholics, 102 parishes, 156 secular and 14 regular

The mission is served by 72 missionary and 26 clergy, 10 seminarians, 9 Brothers; and 282 chim:hes

native priests, 258 churches, chapels and oratories, or chapels.

1190 stations, 1 seminary with 50 students, 143 Oaplzana, Diocbsb op (Capizanbnbib), in the

schools for boys and 51 for girls with a total of Philippine Islands, suffragan of Manila. This dio-

4300 pupils, 1 coUeee with 300 students, 14 orphan- cese was erected by a decree of 17 December, 1902,

ages, 5 Little Brothers of Mary, 16 Sisters of St. which, however, was not put into effect. The name

Paul of Chartres, 16 Canadian Missionary Sisters of does not appear in the decree of 10 April, 1910, by

Mary Immaculate, 25 Chinese religious, and 2 leper which Pius X created some new dioce^s in the

hospitals caring for 750 cases. Philippines, and the territory which was originally

Cap Haitian, Diocbsb op (Capitis Haitiani; cf. intended for this diocese has been divided between

C. E., ni-308c), in the Republic of Haiti. After the dioceses of Calbayog and Zamboanga.

the destruction of the episcopal residence by fire Oapocci, Fiuppo, musician, b. in Rome, 1840; d.

the present administrator. Bishop Kersuzan built a there on 24 July, 1911. He studied harmony under

new and equally imposing edifice which, with the the direction of his father Gaetano (1871-90), a

exception of the chapel, was completed in 1908. The composer of merit, and in 1861 obtained his diploma

seminary for the ecclesiastical province of Haiti had as a pianist from the Accadcmia di Santa Cecilia,

been carried on at PontrChateau, in Brittany, but In 1875 he became organist in St. John Lateran

when the French Government outlawed the religious and in 1898 succeeded his father there as maestro di

orders, Bishop Kersuzan succeeded in installing his cappella. Later he was made a commander of the

present seminary (Saint-Jacques) at Lampaul in the order of St. Gregory, and a member of thejpontifical

Diocese of Quimper. It is under the care of former Commission of Sacred Chant. Among his numer-

missionaries of Haiti, a superior and 4 professors, ous compositions are five striking sonatas and a

and has 30 students. The same bishop has also magnificent oratorio, "Sant' Anastaaio" (1863).

founded at Cap Haitien the College of Our Lady Oapna, Archdiocbbb op (Capuanbnsis: of. C. E.,

of Perpetual Help, which has 17 teachers and '300 3igc), in the province of Naples, Southern Italy,

students. In addition there are: a normal school This see is filled (1922) by Most Rev. (Jennaro

for boys with 2 teachers and 30 students, a boys' Cosenza, b. in Naples 1852, appointed titular Bishop

school conducted by 10 Christian Brothers and some of Dioclaea 1890, transferred to Caserta 1892, made

Haitian lay professors, and 22 elementary parish an assistant at the pontifical throne 20 July, 1899.

schools with 75 teachers and 1800 pupils. Every promoted 4 March, 1913, succeeding Cardinal

month the government gives a very small sum of Capecelatro de Castelpagano, who had been ap-

money to some of the schools. . ^ ^ . pointed 20 August, 1880, created caidinal 27 July,

As a consequence of the revolution the Amencan ig^ ^ 14 November 1912.

army has occupied Cap Ha.itien since 1915. At first The 1920 statistics credit this diocese with 109,000

the Amencans were well hked by the natives, but Catholics, 57 parishes, 235 secular and 18 regular

the arrogance of the civic functionanes has made ^igrgy, 180 seminarians, 129 reUgious women, and

^em veiy unpopular. At the outbreak of the World gg lurches or chapels.

War 14 miSBionanes left the diocese and joined the oa«fi*»i»*ii TVf ats iwrinm- f^f n tt ttt v>f\u\ t»,

and 3 received the M£S<dlle miUtaire. Several lay- £^i^?°',u? .iSjf^J^? ^^^ ^„^

^ZTJ^^ *'•' ""^ °' "" 1 died and 3 l^,«trvariot%ara."wiate^^^^^

The diocese contains 600^ Catholics, 25 parishes. ?L^" „^Ji^' ^tl^^ *p™]i^iHv°HMlm1l,*S

30 churches, 83 missions, 1 convent of Christian "T^ ^ J^^ i? * *5 exphcitly detennined

BroUieiB, 5 convents of tW Daughters of Wisdom ??^ jJ^* °^^' ^ *«'™«^ * '^"^ "^ <*»"*y

and Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, 1 hospital con- Tn+KoT ,«♦♦».. <<QoT.t:n,» »», „!««« ..^.i^- «» a

ducted by the Daughters of Wisdom. The hiity of J^V"^ i^* K,,?^^^f* JSS/l^ H^S^fi«S „f

't^^^trt^^ If^'the'SreTS' Mr= S^^ISe^ors^'t'^t^'e O^er ^^^^

tion, and the Sacred Heart S<Jdality for men. Since SL^ nw?i-LYA ?hi fSI^^i^^ '^L^ tn.^'^i^J^^r^'^ Sh^onoS; anrth^^'^^^Minor^^cliS^^The'^r^^ a5ac T^r^i il'th^^d^fse"^? Ty^r a^ f^t^^e^rs'^'T^r^cr ^A%^^ cLcm Chatt*, who as vicar^eneral unselfishly l^^aT^TTor Vm^^^otlL ^S^ti Td fifti^H? ,™?vpJT7fhp r>nW1^ ^rdfZfon Tnd Third^Franciscan Orders, under the r^ectivejiuin-

^J^t^ iV^J^Jnl}^r^^r^}L ^J1:^^r^^ dictioM. In assemblies of ministers^eneral, pie- arrival m Haiti oi Bisbop Kersuzan was cetebratea .,^__„- ;_ __._*_j ♦_ ti,n r^:^i^^w. ..^^-^i Xt t\,^ in the diocese 17 November, 1921. In 1909 the cadence is panted to the minister general of the

b»hop received the pallium, and in 1921 was named JC"f"LY"°"tS^ ^^^^ ^f ^Thf^l^H J^r^te

assistant at the pontFfical throne and Roman Count. ?e^„S'tZrthl roV2li^%f 1"' R^^cb^i^d

Oapaedo and Vallo, Diocbsb of (Caputaqttbnsib St. Mary of the Angels at Assisi, are quasi commune

vr Vallenbis; cf. C. E., III-307d), in the province vatrimonium of the three families, where all Friars

of Salerno, Southern Italy, suffragan of Salerno. Minor may meet "as in their paternal home"; and

Rt. Rev. Paolo lacuzio, appointed to this see 17 the Friars who have the care of these basilicas

December, 1900, was promoted to Sorrento 9 July, are to hold them in trust, not merely for the mem-

1917, and the present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Francesco bers of their own family but for the entire order.

Cammarota, succeeded him. Bom in Maiori 1874, All indulgences and privileges granted to one fam-

he was made vicar general of Isemia and honorary ily of the order arc granted equally to the otfker