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FO&MOftA 317 FO&UM

technical schools receive Government support. The Croatians, 5000; and others Spanish, Mexican, Hun- societies organised in the diocese include the garian, etc.

Mutual Aid Society among the clergy, and twenty The missionary work is carried out by the Fort different associations among the laity. A diocesan Wayne Apostolate. The charitable establishments synod was held in April, 1020. Patriotic works include 2 homes for the aged, 2 diocesan orphan were organized in the diocese during the World asylums, 15 hospitals, 1 settlement house (Bishop War by Mgr. Adamo Pasini, and met with zealous Alerdix^^udge Gory Settlement house). All pub- co-operation from both the cler^ -and laity : war lie institutions are self-supporting, and the pnests orphans were cared for, an association for soldiers' are never forbidden to minister in these institu- fandlies was formed, and a home for soldiers estab- tions. li^ed in the diocese. A weekly paper, "Our Sunday Visitor," founded

«, «. Tfc« : A~v«-««,« ^« /T«TOTT* «• by Rt. Rev. Mgr. John F. Noll in 1912, is published

Pormosa, Fbefectub^ /^T^^.K^aoi.?^^ in the diocese, and has at present a suBscription

^;^^*>li?,?P"f??n*^ll^lf the same name ^ ^ ^ ^„.^^^ ^ December, 1021,

in lo^o, lawsr in xouu, «viiu "J' » V*^^*^^ "* 'f./'-'-y for the relief of infirm priests is org 1913, It was erected into ^.prefecture apostolic and ^^ ^, j^ ^^^ ^^^j^ ^^

separated from the Vicanate ^postolic of Ampy ^ m chaplains in the army ai

among ^ar six priests

_^ ^, T-k . • - t xu^ i>u;i;,> ocivcvi no chaplains in the army and navy, and

and entrusted to the Domimcans of the Philip- ^^^ Catholics in the service held the same propor-

pines, with official readence at Taipeh. Rt. Rev. ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^j^^^. ^^ ^^ ^j^^ country.

Clemente Fernandez, b. m Penerudes, m the Dio- ^ _, , . ^ v . ,^

cese of Oviedo, 17 October, 1879, professed 17 PortaleEa (or Cgara). Archdiocese op (For-

November, 1895, ordained priest 8 September, 1903, talbxibnsis; cf. C. E., VI-145d), in the State of

was appointed first Prefect Apostolic of Formosa, Ceara, Brazil, was raised to metropolitan rank 10

2 September, 1913. He was succeeded by Rev. November, 1915. By decrees of 20 October, 1914,

Thomas de la Hoz, O.P., appointed 1 August, and 10 November, 1915, the dioceses of Crato and

1921. There were in 1912 out of a total population Sobral, its suffragans, were erected from this ter-

of 3^,978, 3533 Catholics, 10 Spanish Dominicans, ritory; the new boundaries established 24 January,

31 catechists, 30 churches and chapels, and 3 1919, include an area of about 11,882 sq. miles. The

Dominican Sisters. bishop, Rt. Rev. Manuel Da Silva Gomez, b.

in Bama, 14 March, 1874, studied in the Seminary Fort-Danphin, Vicarutb Apostouc op (db For-p- of Bahia, was ordained 15 November, 1896, pro- Dauphin; cf. C. E., XVI-83b), in Southern fessor at the seminary 3 February, 1893, chancellor Madagascar, with residence at Fort-Dauphin, of Bahia, 15 November, 1899, appointed titular Erected 16 January, 1896, under the name of South- bishop of Mopsuestia and auxiliary at Fortaleza, em Madagascar, it was changed to Fort-Dauphin, n April, 1911, consecrated 29 October following, 20 May, 1913; it is entrusted to the Lazarists. The transferred 16 September, 1912, enthroned 8 Decem- vicar apostolic is Rt. Rev. Jean-Jacques Crouzet, a ber, succeeding Mgr. Joachim Joseph Vieira. He Lazarist, b. in Lansargue in the Diocese of Mont- was named first Archbishop of Fortaleza, 10 pellier, 1 April, 1849, entered the Congregation of November, 1915. There are in the diocese (1920) the Mission 12 October, 1868, was appointed titular 771,120 Catholics, 832 Protestants, 12 Jews, 78 par- Bishop of Zephyrium, 11 September, 1886, sonse- ishes, 106 secular and 5 regular priests, 234 churches crated at Paris, 28 October, 1888, named Vicar or chapels.

Apostolic of Abyssinia (16 January, 1896), and later p^-i-, TTft„-«» riAirnfinn (nt n i? vr i«;n Th^

of Fort-Dauphin. According to 1920 statistics the T^5:f?T^fJ^,??H^^^^ Jn K. iSw^ri v;^^

vicariate haS approximate^ 800,000 inhabitants, ff^S.S ?«j2 Tn^«^^^ fL nW.W f« whih fh^

20,000 of whom are Catholics; 18 missionary priests, SS^'^ q ^^ -^"1, churches m which the

12 churches, 25 schools, and i5 Sisters of Charity. ?J^^ Sacrament is kept, with greater solemnity

x« V UA ^^ , ^ ^j^^^ usual. If for a grave reason this cannot be

Port Wayne, Diogess op (Waynb Castbbnsis; done, the local ordinary is to have solemn exposi-

cf. C. E., VI-150C), in Indiana, U. S. A., suflfragan tion for a few hours at least.

of Cincinnati, has a Catholic population of 151,000. romm (cf. C. E., VI-153c) .— The following rules

It is at present under the administration of Rt. are laid down in the Code for determining the

Rev. Herman Joseph Alerdin^, bom 13 ^ugust, proper forum for ecclesiastical suits. The plaintiff

1846, in the Diocese of Covmgton, ordained 22 is to sue in the forum of the defendant, but if the

September, 1868, curate at Terre Haute, rector at defendant has several fora the plaintiff is entitled

Cambridge, and for 26 years at St. Joseph's in to make the choice. Actions ae spolio must be

Indianapolis, elected bishop 30 Augiist, 1900, con- tried before the local ordinary of the place where

secrated 30 November following, succeeding Rt. the object is situated, as must actions about

Rev. Joseph Rademacher (b. 8 December, 1840; benefices: administration suits come before the 01^

d. 12 January, 1900). dinaiy 0/ the place of administration; suits regard-

The diocesan statistics for 1922 are: 138 parishes, ing inheritance or pious bequests come before the

33 missions, 179 secular and 152 regular prints; local ordinary of the place where the testator had

convents: men 1, women 4, with 2052 m the various his domicile. By reason of his domicile or quasi-

communities; Holy Cross Seminary with 39 semi- domicile anyone can be summoned before the local

narians, 1 university with 90 professors, 1800 stu- ordinary, who, moreover, has jurisdiction over his

dents; 1 college for men with 20 teachers, 340 stu- subjects even when they are absent. A traveler

dents; 1 college for women with 434 students; 2 high who is in Rome can be summoned there just as if

schools, 8 academies with 450 pupils, 6 normal it was his home; but he has the right of going

schools, 7 training schools for nurses, 104 elemen- home and requesting that- the suit be sent before

tary schools with an attendance of 25,582 pupils, his own ordinary, if a person, however, has been

The different nationalities represented in the dio- in Rome for a year, he may insist on being cited

cese with their approximate numbers are : American- before the Roman courts. The proper forum of a

bom, 100,000; Polish, about 20,000; Lithuanian, religious is where his house is situated; the forum

30,000; Slovaks, 8000; Italians, 1000; Greeks, 2000; of a vagus is wherever he chances to be. If an