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27 seminarians; 2 colleges for men with 24 teachers (38 Sisters), and the Pie Madn della Nigrisia (12

and an attendance of 340; 1 high school for boys Sisters) » who have charge of the hospital at Asmara,

with 6 teachers and an attendance of 100. There 1 secular pnest who is the army chaplain, 20 regu-

are 3 homes; 1 orphan asylum and 3 hospitals, two lar priests, and 9 lay brothers (Capuchins), 60

of which receive a small appropriation from the native priests, all of whom belong to the Coptic

government. Three societies are organized among Catholic Rite, 1 seminary, and 43 seminarians. The

tne clergy and about ten among the laity. 'The foUowing educational institutions have been estab-

Lake Shore Visitor" is the diocesan periodical. At lished in the vicariate: 2 secondary schools for

the present time (1^1) the Catholic population men, 4 teachers, 72 students, 1 secondary school

is estimated at 114,605, including Irish, Germans, for women, 4 teachers, 20 students, 2 professional

Poles, Slavs, Lithuanians, Hunganans» Italians, and schools, 3 teachers, 40 students, 1 elementary school

IVench. for the Italians with 390 pupils, 40 elementary

schools for the natives with 1300 pupils The Gov-

Eritrea, Vicabiatb Apostolic of, comprises an emment supports two schools, one at Saganeiti for

, Italian colony in East Africa. The present vicar the natives and the other at Asmara for uie whites,

apostolic is the Rt. Rev. Francesco Carrara, a The following charitable institutions exist in the

Capuchin of the province of Rome, appointed vicariate: 2 orphanages for boys at Cheren and

titular Bishop of Agathopolis and vicar apostolic Asmara, 3 for girls at Saeaneiti, Cheren, and

7 February, 1911. Due to his zeal and energy the Asmara, 6 agricultural schools for the natives, 1

Capuchins, in. 1912, founded a well equipped print- medical dispensary, 3 asylums, 1 at Asmara for the

ing establishment, where they publish works in whites, 1 at Saganeiti, and 1 at Cheren. Among

Italian and native languages, which are greatly the natives the following societies have been estab-

Ai)preciated in the colony and in the different coun- lished : the Association of St. Michael, Association

tries to which they are sent. The principal works of St. George, Third Order of St. Francis, and

hitherto published are a collection of books of Sodality of the Children of Mary. Among the

instruction, eight volumes printed in Italian and whites there are the: Societies of the Children of

Tigr6, a grammar, dictionary, and devotional books Mary, of St. Aloysius, of the Sacred Heart, and

in various languages for the use of the native clergy of the Blessed Sacrament,

and laity. In 1921 they brought out the New Testa- Brian, Abchdiocesb op. See Egeb.

ment, printed in the Ghez language and edited by Ermland (or Warmia), Diocbsb of (Vabmienms;

S5h ffcS^t .^Sh'c Fth¥oniaJ?;ni^ ^Thjtnr^ ^^' ^ E., V-i22a), in East Prussia, is direcUy depenl

!^«5f if fh? r>r«[^ o^^ dent on the Holy ^e. The episcopal residence, cathe-

£!l^rnnL?If^n ?^ ^^al and chapter are at Ftauenbuns, as also the

Sacred Congregation of Eastern Churches A Cath- Upper Seminary with 60 students in 1914, for the

S.HLSn^nl'S^ ?«"n^nKv.^^^^ ^^ three yeai7of theology, 1 ecclesiasticia lyceum,

mjssion news, is prmted every month, and is dis- ^^^ ^ host^j ^^^ univereity students.

ill^^'nllSh °th! S^^nf fhf «Iintl fnS i^^^^ J^Z ^^^^P ^^^rew Thiel (b. 28 September, 1826; d.

?i^*rt!^r»M;nn nf tU n«^^^^^ ^ 17 Julv, 1908), was succecdcd by the present (1922)

^""tvSL'^Tko^S ^U1 Fn?InpT; r.f Knu^ in ih. mcumbent, Rt. Rev. Augustin Bludau, b. 6 March,

nZnt s^nf ^m2^. Wi^. P.PhnH^ Kav^ ^n 1862, ordaiucd 13 March, 1887, vicar at Marienvede^

t^A fr'orl4,aK)^?25,m^^^ ^^^f^5^'o^1f^'o?

iSe'^^tSa^i^YhftLoSaS^^^ Ui7veK 'auf ^^^^^^^

are scattered among tne Assaortim ana Uunama ♦«^«-,f *«rL«-««*« ^^<^^;^4^,^ u:^u^^ u„ *k« ^i.«..4^»« 

live in the northwest of Asmara among the Muasul- th^.^ Zf^c^m lir^^^^h kI ^ mans, and incUne towards Islamism. l^hey are well ^r,^t/^^°I^^Vi. ^S^fw ^T^ .^ .VJ. dkpolKd toward the Catholic Church, and are eager It^IL*?^ t^.ol^n^ Tlf.»~ S™ fn^J^f^So ^.W to feecome Christians, to build chapels, and to h?ve f^ff^ '11*?,^^' J„ !^J^ttS„^f ?h! M^ their own native prints. During &e past six years Sdud^^'^^^'BTthouS ^ftffilS nol^S '^""ft^^C^J^^t^T^ZJ^^fLl "- There- a«, 657 SiT^s in 69 houses, vicar apostolic, which in a great measure con- Exnaknlam, Vigariatb Apobtouo of (Ebnacula- tributed to their rapid conversion. Fifteen churches mbnbis). in Malabar, India, of the Syro-Malabar and chapels have oeen erected, the principal ones Rite. Tne present (1922) Vicar Apostolic is Rt. Rev. being at Asmara, and one which was built over the Augustine Kandathil, titular Bishop of Arad, b. 24 tomb of the Venerable De Jacobis at Elbo. A August, 1874, nominated Bishop of Arad, and co- circulating Ubraiy has been established and a young adjutor with right of succession to the vicar Apos- men's club at Asmara, in connection with which tolic of Emakulam 29 August, 1911; consecrated there are a gymnasium, dramatic society, music 3 December following, succeeding Rt. Ilev. Alo3r8ius hall, and theater. On 3 July. 1912, the cornerstone Pareparambil (b. 25 March, 1847; d. 9 December, of the new church for the white people of Asmara 1919). According to the 1920 statistics the total was laid, an event which was celebrated by the population of this territory is 1,029,000, of whom, civil as well as the religious authorities. Two by the census of 1919, 113,936 are Catholics of this spacious and imposing school buildings for boys rite; the chief language spoken is Malayalam. and girls have been erected at Asmara, which are There are 9 parish churches, 6 chapels with resi- attended by nearly all the children of that place, dent pastors, 143 secular priests, 29 seminarians, and At Asmara the custom has been established to 37 Jacobite churches with about 30,000 memfaHOs. dedicate the family to the Sacred Heart. Besides these there are native Carmelite Niins of In 1921 the vicariate apostolic contained 2 quasi- the Third Order with 198 professed nuns, 25 postu- parishes for the Italians, 53 quasi-parishes for the lants, and 2 catechumenates. The various institu- natives, 60 churches, 10 mission stations, 2 convents tions include 10 boarding schools with 268 pupils, for women founded by the Daughters of St. Ann 1 high school, 108 primary and secondary schools