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fessors and 650 students, 2 colleges for girls with § middle schools, 8 vernacular high schools, 151 30 teachers and 250 students, 1 high school with vernacular elementary schools, 12 boarding houses 10 professors and 80 students (girls), 12 elementary for students, 12,702 boys and 7530 girls receiving schools with 30 teachers and 600 students. Catholic education, 4 CarmeUte monasteries with

The various institutions throughout the diocese gg nuns, 9 Carmelite convents with 142 Sisters, 7 include : 1 home for the aged, 3 orphanages, 2 anti- Adoration convents with 103 Sisters, and 7 Clarist tuberculosis hospitals, 3 public hospitals under the convents with 153 Sisters. Four Catholic periodicab direction of religious, 1 refuge home with 18 re- are published.

ligious and 120 assistants, the "Drop of Milk ni.««i«i« /^ /^ w ttt mp^jt^ nn. r^ •• * Society" {Oeuvre de la gautte de laiO, and one rrT^f ^ « ^' ^•.?- m-J79d).-The Council of Government lycee which permits the ministrationB V®^* .aUowed parish pnests to appoint whatever of a Catholic chaplain chaplains were necessary for their parishes, but the

There are various societies for young people in C^®. ^serves their appointment to the orchnary the diocese, also a Catholic Union and a Diocesan who is to consult the rwtor. The nghts and obliga- League; the periodicals are: "Semaine Religieuse," J^^^?,^^ chaplains are fixed by dioc^an statutes or "Croix de Savoie," "Rosier de St. Francois," and ^y the bishop or parish pn^. Navy chaplains parish bulletins seem to fall imder the general law concerning the

In 1910 the diocese lost one of its most valuable Jurisdiction that may be granted to priests who workers by the death of M. le Canon Coster de ^^e traveling by sea and so they could enjoy the Beauregard, who founded the orphanage for boys; P^fer of heanng confessions not only aboard dup, in 1921 the centenary of the death of Joseph de ^^^ ^^^ ^^ s^or® at any mtermediate port of call. Maistre was celebrated. During the Worlcl War Chapter (cf. C. E.. in-252b; 582b).— The erec- 9 priests and 12 seminarians of the diocese of tion, modification and suppression of collegiate and Chamb^ry were killed, and 4 priests decorated with cathedral chapters is entrusted by the pope to the the Legion of Honor. Congregation of the Consistory. In each capitular

Champagnat, Mabcbslun^oseph-BenoIt, Vbnbr- ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^i?"*^ J^ dignatariw and ^ons, ABLE, religious founder, b. at Marlhes, Loire. France, fS£?lJ?^ /^^ ,?®^. ^.^ j^ dist^uted; 20 ilay, 1789: d. near St. Chamond, 6 January, ?Ij?'®J^ty tf f^u^^^l^ '^'^^^^ ^^^^ 1840. It is said that a wonderful UKht shone around i^^'f^»^°??* the chapter consists only of^e his cradle on several occasions, leading observere to ^J^^^J^^J^^^"^^^^ the j»pitular statutes believe that he was to be remarkable for sanctity. ^^%^ T^ ^^^T^^^^!'^ ^^^"^* "* "^ He studied in the grand siminavre of Lyons and on !t7^f>li!^f S""^^* ^ *m ^H ^^^ ""^

' o of his companionB V*® cathedral chapter should, if possible, be a

9Bed Jean Baptiste ._ _ the Cur6 d'Ars, and

vc;iit;iauic ocau v/iauuc Colin, the foundcF of the _. . . xu — - XL • X J*- m _a • i-ji

Marist Fathen,. Champagnat was.appqinted to the 1^}JH 'S^L ^Jf °?fT?^- Tl*5?7?^l'?:'

there in his W mimsti?'^ inspired him with the »^P^ ^ pnvileges attachecT to the hononuy

idea of founding the Congregation of the Little o®<»- The number of extra-dioce^ honorary

Brothers of Manr for the C&istian education of ««>onB must be less tiian one-third of the number

children. In this he was aided by the advice and of titular amons. Honorary <»nons.of churchy

counsel of Venerable Jean Colin, who with him and ^'^f^ <^ »<«?« ,?»» ..«»J<^ .*•>«'[. ?«,?»* "^^

Blessed Pierre-Louis-Marie-Chaiel were later to be P"^^ °^lrt^J^L^^!^.Z^J^^^ S.r!"^

among the firet professed membere of the Marist appomted, except when they accompany the bishop

Fathera. The caSse of Champagnat's canonization ?T,I2[r^^™hi;i' *X!^5if 7^r'JSfte°i'^

was introduced on August, 1896. and on 11 July, fo'em'i aMcmblies. Chapters draw up their own

1920. the Holy See issuld a decr^ declaring that statutes, which are to be submitted for approval

he had practiiU virtue in an heroic degree. ^A'S^^'i^tsST iTchlfe K3

Changanacherry, Vicaeiatb Apostolic of (Chan- fail to draw up statutes within six months after

GANACHBRENSis; cf. C. E., III-673a), in Travancore, the bishop has so ordained, the bishop may formu-

British India, a vicariate of the Syro-Malabar Rite, late them himself and impose them on the canons.

The present (1922) vicar apostolic is Rt. Rev. In certain cases canons may absent themselves

Thomas Kurialacherry, bom in Kalluread, 1873. from choir without losing the fruits of the benefits

studied in the College of Propaganda and ordained or the daily distributions, e. g. when they are i)re-

in Rome, 1899, appointed titular Bishop of Fella vented from attending by illness or other physical

and vicar apostolic of Changanacherry 28 August, impediment; or when they are representing the

1911. By a Brief of Pius X, 29 Augtist, 1911, this bisnop at councils, or assisting him m solemn ser-

territory was divided into two vicariates, the ancient vices or on visitation; or when with the consent

vicariate of Kottayam being re-established. The of the chapter they are absent in the interests of

boundaries of the new vicariate have not been the chapter or of their church; or while making a

determined, but it comprises all the Sudist Cath- retreat, out not more often than once a year; or, in

olics scattered through the two vicariates of the case of the canon penitentiary, when he is hear-

Changanacherry, and Emaculam. The Sudists are ing confessions. On the other nand, if they be

descendants of fourth century immigrant Ssrrians, absent teaclung theology or canon law, or while

thus called to distinguish them from the Nordists acting as vicar general, vicar capitular, official,

or descendants of native Malabar castes. The latest chancellor, or episcopal secretary, they do not share

Ftatistics of the vicariate credit it with a Catholic in the distributions, however, if the fruits of a

l^opulation of 159,024; 116 parish churches, 72 prebend consist only of distributions or are less

chapels, 254 secular priests, 111 seminarians, 1501 than one-third of the amount of the distributions,

ncophitos, 18 catechumenates, 415 catechumens, 1 they are to share in two-thirds of the prebendary

col logo, 4 high echools for boys and 1 for girls, income and the distributions. After forty years'