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Ohnrch Unity Octave._The Church Unity working to de-christianixe Cuba with but smaO Octave, the observance of which was by Papal success. The Catholics have improved very much Brief of His Holiness Pope Benedict XV extended in recent years and woric with enthusiasm in many to the Universal Church and enriched with indul- parishes. gencM on 25 F^niaiy, 1916, had its inception under There are 35 parishes, 16 non-parochial churches, 7

nize the authority of the Chair of Peter by fw- ihe Latm^American CoU^ in Rome"

warding Peters Pence to the Apostolic Sec. The rp* ^ .^n,^^ «j ...i:..: " ..^ ui-j. x • /^

fi«t practical result of the Observance of the ^P^ ~"^*\r£^|S°'?.J^'^?*^*" ^ ^^S;

ChurcS Unity Octeve was the submission and i"!f??,.*1LJf^'?^* 9^^j^^'J^,i^*^ f"

corporate reception of seventeen members of the ^"fbjfi/^'^H?"^'.?® Manrts^SM.studente;

Sodety of the*^ Atonement, of which Father Paul 2^^i?f« J^ S^^ t^l^^'J .P^'^^^'fl ^°5

was the founder and superior, into the Catholic ^"ifS*?^^ !!**', f^.^ •^°"'*^j *?L*^ A^^}^*f^ °^

Church on 30 October, 1M9. On this date. Father Sacred Heart. 13 rd«iou8 and 100 student^ College

Paul and sixteen of his followers were received ?f .t^„ ^f^Xil^ f '^'^'^ 80 students;

in the convent chapel at Graymoor. Garrison, N. £^1^*^^ *?5 ¥- t ?h ^fi^i^^^V !i.^°^?^

Y., by Monsignor^onroy. AuxUiaiy Bishop of ^^, ^ ^^f'l^J^^^ ^1^^^^°^ ^"".^"^ ^^^

Ogdeiisburg, arting for ffis Eminence CarSinal relig^ww) are for 100 aged of both sexes in an aq^-

Flrley, Arckbishop of New York. 'V^ \^I^^^'^. "?; ^°«f?«lj? "'^^ ^°' *^

In December. 1909, the Octave received the sane- ««^. "^ *^?J.;^9^f„Vt/*'*K JI^'^t" '•» "^

tion and blessi^ of Pope Pius X. This was fol- S2f'^"°(^*^° ?i 'k'SL*^?^ ^^ J«rait8with

lowed by that of their Eminences. Cardinals Farley. ^ members: also in charge of the wme Fathers an

O'ConneU. Gibbons, and Falconii. Still later Car^ J^^fi**""*.^^ ^°"^ "?";'• ^r«<*' ^*^J^

dinal BoiJme of Westminster.. Cardinal Logue of ??!^^' *?f ftT^^'^\°^ ^X^^"^ ^^^ 5?

Armagh, the Cardinal Archbishop of Qu^ and °?^5^, ^^^ iS^tSS^*^*^ *^ ^^^

His Grace the Archbishop of Montreal gave their ^S^ !°IZ^^^ J^u^J^ pominican CoUege.

approval to the Octave Meantime mtny arch- ^^!S * .i^^^J" f^^^I^i ^v"^J? ^'^'^

hlSiopB and bishops of the United States. Canada. S»^hll^t^iJ-T!2lw(JWlHi?^ 9^^'

and England gavrthe Octave their endorsement T^Sjxf^r'Pff "j?? iS^lf^^'if^K^ "* ^ "Yk

and support. limiUy. His Holiness Pope Benedict „?,§f ^,^L*5^!S&i^?i»i^,?fSI™**' A*'"'

XV. by the above mentioned Brief, extended its Th^Al iT^,!^^^^!^L^^^^ ^"

obe4rvince to the Universal Church, enriching it Pf"** 'vnJ^rh^-rJLF^^^ T^mI^,,^^

S^i^S'^ei^^h^^n^^SuSo^r c' Sntsf6oC- dSSSTb^efeS "STIlo^e

M%iSri^r IM? r«5,nTl Ho^Kv^of PhiU ' "^ ^od ^th 58 students; in Trinidad a Dominican

L^f-^^ntS \ ?Z^}on to thP hipSv College for boys with 3 religious and 35 students;

prtv&g^tiS^'^Ue UmT/o^ve be tldfeugh": CoUege of the Holy R«ary?or prls with 8 Domini out all the dioceses of the United States." "^*

Vhe^'&SrSf the Octave consists in the J!**^,.*!.^^*}!^^^^^,"^.^^^ P^L»^.u» ^' daily


that iii^y a«u iiiajr uc «ue .u. ^o, .^« .^^ ^x^aav. , ^ ^u. Apostolatc

\ students; in Remedies: College God with 6 religious and 82 stu-

followed by the Prayer: O Lord Jesus Christ Who ^™- Ht^.'JThJNSl^^f-^S^^^^^ o^WK^^'^lJ

saidst unto Thine Apostles, etc., during? the eight S^S^^fi^^rin^ iTm t^^^^^^

days of the Octave frbm St. Peter's Cha& at Rome. ^^'^^ ?^^vJ}^t^^^^^^

18 January to the Conversion of St. Paul, 25 5V !L J ^S^w^i -^kSa^^^k ^^ ^

January^ plenary indulgence has been graJited ^J;}"^, ti^'^f ^^l.^^u \i '^•^°"* "^Uf^J^

oTthe^first or last day of the Octave under the f?.^i,^S^f,fe<l^^*^.^^ ^V^*°"? *?^ ?^ ""^i

™,«i «^«^;f;««o * sanatonum for the Spanish colony is m charge of

usual conditions. ^^^ Daughters of Calvaiy with 10 reli^ous ami 80

Ohnrches of Christ. See Disoplbb op Christ, H. Patients. In Aguada de J>sajert» there w a free c^^^

' lege for girls supported by the bishop, with 3

Cienfuegos, Diocese of (CENTUMFOCEKas; cf. teachers and 60 girls. In all the churches there are

C. E., III-770c), dependent on Havana, includes catechism classes in charge of Catholic ladies,

all of the province of Santa Clara in Central Cuba. There are many associations for men and women

The inhabitants of the diocese number 660.000, of m each parish. In all the parishes a Sunday review

whom 600,000 are Cubans, both whites and negroea; called "Cultura" is distributed gratis, the remainder are emigrants, mostly from Spain, The diocese is administered by an Apostolic

and nearly all are nominal Catholics, excepting administrator, Rt. Rev. Valentin Zubisarreta, D. C,

small colonies of Chinese, Jamaicans, and Haitians bishop of Camagiiey. The first bishop of Cienfuegos

(among whom are many Catholics). In reaUty the was Aurelio Torres y Sanz, D.C., bom in Havana

number of men who comply with their religious 3 Januaxy, 1861, elected to Cienfuegos 9 April,

duties is vexy much less, as indifferentism reigns. 1904, transferred 19 January, 1916. as titular Bishop

Masons are numerous, and Protestants supplied of Argilas when he had renoimced his see on

with abimdant money from the United States are account of infirmity, died in 1920. ^