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monthly, of the L^^tioos at Peking; "Petit Mee- 36^4 (36,284^12 tone), Japanese 27,182 (27,532,449 sa^er de Mingpo," monthly otkbu of the Vincentian tons), French 471 (414,161 tons), Gennan 208 (53,142 missions in Che-KianE; "LEcho du Chantuog tons), American 4,433 (2,669,887 tons), Norwegian Oriental," otgan of the Franciscan mission in 311 (302,969 tons), FortUKuese 118 (50,202 tooa). Eastern Shan-tung, issued eveiy two months; Danish 93 (185,697 tons), Swedish 18 (53,660 tons), "L'Ami des Missionaires du Kiangei Septentrional." etc.

orean of the Vincentian misaioos at Kiu-kiang, Railvatb. — China now posseasea 6,835 milea of puolished irregularly; "La Verity," supplement of a. railway, with 2,000 miles under conetmction. As weekly paper in Chinese, the "Tchoung-Che-Pao," impenal edict of 9 May, 1911, ordered that all published at Chung-k'ing, Sie-ch'wan; "L'Echo de trunk lines under construction or projected be taken Tientsin," a daily sympathetic towards Catholic over by the government, while branch railways interest; "Calendrier-Annuaire de L'Observatoire were "to be allowed to be undertaken by the people de Zi-ka-wei," annual, published by the Jeeuit according to their abihty." Under the Republic Fathers at Sikawei. The "Bolotin do Govemo steps have been taken to nationalise railway ex- Ecleaiastico da Diocese de Macau" is a Portuguese pansion in China. The Chinese government rail- monthly of the Diocese of Macao. ways comprise fourteen lines: Pcking-Han-kan Trade.— The revenue of the customs in 1919 waa (810^21 miles), Peking-Mukden (563,030), Tien- Haikwan taels 46,000,160 (1 Haikwan tael=$139 tsin-Pu-kow (687348), 8hangbai-Nan-king (193,- U. S.), as against Haikwan taels 22,742,104 in 1887. 127), Shanghai - Hang -chou-Ning-po (177,853), It included import duties. Uels 19.631,697; export Peking-Sai-yuan (304,540), Cheng-Tai (150,872), duties, tia, 19,835,823; coast trade duties, tis. 2,582,- Tao-ku-Ching-hwa (94,672), Kai-feng-Honan (114,- 059; tonnage dues, tls. 1,443,891; transit dues in- 885), Kirin-Chang-chun (79,301), Chuchou-Ping- coming, tls. 1,490,304; transit dues outgoing, tls. hiang (56,200), Canton-Kow-loon (88357), Canton- 1,025,^. The gross value of the foreign trade San^hui, Chang-chou-Amoy (17,388). In addition was Hk. tls. 1,361,735,008 in 1919, as against Hk. to these are the provincial and private railways, tls. 385,142,721 in 1897, the net value being Hk. tls. with a total of 424,113 miles, makii^ the total 1,277307,092, as against tls. 366329,983 in 1897. The subject to the Ministry of Communications 4,431,- value of the direct trade was; Continent of Europe 614 miles. The Concesaioned Railwavs have a (Rusia excepted), tls. 178,652,712; RuMian Euro- total of 2,400,165 miles, and include the Chinese pean ports, tie. 47,612; Russia and Siberia by land Eastern (1069), South Manchurian (714), Shao- froDtier, Us. 7,241,120; Russian Pacific porta, tls. tuny (306), Yun-nan (289), Canton-Kow-loon 24399,586; Korea, tls. 32.049.404; Japan (including (Bntish section, 22).

Formosa), tls. 441,947,029; Philippine Islands, tls. The railway syBtem now in operation in China is 4,538,165; Canada, tls. 23,068399; United States located pnncipaUy north of the Yang-tse River. (including Hawaii), tU. 211,356,383; Mexico and The Shanrfiai-Nanking line, with the recently con- Central America (including Panama), tls. 4,919; nected up Shanghai-Haiw-ehou-Nin^o line, extends South America, tls. 196,514; Australia, New Zea- the w-etem into south China. China has approii- laod, etc, tls. 1,367^30; South Africa (including mately 460 square miles of territory and 107,000 Mauritius), tls. 49,907; total tls. 925318,120 (net population for each mile of railway, in contrart imports, tls. 70,089,866; exports, tls. 108,462346). with the United States, with 12 square miles of Thechief imports are: opium, tls. 246,000 (weighing territory and 3300 population for each mile of 166JK> piculs); cotton goods, tIa. 221,114,108; woolen railway. The extent of waterways will probably and cotton mixtures, tls. 3,382,737; woolen goods, always serve to keep these averse figures higher tls. 3,936.585; misc«llaneou8 piece goods, tls, 6,914,- in China than in countries not so favored. Yet 276; copper, iron, steel, etc, tls. 67307314; railways tend to become more an integral part of cigarettes, tls. 21442,3K', ciirflrs, tls. 802,392; fish the industrial machinery of a nation, and these and fishery products, tl^. Il.2u3.572; flour, tls. averages therefore measure to a certain extent the 1,249,965; matches, tls. 5,575,912; machinery, tls. advance of industrial prMress, 14,100,000; medicines, tls, 5,SSf),fil4, etc. The chief Projected Jiatiuiai/s.— Yam-cbou via Nan-mng, exports are: beancake, tU. 44 1T.1118; beans, tls. Po^han, Sin-yi to Yun-nan-fu, thence via Weining 38.835,441; bristles, tlf. f,71^.vtii; camphor, tls. to Chung-king (1,000 miles); Nan-king via Nina- 1,595.313; cattle, tls. StJ.Jjs; i„;. i-otton, tls, 30,- koe, Hui-chan, Nan-chang, Ping-hiangd.OOOmiles) ; 263,447; fire-crackers, tls. 2,849,173; matting, tls. Heng-chou-fu-Chin-chou (560 miles); Chu-kiao- 1^039338; medicines, tls, 3,404362; raw white Bilk, Yen-cheng-Nan-yang-Siang-yang (225 miles); Sin- tls, 2,242,541 ; steam filature raw white silk, tls. yang-chou (227 miles) ; Yun-yang-Han-chuny-fu 3,480311; yellow silk, tie. 5342.445; wild silk, tls. (360 miles) ; Chin-chou-Aigun (800 miles); Peking- 10316,709; silk cocoons, tls. 2,660,861; silk waste, Jehol-Chihtens^Dhii^chow-Kalgan-Dolonor-Chih- tls. 7,982,445; silk cocoons refuse, tIa, 765,714; silk feng (780 miles); Harbin-Mergen-Aigun-Blagovest-

?iece goods, tls, 15,744383; Shantung pongees, tls. chensk (660 miiea);Ta-tung-fu-Cheng-tu (960 miles) ; 315,045; silk products unclassed, tls, 415,142; un- Canton-Nan-ning-Lang-eon (550 miles); Shansi-Sin- dreffied skins and hides of cows and bufFalos. tls. yi-fu (760 miles) ; Yun-nan-Sze-chwan (450 miles) ; 10,361,381; of horses, asses, and mules, tls. 510335; I-li-Lan-chou-Sian-fu-Tun^-kwaa-Honan-fu-Kai- of goata, tie. 8,588,740; of sheep, tls, 370,416; un- fend-Heng-chou-fif-Tsing-kiang-pu-Hai-chou (3,000 classed, tls. 14,918; straw braid, tls. 7,717,687; v^e- miles); Sui-yuan-Kiakhta (760 miles); Kao-mi- table tallow, tls. 1,979,333; black tea, tls. 8,706,928; Yibsien (200 miles); Yen-chou-fu-Kai-feng-fu via green tea, tls. 11,055,610; black brick tea, tls. 2345,- Tsao-chou-fu (230 miles).

258; green brick tea. tls. 108.766; tea tablet, tls. Tklboraph Ststsm.— On 30 September, 1920, 33341; tea dust, tls. 53,767; sheep's wool, tls. 11,- there were 49.259 miles of land lines, 73373 miles 609,979; chinaware, tls. 3,780,286, etc. of wires, 1,002.53 miles of submarine cables, 46

Sbippino.— In 1919, 112,665 steamers (89344,371 miles of river cables, 837 telegraph officefl. In tons) and 07,100 sailing vessels (5381,664 tons), in 1018 the Government contracted with the Marconi all 210,765 vessels (95,725,935 tons) enttaW and Wireless Company for the purchase of 200 wireless cleared Chinese ports, of which Chinese shipping telephones for the Chinese army, and for the erec- vessels (foreign type) numbered 49,043 (22,563,448 tion of three powerfut wirelen stations at Kashgar, tons), Chinese jimks 88332 (4,536,314 tons), British Urumchi, ana Lanchowfu. In 1921 the American