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disabled soldiers. In 1922 the Danish Parliament Budbringer. The Church in Denmark continues

discussed the living apart of married couples for to advance and there are many yearly conversions,

a year and a half as sufficient ground for divorce, chiefly amongst the wealthier tradespeople. A

The present Constitution of Denmark is founded genuine respect for Catholicism is prevalent every-

on the Grundlov (charter) of 5 June, 1915, as where, and the recent canonization of Joan of

amended on 10 September, 1920. It provides for Arc was celebrated by a public ceremony and her

a Diet (Rigadag), composed of two houses: the statue placed in a central square of the city, the

Folketing (House of Commons) and the Landsting first time a saint was publicly honored in Denmark

(Senate). The King must be a member of the since the Reformation. Among the recent promi-

Evangelical-Lutheran Church, the official Church nent converts are Har Scavenius, Minister of For-

of the state; he has not the right to declare war eign Afifairs, and his wife, and Count Knuth-

or to sign peace without the consent of the Rigsdag. Knuthenborg. In 1919 Mgr. Dieppen, Bishop of

The present ruler is Christian X, who succeeded Bois-le-Duc, was appointed Apostolic Visitor to the

to the throne at the death of his father on 14 Scandinavian countries by Pope Benedict XV, in

May, 1912. The new election law was passed on order to study their condition and report on the

11 April, 1920, to secure fair representation in this most efficacious means for the spread of the Faith,

small country of many political parties. The King Christian visited the Pope in 1921, and on

old Danish law was based upon the absolute his return reported his visit to the vicar apostolic,

majority principle and single member-district a thing unprecedented in Denmark,

method. The method was revised in 1915, when The first vicar apostolic M^. Johannes Von

another electoral law retained the single-member Euch, the apostle of Denmark, died in March, 1922.

seats, but added for distribution 23 supplementary He was bom at Meppen, Hanover, in 1834, studied

seats among the parties which did not obtain a at Mainz, and in 1860 was sent as vicar to the

representation in proportion to the number of church of St. Anschaire, Copenhagen. Two years

votes cast. Under the new law the principle of later he went to Fredericia in Jutland, where he

proportional representation is introduced. All created one of the most flourishing parishes in the

single-member districts are replaced by large con- country; on the death of Mgr. Gruaer he returned

stituencies which elect members by the list to Copenhagen to succeed him as prefect apostolic,

ballot 4.8crut%n de lisle) method according to the When Denmark was made a vicariate (1892) he be-

proportional representation ^3rstem. To znake the came vicar with the title of Bishop of Anastasiopolis,

representation of the different parties conform to and the steady progress of the Church in this

their voting strength, supplementuy seats are re- country where he was universally loved is due

tained. Copenhagen is divided into three con- to his tireless labor. The Holy See bestowed upon

stituencies, each of which elects six members by him the dignity of assistant to the pontifical throne,

proportional representation. To the 18 members domestic prelate and Roman count, while King

thus elected are added six supplementary seats Christian A made him a Commander of the Order

distributed to parties which may not have obtained of Dannebrog," the Danish Legion of Honor.

Lf Tf ^""^^^'^^ '"^ proDortion to the number of Denunciation (cf. C. E., IV-733b) .-Clerics and

wfn 'jf^.v?L!?^^/. ir^. '"J^^^^ "^""^t K°Pl^^■ religious joining the FreenLisons or other like soci-

ol^iJiS-^'^ 'T ^ ^^»*"?.^^>^« ^^?«*^ ^'\°* eties are to be denounced to the Congregation of

fdcS^tfort^eTre^^^^^^ ffi"i3 S ^^^ ^^'^ ^^^ ^^-^^ i- --' ^>^

which go to Jutland and 10 to the Islands of Denver, Diocese of (Dbnvebiensis; cf. C. E.,

Seeland, Funen, etc., for distribution to parties IV-733d), comprises the entire State of Colorado,

which have not obtained a proportional representa- an area of 103,645 sq. miles. The second bishop of

tion. this diocese, the Rt. Rev. Nicholas C. Matz, who

Dbnmabk, Vicariate Apostouc of (Daniobnen- had filled the see since 1889, died on 9 August,

sis), with residential seat at Copenhagen, comprises 1917, and was succeeded by the present biimop,

a Catholic population of 27,000, of whom 7000 are Rt. Rev. J. Henry Tihen, D.D. Bishop Tihen was

Poles, and about 100 Germans, the rest being bom in Oldenburg, Ind., in 1861 and ordained in

Danes. In 1921 the northern part of the prefecture 1886, after which he accompanied the Rt. Rev.

apostolic of Schleswig-Holstein was annexed to the John J. Hennessy to Wichita when he took charge

vicariate Apostolic of Denmark and the southern of that see, and acted as chancellor of the diocese

part left to the care of the Diocese of Osnabruck. and rector of the cathedral until his promotion to

According to statistics for 1922 there are in the the episcopacy. He was consecrated Bishop of Lin-

vicariate 29 parishes, 20 secular and 55 regular coin. Neb., on 6 July, 1911, and filled that see until

priests, 25 Brothers, 4 seminarians, 33 churches his transfer to Denver, 21 December, 1917.

or chapels, 16 stations, 1 high school and 1 training The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception,

school aided by the Government, 11 religious con- erected at a cost of over half a million dollars, was

gregations of men, 11 of women with 600 sisters, consecrated by Bishop Tihen on 23 October of the

1 home, 8 asylums, and 20 hospitals. In the city present year (1921). The liquidation of the debt

of Copenhagen there are 6000 Catholics; 5 parishes which had remained on the cathedral as well as the

and 6 chapels • a new church was consecrated in erection of a home for the aged, completed in 1918,

June, 1917. The Jesuit College of St. Andrew and entrusted to the Little Sisters of the Poor, was

at Odrupshoi has been closed and its buildings are due to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. John K.

now occupied by the Sisters of the Assumption. Mullen. Mr. Mullen was appointed a Knight of

The Cistercians of Bohemia have recently made a St. Gregory by Pontifical Brief dated 10 August,

foundation m the vicariate. 1921. This honor was also conferred on Captain

The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin and the St. John J. Lambert of Pueblo, who was largely re-

Vincent de Paul Society are established among sponsible for the erection of the Sacred Heart

the laity. New miraions have been opened at Orphanage in that city, and who died 6 January,

Aakirkebv, Holbak, Haderslev, Horsholm, AUerslev, 1916, at the age of 79. In 1907 St. Thomas Theo-

Naestved, Nykobmg, Manbo, Nakskoo. and logical Seminary was erected bv the priests of the

BvendborgCathohc journals include, "Nordisk Congregation of the Mission and opened the follow-

Ugeblad, Katolsk Ungdom," and "Jesu Hjertea ing year. During the war, however, the Benedictine