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mit the ministry of Catholic priests and 20 of the other sex, except for a just cause and with the elementary and 1 secondary school are aided by superior's permission. The bishop in particular the government. The St. Vincent de Paul Society cases and tor grave reasons may enforce the ob- is organised among the laity. servance of this enclosure by censures, except in

Clogher. DiocBSB op (Cloghbbibnsis; cf. C. E, \^tf'^ °^ ^^^?P.^ ^^^^ ^¥^- ^^*^P* ^^'^^ IV-oM). in freSid, suffragan of Am^agh. ThiS ^^"^"^ ^u^^"^ K^.f ^i^ alms supenors may dioT^ includes almost aU of FermanagE; a large 5°^ *"°^ their subjects to dfwell outside tl«ir own

portion of Tyrone, and portions ^D^Sfgil, Lou'fh ^^^^ "f^ l^'JJUt f^r^J'^^J^L'^^LfH

and Cavan. The

Patrick McKenna,

profesBor of theol^ at irAi*yuuuoii v^uucRt:, i»k- religious is pursuing a <

pointed 1 June, 1909, to succeed Rt. Rev. Rich^ cSdex jur. Ian., 597?fl0»; VnHEEBscH-CifUBiN, EpU, jur.

Owens (d. 5 March, 1909). Various reugious orders can., 604-43.

^.;^fe^?51 %i^:l~^*i!l"'*^SL?^*.^'^ ra««frt, DI0CB8E, of (Clonfbbt^sk, . Irkh

The Itea gUUst^cs^eStthe aiocese with 40 Xii m'E* « *^**** " o ^J^i I'- ^t fill'f; J^otS=kI» no ^II^jT Z^I^^ « -Jw^rf«.r«~ An '^^^ Most Rev. Thomas P. Gilmartin, who filled

^^}^'.3 .^^^JZ^^ L^r^^ S this «e from 1910 until his promotion to the

this diocese

fttrician Monaste^r and a dioc«*n seminary, be- ^rf^lhTiZrid'tSffi.^^rvi^ToraTm^ k

sides a number of chanteble msUtutions. ^^ „ ^ professor of tteolo^in Manly Col-

01oist«r (cf. C. E., rV-60).— No one, whether lege, Australia. Larsje members of the laity, well

male or female, old or young, except those men** over a thousand, joined the fighting forces, and

tioned below, may enter the enclosure of nuns hav- many of them were killed. By present statistics

ing solemn vows, without leave of the Holy See;, the diocese numbers a Catholic population of

if they do, they and those admitting or introaucing 40,000, all Irish, 24 parishes, 46 churches, 1 mon-

them incur excommunication reserved simply to asteiy for men and 1 for women, 50 secidar priests,

the Holy See; clerics in addition are to be sus- 5 convents of the Sisters of Mercy, 1 seminary, 80

pended temporarily by the ordinary. Children seminarians, 2 high schools, taught by the Sisters,

Delow the age of puberty, however^ are exempt from with 60 girl students, 2 technical schools with 6

all censures imder the Code regime. Those who teachers and 70 pupils, 85 elementary schools with

may go within the enclosure are (a) local ordinary 170 teachers and 6300 pupils, 2 industrial schools,

or regular superior when engaged in visitation or under the Sisters, with 60 pupils, 1 home for aged

other visitors delegated by them to inspect; they and infirm with 450 inmates, and 1 asylum for

dhould, however, be accompanied by one or more Galway and Roscommon Counties with 1,400 in-

elerics or religious men of mature age; (b) con- mates. The technical and industrial schools receive

fessor, for the purpose of administering the sacra- financial aid from the government. The Pia Urdo

ments to the sick or of assisting the d3ang; (c) Cleri and the Father Matthew Union are estab-

reigning sovereigns, their wives and suite; also lished among the cler^, and the Sacred Heart

cardinals: (d) finally, mother superiors should get and Holy Family Sodalities, and temperance socie-

at least habitual approbation from the local orai- ties among the laity.

napr to allow physicians, surgeons, and workmen to oioyne, Diocese of (Clotnbnsis; cf. C. E.,

enter when they are needed; m case of urgency, the jy^ygc). Comprising a large portion of bounty Cork

ordinary's approbation may be presumed. No pro- Ireland, is s&ragan of Cwhel. This see is noW

i'^^'^LTlil^n.T^tlf^l tn^TS'Z%iw <1^> fi"«d byilt. Rev. Robert Brown, bom in

t?^in?^V, W^^no^fTn^^^^^^ Charieville. 1844, appointed 26 June, 1894. On 24

^ J^v^i ^^r^^l^rStSitTh Zohhl August, 1919, the new Cathedral of St. Colman was

fiS^l^ nXiuJ15^rli^J^^^ coMecnited by Cardimil Logue in the presence of

the local ordmarv if time permits. The local ordi- ^^^^ people, and a set of chimes with forty bells

nary 18 to see that the regulations concermng the ^ afterWar^ instaUed. The Presentation, de la

f^H^*lf/^~^n'^ *a.^H*^v nfiniSf .n Salle, Patrician and Irish Christian Brothers are

under the direction of regulars, and may punish all established in this diocese, as well as the Presenta-

'^t^^^^^'^or^nn^ ±T«Whr?.n^^ ^^^^ ^^^' Sisters of Meriy, Loreto Sisters, Sisters

!^I^ ifSi ^J^^J^%\^\^M of Charity, Sisters of the Little Company of Mary,

subjects if the regulatons are violated. g g^J g^^ ^ p ge^Vants of the

S^.'J^d.S S^'rj^SJS ^'a-JftJli ■«s,734uS?J

building should, if possible, be marked off as en- "S^*^ industrial schools and homes.

doted. Plans outside of the enclosure reserved Ooehabamba, Diocbsb op (Cochabambensis; cf.

for extern or intbm pupils, or for works proper to C E., rV-75c), in Bolivia, South America, suf-

tbe institute, must not be entered by persons of the fragan of La Plata. After the death of Rt. Rev.