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1873, has done great work in extending religious lege building was dedicated in April, 1885, the origi- and educational facilities among the people. nal building being abandoned at that time. In

V-193d), in Scotland. Since the revival of this se^ «S^5 ^Th^^Z^uy^T f^t^ ^^^IZt it has b^n held by five bishopa. The third bishop. ^^- ^i^J*.^°°^ °L^Zs ?ri1'rf^.,f T»n' Rt. Rev. Angus MacFarlane, 5:24 September. 1912 5"^ accounts are conducted in a i»rt of the Van-

wai^ci^^by Rt. Rev.' Robert Liser, consel f^^^^^ *'~*"'« ^^ "^'°° ^'^ "^ '^'■ ?J^J^n R,-&liw; Htd%*M!r^h'^M4 '±ft ^h^ uni^i^ity is Conducted by the Fathers of

^ appointe<f to succeed him (consecn^ted 15 Octo- ^^^^^ \S^cotp^ie<f of ^" e^ a" d" pr^^

nfe is°k'^;^'ra'«°'(^£r^AKiS 'cTSaS^s: tx ljris^?Sil*'^h ^L^°Si:

f I.?iL'^i!!i.y!r rln^w'^iSa' l^k SS^ venrity faculty, and no st^ps of importance are

^^ ^„rtr^;ii' rinnU^A "^P-^ ?wo taken without the approval oFthis boaJtl. In 1920-

fiLA^f^^^J^^AJhJL^^7r>All«ri^ 21 o^er 2500 students were registered in aU depart-

n,^^??^ I J^JtJ^f^n^^ ^sf^il^ "aenta of the university. The president is the Very

Me^r^iittfe Ss% V pT inf?te« «-' Martin A. Hehirrc. 8. 8p". LLJ5.

of Charity); the Catholic mstitutions comprise a Durango, Archdiocese of (Duranguenensis: cf.

home for aged poor, a House of Mercy for servants, C.E.V-208d), in Mexico. Bishop Francesco Mendoza,

a working girls' home and a children's rrfuge in the present (1922) incumbent was bom 14 November,

charge of the Sisters of Charity, The Catholic 1852, in the diocese of Zamora, professor and rector of

population of the diocese is estimated at between the seminary, chancellor and archdeacon of the

35,000 and 40,000. cathedral, appointed Bishop of Campeche, 11

Dunkers (cf. C. E., XV-OOd).— Although in recent December, 1904; consecrated 2 February, 1905, pro- years an attempt has been made to unite the Pro- moted to the Archdiocese of Durango, 7 August, gressives (officially, Brethren Church) and the Con- 19W» proclaimed 27 November, 1911, succeeding servatives (officially Church of the Brethren), on Mgr. Santiago Zuriba y Manzanera, b. 29 Novem- the other hand another sect of Dunkers, The Church ber, 1834, d. 26 January, 1909. According to 1920 of God (New Dunkers), organized in 1848, was first census reports the archdiocese comprises a total listed in the United States reports in 1916. It population of 351,600 of whom 350,000 are Catholic; has a membership of less than a thousand. The t^^ere are 50 parishes, 250 churches or chapels, 125 Church of the Brethren carries on foreign mis- secular and 9 regular priests, 3 monasteries for men, sionary work in India. China, Sweden, and Den- proi>erly so called, with churches, Carmelite, Au- mark, reporting (1916) 19 stations, 66 American gnstinian and a Franciscan monastery in Sombrete; missionaries, and a membership of 1803. The 7 for women, 1 seminary with 50 seminarians, 9 Brethren Church has missions in Argentina, and colleges, 4 for boys with 10 teachers and 350 boys, in Central Africa, employing 10 missionaries. The 5 f ojr girls with 25 teachers and 450 pupils; the body known as "(German Seventh Day Baptists" charitable institutions include, 1 home, 1 hospital affiliates regularly with the Seventh Day Baptist conducted by nuns, 1 asylum. There are several General Conference. The five bodies of Dunkers societies organized among the laity, one among the reported in 1921 in the United States 1262 churches, clerjgy. The Catholic press is represented by three 3767 ministers, and 122,932 members. penodicals. The events of special importance in

Rdiqioxu Bodies, 1916 (Washington, 1919); Year Book of the archdiocese since 1908 are the ravages done to

the Churches (New York, annual). ^ A w *" ecclesiastical institutions by the revolutionists.

XM. A. WBBBR. the destruction of the Sagrario, and the beautiful

Dunne, Sarah Theresa. See Amadeus op the church of St. Francis, as well as other beautiful

Heart of Jesus, Mother Mary. edifices, and the entire confiscation of church goods,

Duquesne University. Pittsburgh, Pa. was ^"^^'^ «o"^^' «*c-

foimded in 1878 and incorporated in 1882 unaer the Dnrasso, Archdiocese op (Dtrrachiensis ; cf. C.

title of "The Pittsburgh Catholic College of the E., V-209a), in Albania, is directly dependent on

Holy Ghost," with power to confer the usual col- the Holy See; it has a total population of neariy

lege degrees. On 30 March, 1911, the charter was 200,000, of whom 12,500 are Catholics. The present

macnr. On 27 May following the title was changed secular and 7 regular priests and 46 churches and to that of "Duquesne University." The present col- chapels.