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During the Worid War three chaplaioa oerved in Theatre Contempor&ine," "Dixhuitiime SiMe," the army, one of whom was decorated; war orphans "Histoire de la Litt^ture fran^aise," "Tropos lit- were cared for by the deigy and laity. t^rairea," "Lea Pr6jug^ N^ceasaires," "Monseigneur

Faculties. Cakonicm. (cf. C. E, V-748a).-For P^P'l^lP'ff' "^,P."«'<* EvSque" and others. He nearly thre^ c^ii«it has been customiy for ^\"f*f^ ^ cnticwma ^pecially to the literatures tMo^See, owing to the distance of so bany °?.*'»« seventeenth c^tuiy, mterest m which he

KtJps fro^Rome, as to y^Z ZZ^t^i^^'^i pS^r*" ""^ ""' """'" local conditions, to grant bishops, vicars apostolic, ^»"«*» fv""w»i «*** yuux^uyuj^,

and prefects apostolic throughout the world, accord- Palth Movement, Apostouc. See Nbw Thought.

ing to their needs, extra facmties or powers set forth Falconlo, Diombdb, Cardinal, b. at Pescocotanso

in special forms or schedules and valid for various jn the Abruzzi, 1842; d. in Rome, 17 Februaiy,

definite periods. As Canon 4 of the Code stated 1917^ He became a Franciscan, in Italy but was

that acquired rights, privileges, and indults, hitherto ordained priest in the United States and subse-

granted to physical or moral persons by the Apo»- quently became professor, vice-president and presi-

tolic See, which were still m use and had not been Jent of St. Bonaventure*s College, Allegheny, Pa.,

recalled, were to remain in force unless they had awj ^t a later period diocesan chancellor of Harbor

been expressly withdrawn in the Code, it was con- Grace, Newfoundland, and administrator. He re-

duded that the various formula were to remwn turned to Italy in 1883, and was elected Provincial

unafifepted. However, on 25 April, 1918, a few weeks of the Franciscans in the Abruzri. In 1889 the

before the Code went into effect, the Congrega- general chapter in Rome chose him as procurator

tion of the Consistory issued the decree Froxima general and in 1892 he was consecrated Bishop of

sacra," which said that in as much as the general Macedonia and three years later was translated to

law expressed in the Code now conferred on ordi- the Archbishopric of Acerenza. In 1899 he was

naries very many of the powers conceded hereto- gent as Apostolic Delegate to Canada and received

fore as a pnvilege through the formul®, sufficient ^ third archiepiscopal title of Larissa and from

certaiiJy to meet the average needs of a diocese, 1902 tiU 1911 he occupied the post of Apostolic

the indults previously granted by the Holy See m Delegate at Washington, was made cardinal priest

Bnef or formula for periods of three, five, ten, ot j^ iqh and cardinal bishop in 1914. During his

twenty-five years, would cease from 18 May, 1918. gtay in the United States he became a naturalized

It was provided the faculties granted to prdmariM citizen of the Republic.

for special reasons and those given by the Sacred «*«^« tn_ /t* * r^

Penitentiary were not to be affected by the decree. ^^!rJ5v? Di09»B of (Rivbbotmbnbis; cf. C.

Furthermore, notwithstanding the dispensing power E., V-TTlb), comprwes ui area of 1194 sq. miles m

granted by the Code in regard to matrimonial im- the State of Massachiyette, U. S. A. On 19 Septen^^

pediments when death was immment or in a casus ger, 1907, the second bishop of the diocese, Rt.

^rplexus, local ordinaries in America, the Philip- 5My-.:«^^.u* Francis Feehan, was consecrated, and

pinra, the East Indies. Russia, and Africa, excluding ftill fills the see. During recent years the dioc« 

(Philadelphia. 1918). 337-54; Atunhic. Marriage LegUlatum The Catholic population of the dlocese numbers

(New York, 1919). , r^ t* about 177,000, comprising a cosmopolitan com-

Faensa, Dioc!esb op (Favbnxinenws; cf. C. E., munity, largely French and Portuguese. Various

V-751b), in the province of Ravenna, suffragan of charitable institutions are conducted: St. Ann's

Bologna, has a Catholic population of 103,962. The hospital at Fall River, directed by the Dominican

present (1922) bishop, Rt. Rev. VincenzoBacchi,b. at Sisters of Charity of the Presentation; 3 orphan

Castelfranco deir Emilia in the Diocese of Bologna asylums under the Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of

1 August, 1854, served as Secretary of the episcopal Charity (Grey Nuns), and Sisters of St. Francis

council, archdeacon of the cathedral, and pro-vicar respectively; and a home for the aged, as well as

general, named a prelate of the pontifical throne much charitable work done by the St. Vincent de

1905, consecrated titular Bishop of Myndos 16 Paul Society. There are 76 parishes, 22 missions,

September, 1906, proclaimed 6 December following, 2 monasteries, 147 secular and 24 resular clergy,

and made auxiliary at Bologna, transferred to 321 nuns, 2 high schools, 4 academies with an

Faenza 2 December, 1912, succeeding Mgr. Gioa- attendance of 600 girls, and 30 elementaiy schools

chino Cantagalli (b. 18 August, 1825; d. 13 August, with an attendance of 13,215.

1912) who was dean of the bishops of Italy. The patelty. See FoRcasBY.

statistics for 1920 credit the diocese with 116 _ ^' *"«»^»- - ^ „ ,r ^^i. »

parishes, 40 seminarians, 20 Brothere, 290 Sisters, . ^^^* Diocbsb op (Fanknws; cf . C. E., V-785a).

164 churches or chapels. »n the province of Pesaro, Central Italy, direcUy

—.^^ . Ok T o subject to the Holy See. The present mcumbent,

rage, ANTOiNBTm See Assumption, LirrLB Sis- ^^ j^^ Giustino Sanchini, b. 1 November, 1860.

TBRS OP THB. j^ Saluccio in the Diocese of Rimini, served as

Faguet, EMHiB, author and academician, b. at professor of moral theology in the seminary, be-

La RocheH5ur-Yon, Vendue, France, 1847; d. in came chancellor and rector of the Cathedral at

Paris in 1916. He was educated at the Lyc^e Rimini, appointed Bishop of Citta di Castello, 12

Charlemagne and TEcole Normale. After teaching July, 1909, declined, and was re-elect€d Bishop of

for some time at Bordeaux and La Rochelle he Fano, 6 June, 1916; proclaimed 7 December fol-

went to Paris, and in 1890 became professor of lowing, succeeding Mgr. Vincenzo Franceshini, b.

poetrv at the university. In 1900 he was elected a 26 December, 1844, d. 29 Mareh, 1916. The dio-

member of the French Academy. He was the cesan statistics for 1920 are as follows: 45 parishes,

author of: La Trag6die au XVI* Si^Ie," Le 101 secular and 15 regular clergy, 35 seminarians.