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(Ohio) ; New Brunswick (N. Y.) ; Fort Totten Scandinavian languages as well as French, German,

(N. D.) In Northwestern Canada they have nine Latin, and Greek made him very valuable. While

houses in' Manitoba; six in Alberta; six in working as librarian he devoted his leisure hours

Saskatchewan; two in Ontario; four in North- to research work in science. He wrote an exhaus-

western Territories. These include orphanages, tive monograph on "The PYogs of the District of

hospitals with training schools, and parochial, board- Columbia" and another on "Palearctic Birds of

ing, and industrial schools. The present number Greenland." His own experience as a librarian and

of foundations under the Grey Nuns of Montreal student of the sciences enabled him to write a

is 64, with a membership of 1166 Sisters. The very valuable paper on "The Use of Museums for

Grey Nuns of Quebec, of Ottawa, of St. Hyacinthe, Popular Education," which attracted wide attention

of Nicolet, who are independent of the Montreal and had much to do with giving fresh impetus to

Institution (headquarters), have under their con- the movement^f or taking advantage of our museums

trol 141 houses with a membership of 2734 Sisters, for educational purposes. He became very much

Orey Nuns of the Cross (cf. C. E., VH-^ld).- ^^erested in the origins of modem dvilizatipn and

Since 1910 the educational and charitkble work of 11'^^^JJ^'%IK J^iToTf^S^o ^'^ J^^' ^"^- 5

the congregation has increased notably, and build- J^t^e Goths, The value of his work was recogmzed

inff snacp is not sufficipnt to accommodate the ^^ *^® scientific groups conected with the Govem-

1^!^ ^^^oi!l ^^Koi^ Q^^ ment institutions in Washington, and he himself

^^w^.^r!ffl^ft^ ^t. ,^ vp^rt ^elt the need of further education, so he devoted

receive treatment m tne nospitals, to several of u:^a^ir 4.^ ««„j,.«*^ ^ u rr • * u j. *

which are attached training schools for nurses. '"°^" J,? Sja^uate work He was just about to

In a dispensary attached to the mother-house, '^Z W„feL° n^v»«JtJ'^w^«n°'rti™"? three Sisters daily serve meals and give out bas^ £!°^K® Washington University when he died of


taught by the Sisters. The congregation is adminis- g'«J"<l'<*8 which he had inherited m his nt terll by a mother general, mother assistant, and Xt^pfWhl ui l^ »^'^PiL°v^^^^^ ^^^

three counciUore. The present Mother General fe^ Jn ni^L f 1?^^^^ ^ ^"f- *°i,-^"" ^^ is Mother St. Albert, elected in March, 1918. fc'^Jfi'!? "i^^* ? T^tTl-i' if'^l'* ^"i ^«? '^'"i* Among distinguished members deceased <>^Te: ^tZfh^^^^^J ^L^^'^^h^V^^^^'^.x.^ Mother Teresa Hagan (b. 1828; d. 1912), the first ?^&*^L^!5Ei TKr*^?*^! *^^ ^^i "f'^t'"* » postulant of the Grey Nuns at Ottawa (then By- "%' °^^ ^T-; V^^ final impulse to his con- town), professed 1847. teaching until 1869. when I'^fJtJ^L^^^^lfJlZT^ it±^\i-.R^t^^ll she was appointed Supenor institute on Rideau Street,

jubilarian; Sister St. Teresa (d. 1914). for twenty- u^ViVl i^oilj „» k • ' u "!•' * .u six years Superior of the City Orphanage in Ogdeii- „i!J*'!L'T! riww^S weakened was strength- burg, established the present hospital m that city: ^?ri„!°^ r v ***. *^« greatest consolation m Sister Mary Camper (d. 1915). educator, founded 1? ,"f°?.^ *?*u i, «* -^ result of his conversion, the d-Youville Reading Circle at Rideau Street As a form of thank-pffeniw for this benefit he wrote convent and organized the alumna; Sister Rocque L;l?='^ri,- f J? the life of one of the patron (d. 1915). principal of the French parochial schools wmts of his native countiy. St. Bridget of Sweden.

in Ottawa! Mother Demers (d. 1920), fifth Gen- ^ *fe ^^'^f^'^A f?"""^^^ *? ^,*- ?"'^81l ^^ *

oral SupeVior; Sister Stanislaus (d. 1921), Superior ?T.2!^:1 foundations in England m the pre-

of Bishop Conroy's schools in Ogdensburg, N. Y., ^^„IT^t\*^!:- t "%^"V u *^ ^^^*^^ ^

and founder of dTouville College, Buffalo, N. Y. xff it L^ f^ gr v /^^lu 8Peal«'«»K,.People.

At present there are 1112 member^ with 47 foun- JAl,^^^*?? ^?« published with some preliminary

dations. The Sisters educate young girls free of k"*^?'^^!^^^" F^f ^^^ ■^?«%'?"' '^i**'*"

charge and train them in hoiiehofd work; they *.„S^'il^j'7 i^^l^K "TtP^'-i^?^'. ni^^u'^

board young boys going to college or Brothers' E?"*!^ i? the Publications of the Wnters' Club of

«.hooto and assist tliem in many ways In the ^^^(^.U^^^wrken Ma^nu, OronHer^er in A,.

nouses of refuge and orphanages more than three- Mane, I8-25 November, 1916; Idem, Amencal Catholic Quar-

fourths are not able to defray their expenses; the teriv Review, January, 1917.

Government of Ontario gives seven or ten cents James J. Walsh.

a day for the board and clothing of the inmates, Orosseto, Diocese op (GkossBrrANENSis), in Tus-

and chantable societies lend a helpmg hand. The cany, Central Italy, suffragan of Siena. Rt.

Sisters have under their charge 9 boarding schools. Rev. Ulysses Bascherini, bom in Corvaia, Italy,

7 academies, 1 normal school, 4 industrial schools, 1344, and appointed te this see 8 July, 1907, retired

60 parochial schools, 1 bilingual model school, 9 and was transferred to the titular see of Amathonte,

hospitals, 4 homes for the aged, and 3 orphanages, g March, 1920. He was succeeded by Rt. Rev.

Ghronberger, Sven Magnus, research worker in Gustavo Matteoni, bom in Santa-Maria della

anthropology and zoology, b. at Soderkoping, Inercia, Italy, 1877, ser\'ed as vicar general of San

Sweden, 19 August, 1864; d. in Washington, 24 Miniato, and was appointed to this see 8 March,

April, 1916. He was the son of a highly cultured 1920. The 1920 statistics credit Grosseto with 30,250

family, all the members of which knew several Catholics; 26 parishes, 42 secular priests, 13 Sisters,

languages and in which French was familiarly used. 19 seminarians, and 57 churches or chapels.

He received a broad education at home, but being Orosswardein, Diocese of. See Nagt-VXrad. ambitious to get on he came to America when

about twenty. He worked for his living in a drug Gnadalajara, Archdiocese op (cf. C. E., Vn-42c;

store, but proceeded with his studies and took up Guadalaxara), in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. The

law. He felt that his vocation was in the line metropolitan has as its suffragan sees the dioceses

of scholarship and research, so he accepted a posi- of Aguas Calientes, Colima, Tepic, and Zacatecas.

tion on the library staff of the Smithsonian Insti- The present archbishop in Francisco Orozco y

tution, Washington, where his knowledge of the Jimenez, b, in Zamora 18 November, 1864, studied