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families, except such concessions as mitigate the Caracas or Santiago oe Venezuela, Archdiocese

Seraphic Rule or affect the constitutions of the of (Santi Jaoobi db Benbzuela; cf. C. E., III-S28c),

respective families. in the Republic of Venezuela, South America. This

In the Letter 'Taucis ante dictus of 1 November, see is now filled (1922) by Rt. Rev. Felipe Rincon

1909, Pius X condemned the proposition that the Gonzales, b. in Chinquinquiva 1861, prelate of the

Capuchins do not represent the direct line from Holy See 24 August, 1915, appointed 10 August,

St. Francis; and declared that the Capuchins 1916, to succeed Rt. Rev. Juan Bautista Castro, d.

equally with the Observants and Conventuals rep- 7 August, 1915. The population of this territory,

resent, and have their origin in, the original un- numbering 600,000, is almost entirely Catholic. The

divided Order of Friars Minor; and equally with 1920 statistics credit it with 183 priests, 86 parishes,

the Observants and Conventuals may claim the 257 churches or chapels, 49 religious, and 224 Sisters.

Sainte and Beati of the undivided order as their oaratlnga, Diocbsb op (Caratingenms), in

^^•'i au 1- • ^ ^ 4.U 4^ ^€ 4.i.« n»»,.^k;««« Brazil, South America. This diocese was erected

hi'fed to.' SS°??.";:^!5';*^L*? !?f„*^£P:±SS W Peceniber. .1916, by a division of the archdiocese

with the more

At the General

coMtitutions waa oraerea «. o« iiiajie, ^"» «- fauaMU, Carangola ibd the communes of Joee-

yynoajms «» barter, im Substan- p^^^ SSo-Mimuel do Motum and Aymores. The

UaUy the revwed constitutions remam the same as ^^ boundary line of these territories forms

Dy regWM superiors, ine number °i ^apucm™ ^ appointed, 18 December. 1919. No

^^^^Z'^'ZJ^^^^T^J^'. '^^^^ l-ve Vet been' published for this diocese. There were 795 mission stations, 584 schools and Oarcassonne, Diocbsb op (Carcasbonbnsib; cf. C. 59 colleges for higher education^ and 65 orphanages. E., III-^lc), in the province of Aude, France, The number of baptisms registered in 1920 was suffragan of Toulouse. This ancient see is now 51353. In 1921 a new mission field was taken over filled (1922) by Rt. Rev. Paul Felix Beuvain de by the Swiss Capuchins in British East Africa. Beausejour, b. in Vesoul 1839, ordained 1863, made According to the general statistics of 1920, the vicar general of Besangon 1892, member of the order is divided into 54 provinces comprising 824 Academy of Besangon from 1875, and for som^e time convents and hospices. The number of Friars in president of it, appointed 9 June, 1902. This dio- that year was 9050, of whom 5320 were priests. The cese has in its possession one of the winding-sheets European War of 1914-18 tended to reduce the which enveloped the sacred bodv of Christ. It was number of reli^ous, both because of the closing of brought to Carcassonne in 1289 by two Augustinian the novitiates in many provinces and by the losses monks driven from Palestine by the Turks, who incurred on the battlefields. During the war 3082 had obtained it from a noble Jewish family. The Capuchins served in the various armies, of whom authenticity of the relic was confirmed bv King 506 served as chaplains and the others either as Charles VI and Pope Benedict XIII, and many combatants or as members of the Red Cross staff, miracles have been performed through it. It re- Of these 187 lost their lives. Twelve convents were poses in the cathedral.

totally destroyed within the war area. In 1915 there were thirty principal establishments

AtuOeeta Ord. Mm, Capp.: CoUectio Actorum 55. D. N. of religious women in tms territory, belonging to

PiL Pp, X Mmantxcaa Famduu resptctentium (Rome, 1910). ^^^ Dominicans, Sisters of Charity, Sisters of the

wJitS^^^^olxA^^L^T^ «^ Tr^ye«' Li«l^ Sisters of the Poor, Sisteis de

Ecclesiastical Affairs. It is entrusted to the Ca- paction de Grace, of the Holy Name of Joseph.

Cr^'^HoHn l!r MnntS?/^h nWnnJnln^'^^n^^^^^^^ of the Angel Gu^dian, of Oii Lady of Refuge^

5f ?^'.SnnU iSfl^ pnf irpH fh^^ Dominican Sistere of the Sick and Poor Clares.

?^^n^;i?^4 T^nn^l 1 aS^ T^^^ ^rifon^.- ^he 1920 statistics Credit this diocese with a Dopu-

&A^S^^tA^t^?^!^J^i Jv L?r^f^ W Nation of 300,537, almost all of whom are CatUic,

should be raised to the rank of a vicariate, but ^ jq ggg ^^ ^j^ j Carcassonne proper.

fhTS^f^w^noS?'^ * ^^"^"^ inadvisable at ^here are 37 firet class parishes, 378 succuSLl

the present time (1922). parishes, 70 vicariates formerly supported by the

Oax»bobo, DiocESB of (db Carabobo' cf C E »tate, 600 secular priests;, 20 seminarians, 450

n-^307b) ; also known as Barquisimeto, ^though the churches or chapels, 3 secondary schoolswith 650

name was changed by a decree of the consistory of R"P"?; and 60 primary schools with 3,200 pupils.

12 February, 1907, m Venezuela, South America. One Catholic periodical is published,

suffragan of Santiago de Venezuela. After the death Cardiff, Archdiocesb of (Cardiftbnsib; cf. C. E.,

of Rt. Rev. Bishop Rodrigiez, about 1901, the see XI-18a), in Wales, was formerly known as the

was left vacant until the appointment of Rt. Rev. Diocese of Newport. It was erected into an arch-

A^at6n Felipe Alvarado, b. at Bopare, 1845, or- diocese 7 February, 1916, and the name changed

dained 1871. appointed 16 August, 1910, and con- to Cardiff, with Menevia as a suffragan see. At the

aecrated 6 November following. By 1920 statistics same time the Most Rev. James Romanus Bil»-

this diocese is credited with a Catholic population borrow, O.S.B., was appointed the first archbishop,

of 00,000. 74 parishes and 49 chapels. 7 February, 1916, to succeed Rt. Rev. John Cuth-