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Friends, SoaiXY of (Quakers; cf. C. E., VI- There are in the vicariate (1920) a total popu- 30ld). I. Orthodox.— In recent years there has lation of 17,000,000 souls of whom 49,160 are Catho- been a strong tendency toward greater unity of lies, 25,800 catechumens. There are 31 missionaiy effort in the fields of home and foreign missions, and 21 native priests, 175 chm-ches or chapels, and Bible schools, education, evan^listic work, phi- 112 stations. The work of the Holy Childhood is lanthropy, and social reform. The Friends have flourishing in this vicariate, tirhere there are three joined the Federal 'Council of the Churches of establishments run by the Spanish Dominican Sis- Christ in America, and are taking part in the prepa- ters of the Philippines. In 1913 they received 4518 rations for the World Conference on Faith and little girls and more than 6000 in 1914.

Sr^*^^.- J^® °®^*^^ ??^*«°V^ ^® ^®?w?i^^ ^^**' Diocese op (Fuldbnsis; cf. C. E., World War was practically the same as that taken vi-3i3c), in Germany. In 1920 the Catholics num- m the Amencan Revolution. Their po«tion was be^ed 216,000. The diocese contains 120 parishes, recogmzed bv Congress m the Selective-Draft Ad^^ 40 curacies, 15 deaneries, 245 secular priests. 216 whicli provided for assignment of drafted IViends ^f ^^om are charged with the care of souls and to noncombatant service. They oreamzed the 39 ^re otherwise occupied. The diocesan institu- AmencMi Friends Senrice Committee (participated ^^^j^ ^re: the episcopal seminary at Fulda with 8 m by the four bitches of Fnends). canymg out professors of theology, a hospice at Fulda under Its work as a part of the civilian branch of the the care of the bishop for students attending the American Red Crow, for the purpose of furthering g^ate gymnasium or the city Oberrealschule (8 reconstruction work m France. Th^ were also y^ars scientific course), the episcopal Latin schools prominent in rehef work m Central Europe after ^^ Amoneburg, Geisa, Hunfeld, Orb, and Grossau- the war. heim. The present bishop is the Rt. Rev. Adam

rJ^'u'^'S^^^^r^^^ ^^ lA^^A^^ °v u Schmitt, b. at Marbach 22 April, 1858, ordained Primitive Fnends m New England and New York 32 October. 1882, elected bishop 29 Deceiber. 1906, have become component parts of the Wilbunte consecrated and enthroned 19 March, 1907, and

and Primitive) reported, in 1921, 1331 ministers, Ftmchal, Diocbsb op (Funchalbnsis: cf. C. E., 985 church edifices, and 119.294 members in the VI-318d), comprisini; the Madeira Islands, the three United States (Christian Herald, 7 March, 1921). islands of Las Deserts, Port6-Santo, Falcon-Baio,

ReligiauM Bodies, 1916 (Washington. D. C, 1919); Year and Selvagem, a total of about 314 sq. miles, Ifl

Book of the Churchee, 1920 (New Vork, 19»). suffragan of Lisbon. The bishop, Rt. Rev. Antonio-

^ ^ ,, ^ ^' ^- ^1?™- Emmanuel Pereira Ribeiro, b. 16 February, 1879,

ra-cnow, Vigariatb Apostouc of. See Yn-KiANO, doctor of theologv and vicar capitular of Funchal, Fa-lden, Vigariatb Apostolic of (Fokienbib), in appointed 2 October, 1914, proclain&ed 22 January, China, with residence at Fu-chow. The present 1915, succeeding Mgr. Barreto, deceased. There vicar apostolic also is Rt. Rev. Francisco Aguirre, are no statistics later* than 1900. Charles, former O. P., titular Bishop of Botrsrs or Botra, d. 22 Emperor of Austria and apostolic king of Him^ary Februaiy, 1863, in Elgaibar in the Diocese of (bom in 1887) was exiled to Madeira and amved Vitoria^ professed 14 September, 1883, ordained at Funchal 19 November, 1921, where he died 1 24 April, 1887, arrived in China, December follow- April, 1922. mg, provincial vicar 31 May, 1910, appointed 13 rtmeral Dues. See Burial. December, 1911, consecrated at Buichu, 16 June, *^wa*m-

1912. Ffiiifkirchen, Diocbsb of. See Pfics.