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060Hf^ 2l4 OOOdlK OfiDiA

Jacinto Anaya, appointed 18 August, 18©7, d. 17 Bordeaux, he remained behind to direct the mobii-

December, 1915, this see was vacant for a year ization of the chemical industries in the capital.

before the appointment of the present incumbent, He was ** * ' *^'^ tt^^ c — -'-

Rt. Rev. Luigi Francesco Pienni, b. at Bagnaia during tl

1871, appointed 20 February, 1918. In 1914 this the Cat

diocese was solemnly united with the Eucharistic bringing

Congress of Lourdes, and the people took part in Holy See. In 1911 he was elected to the French

the devotions with great fervor. During recent Academy. Among his writings may be mentioned

years it lost a prominent member by the death of "L'Evolution et la Vie" (1885) and "Le Monde

Dr. Mariano Baptista, ex-President of the Republic, exterieur" (1896), crowned by the academy, "Contre

founder of the Catholic Union, and zealous de- les Barbares" (1899), "L'Esprit nouveau" (1900),

fender of the Catholic institutions. and "Ententes et ruptures (1905). With ius

By latest (1922) statistics the population of the brother Henri-Denys (b. 1864 at Pans), who is a

diocese numbers 550,000, made up of Spanish- distinguished lawyer, politician, and authority on

Americans and half-breeds, about 60% of the total Italian poetry and art, he published several of the

population being Indians, 30% half-breeds, and 10% works of his father (b. at Paris 1823; d. at Ver-

whites. There are 63 parishes, 74 churches, 100 saillea 1872), whose "Abolition de Tesclavage"

public chapels, 1 mission, 3 monasteries of women, (1861) was crowned by the academy.

4 convents of men, 129 secular and 32 regular clergy, oochln, Diocbsb op (Coocinbnbis; cf. C. E..

6 Brothers, 95 Sisters, 1 semmary, 22 seminarians, iv-.76c), in India, is suffragan to the Archdiocese

2 colleges for boys with 6 teachers and 240 students, ^^ q^^ j^ ^ ^^ present (1921) under the adminis-

1 college of women with 9 . teachere and 340 tration of Rt. Rev. Jose Bento Martin Ribeiro.

students, 1 asylum and 1 hospitel. All the state y^ ^^ Laurigal do Campas, Portugal, 22 August,

colleges and chantable mstitutions permit the jg^g^ professor at the College of Missions, Portugal,

priests to minister in them, and the seminajry, one appointed bishop 28 February, 1909, consecrated

coUege and the orphanage receive state aid. Ihe jg ^^^ ^^ ^y^^ ^^^^ y^^^ jj^ gycceeded Rt.

Apostolic V^P^iP orgamzed among the cleiw. Rev. Matheus d*01iveira Xavier, who was promoted

and a Cathohc Center, and the Knights of the ^^ ^j^^ archdiocese of Goa.

Sacred Heart among the laity. Two periodicals, ^^ present time (1921) the population of this

"Bolivia Eclesiastico^' and "Infonnacion CatoUca, ^^^ -^ approximately 450.000, of whom 108.700

are published. are CatholicS;^ and the yearly conversions average

establi^ed and 3

statesman and author, d. at rans on l oepwmoer, hrothprs. the FranmaPAn MiRsionariM nf Marv with

^ ^, ^ -, -, . , -D^.^^ *about 300. The religious communities establii

Oochln, I^YS-MABM-PrawifrAuGua™, B^ ^^g. ^^^ g^j^^ ^^ j^^g ^^^ 10 priests ar

.^tesman and author, b. at Pans on 1 September, brothers, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Vx.^ 1851;, d. there on 24 March 19M. He was the son ^ novitiate for Indian nuns with 9 religious and of Pierre-Susana-Augustin Cochin, member of the ^^ novices, Canossian Sisters with 20 religious. French Academy of Moral and Political^ Science^ ^j^^^^ ^^. ^ parishes, 77 churches and chapels, 63 and Adelme, daughter of Count Benowt d Asy. ^ secular clergy, 62 of whom are natives, 11 regulars belonged to one of the oldest known Pans families ^j j^^^-^ ^^^ ^ Carmelite), a preparatory semi- one of his ancestors having been an alderman there ^^^^ conducted by the* Jesuits at AUeppy with 26 in the days of St. Louis, King of ^nce, while gtudents, besides 14 seminarians from this diocese another^held a similar position imder FYancis 11 m ^j^^ ^^ studying in higher seminaries in other 1562. His father was elected Pr6fet of the Seme^t- ^^ ^j j^^^j^^ g high schools for boys with 1.780 Oise m 1871. Denys Cochin was studying at the jj^^ g for giris under the Canoeian Sisters with Lyc^e Louis-le-Grand, with Brunetifere, Becquerel, ^gg jjg jq Anglo-vernacular parochial schools and Paul Bouxget. when the war of ipo broke out. ^.^j^ ^^^ jj g^ vernacular parochial schools He foufht with the Eighth Lancers, taking part m ^^.j^ y'ggg pupils

BouAaki's ca^aim, being twice wounded, and re- The 'chantable institutions comprise: 2 orphan-

oeiving Uier»^(&tZfemiZttatre for bravey. On being ^^^ ^^.jg ^j^j^ ^24 orphans, 1 for boys with

mustered out of the army he cratmued his studies ^^ orphans, 2 industrial schools for girls with 88

Saduating in law and science. He then entered the y g catechumenates and a pnnting office,

plomatic service and for a time was an attache ^j^^^.^ ^^^ ^ different confraternities established

at the EmbMsy m London, but soon he returned throughout the diocese, 3 congregations of the Third

to his scientific studies and for several yeara carried q^^^ ^f g^ Francis, 1 Association of Holy Family,

out research work under Pasteur. In 1878 he en- g conferences of St. Vincent de Paul, 2 societies

gaged m politico, and was elected to the municipal ^^^ ^j^^ ^^j.^^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^^^ j^^ purgatory, 15 sodaliUes council of Pans. True to the religious spint of ^^ ^y^^ children of Mary, 1 Misericordia Confra-

ticularly against the violation oi ine religious pro- ^j^^ parishes and the confraternity

visions m the charter of the Hopital Cochm which ^^ ^^^ ^jj ^f ^^em. was established m the eighteenth century by his great-uncle, Abb6 Jacques-Denys Cochin. At a Oo<fliln China, Eastern, Vicawatb Apobtouc op

later period he was elected to the French Chamber, (CoaNONN^ oribntalis; cf. C. E., VII-777d), one

where distinguished by his powers of oratory, he of the three ecclesiastical divisions of the French

vigorously opposed the anti-Catholic policy of possession of this name in Indo-China. By a decree

Combes and Waldeck-Rousseau. When, after the of 1 July, 1907, the most northerly provmce of this

separation, the Government expelled the Arch- vicariate, the region of Phan-thiet, was united to

bishop of Paris from his palace, Denys Cochin the vicariate apostolic of Western Cochin China

placed his magnificent residence in the rue de because of the difficulty the bishop had in visiting

Babylone at the disposal of Cardinal Richard, it. The present vicar apostolic is Rt. Rev, Damien

M Cochin was a recognised authority on Near- Grangeon, of the Foreign Missions of Paris, b. in

Eastern questions, and was an ardent pleader on Gelles, France, 1857, ordained 1883, appomted 21

behalf of the Armenians and Greeks. In 1914, when March, 1902, titular Bishop of Utina. He was as-

the French Government withdrew from Paris to sisted by Rt. Rev. Constante-Philomene Yean-