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ance of 400, 1 academy for girls with 18 teachers sionary of the chief station, officials of the trade and attendance of 225, 1 Indian school with 20 and mission, and members elected by the people, teachers and attendance of 225, 100 parochial schools They meet twice a year and look after the needy with 800 teachers and attendance of 22,000. The poor, for whom they raise y fimd by a tax of one- various charitable institutions are: the McCormick sixth on goods purchased from the natives within Memorial House for Aged, 3 orphan asylums, 9 each district. Almost all the natives can read and hospitals, 1 refuge, the ^ouez Community House, write, and besides other elementary subjects they and 1 day nursery. are taught the Danish language, in which, how- /i«.^4M.A 1? T ux-xu a.TTi-x ever, few are proficient, the majority adhering to

Tj^ ^1 ^S'^'^'^oa'?' ^°i^tlJiQ^'/^ ??g^?-° their own Eskimo tongue with a few Danish w^rda

Rhode Mand, on 20 August, 1843; d. at Washing- ^^ded. There is only one church in Greenland,

^""^ ^A^'s^iS^ ^o^Tnl'^J^ ^®^^' !? °^ Wilham the Lutheran Church of Denmark, which is sup- M. and Abby (Crandall) Greene, descendants of po^ed by grants of £2000 a year from the Greenland the oripmal white setters in MasBachusetts. About go^rd of Trade and £880 from the Danish Govem- ^ w- ^^°" -^ moved West and settled at Jan^- ^jent. It has churches and schools all over the yille, Wisconsin, when he came under th^ scientific colony and at Angmagsalik, and a station has been influence of Knure KunJem, the Swedi^ botamst. established at Melville Bay. All the Greenland After senang in the Civil War m the eSd regiment Eskimos, except the Arctic Highlanders in the of Wisconsin, he graduated m arts from Albion northwest, are nominally members of the Lutheran College ind m philosophy from Jarvis College, Church. As fishing is the chief industry, the ex- Denver. Brought up a Baptist, he embraced the ^^ consist largely of fish, although cryolite figures Episcopal Church about this time and entered Its f^^^ (3,573,900 kilograms valued at 1.009,000 mimstiy in 1871, contmmng meantime his bot kronen in 1919). The total imports in 1920

fi^:u ^^ep study of the history of the collapse amounted to 3,229,000 kronen; the total exports,

of Luther 8 scheme of religion led him into the i^ jgig to 2,358,000 kronen. The entire trade of

Catholic Church on 5 February, 1885., The repu- Greenland is a government monopoly, and with the

«?J*°^u » t ^^,"*5^? }^y *^'3 botanical review exception of cryolite is in the hands of the Royal

Erythea " founded m 1883, won for him a place m Greenland Board of Trade. In 1921 King Christian

the faculty of natural science m the Univeraity of of Denmark visited Greenland in commemoration

California. In his writings Greene established indw- of the two hundredth annivereary of the landing of

putably that the real founder of modern scientific Hans Egede, the Norwegian missionary, on its coast

botany was not Lmnaeus, but the Italian Cesalpmo, jq 1721, where he founded the first colony of the

T ?o*Srt^®°®4 ..^i^^t^s by more than a century, second Scandinavian occupation in that country.

In 1887 he published his "Manual of Botany for San This was the first royal visit to Greenland.

Francisco Bay," and the first volume of his "Pit- ^ . , ^ ^^

tonia" (completed in 6 vols, in 1903). In 1894 <««noDW. Diocbsb op (Gratianapolitanbnsis;

he was made chairman of an international com- ^- ^- E.,VII-26b), in the department of I»^9»

mission for the reform of botanical nomenclature; France, suffragan of the Archdiocese of Lyons. This

in his researches he himself had discovered and ?^, ^. fi^'ed by the present Archbishop of Lyons

named more than 5000 new species. He taught ^^ Primate of Gaul, His Eminence LouisJoseph

at the Catholic University of America from 1895 Cardinal Maurin, from 1 September, 1911, until

till 1904, when he became an associate in the Smith- ms promotion 1 December, 1916. He was the

sonian Institution. Among his many other notable eiglitieth bishop of Grenoble, and the second to

writings may be mentioned: "Some West American EJ^s irom this see to the primatial see of France.

Oaks," "Flora Pranciscana," "Leaflets of Botanical §« successor was appointed m the person of Rt.

Observation," and his "Landmarks in Botanical Jev. Alexander Caillot, 22 March, 1917. Bom m

History," onlv partly completed when he died. Doyet, France, 1861, he studied at the CoUege of

Downing, in The Catholic Worlds CVI (1918), 12-34. Izeure and the upper seminary, was ordained m

1884, served as a professor in the lower seminaiy

the population has more than doubled in the last J^fnt f^^f ^,1,^ VdT^^^^^ 100 years. The afifairs of the cdlony are in the 5?^'^"' °^t^«°? V'^^ "I '"^ Grenoble proper, hancfe of the Royal Greenland Board of Trade a t\^^^ ^^ 61 firat-class parishes 630 succursa^ par- Government department, whose privileges were ^^ff *°^ ^^O vicariates formeriy supported by the defined by a royal statute 18 March, 1776, which ®^^^®*

also closed the western coast to foreign ships from Orey* Kims (cf. C. E., VII-31b). — ^The mother- latitude 60 to 73. The object was to prevent the house of the Sisters of Charity of the H6pital ruin of the natives through the introduction of General of Montreal, called Grey Nuns because infectious diseases and the importation of spirituous of the color of their attire, shelters 981 inmates, liquors and like goods. Strangers, including Danes, and is composed of the commimity, the novitiate, unless they are employed in the country, are for- a home for the indigent poor, and industrial school bidden to land without special permission from the for young girls, and a nursery for foimdlings or Danish Government, wnich is granted only to abandoned children, where hundreds of infants are applicants for scientific purposes. The country is received yearly. There are also in the city of divided into two provinces, North and South Green- Montreal nineteen charitable institutions under b.nd, each presioed over by an inspector, the one the care of the Grey Nuns, namely orphanages, for North Greenland residing at Goahavn on Disko infant schools, homes for the aged and infirm, hos- Island, and the other at Godthaab. These provinces pitals with training schools, working girls' homes, are subdivided into districts, the chief towns of and an academy for the blind. TheyTiave houses which are called kolonier, where directors reside in nine different parishes outside the city of Mon- who are at the same time the political chiefs of treal, and nine others in different parts of the the districts and trade managers. There are also United States as follows: Boston, Lawrence, Cam- district councils, which are composed of the mis- bridge, Worcester (Mass.); Nashua (N. H.); Toledo