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the province of Lorraine, France, on 5 February, who had been his chancellor for nine years. Bishop 1840, he came to America early in 1862, after com- Murray was bom at Waterbury in the diocese of pletmg his preparatory studies in the college of Hartford, 28 Febnmry, 1877, student at Louvain, Pont-ii-Mousson and the Grand Seminaire of Nancy, where he was ordained 14 April, 1900, and was He received minor orders from Mgr. Darboy, after- elected bishop 18 December, 1919, and consecrated wards Archbishop of Paris, and later assassinated at Hartford by Mgr. Bonzano 28 April, 1920. in the time of the Commune, and after completing Present Condition of the Diocese. — Within the his studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, limits of the State of Connecticut there are at Philadelphia, was ordained to the priesthood by present 545,147 Catholics, while the non-Catholic Bishop Wood 27 February, 1863. population is 859,924 (1921). They are ministered

On 29 September, 1918, the golden jubilee of the to by 450 priests. The number of parishes in the diocese was celebrated, and a memorial to Bishop diocese is 211; of these 157 are English-speaking Shanahan erected in the cathedral was unveiled by churches, 13 French, 6 German, 2 Hungarian, 10 the Most Rev. John Bonzano, D.D., Apostolic Italian, 6 Lithuanian, 1 Maronite, 19 Poli^, 4 Delegate. During the World War the diocese gave Slovak, 1 Slovenian. « There are also missions for foiu* chaplains and two auxiliary chaplains to the the Syrians and Chaldeans. There is a preparatory service, and the laity responded promptly to all seminary with 163 students, while 150 students are patriotic calls. making their course of philosophy and theology in

Religious in the diocese of Harrisburg include: Canada, Europe, and the United States. The reli- Men: IVanciscans, Minor Conventuals, Fathers of gious orders of men are represented by the Domin- the Holy Ghost, Redemptorists, Irish Capuchins, ican Friars at New Haven, Franciscan Friars Minor and Friars Minor; Orders of women: Sisters of at Winsted, Franciscan Conventuals at Bridgeport, Mercy, Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart Jesuits at South Norwalk, Missionaries of La Salette of Mary, Sisters of St. Joseph, of the Holy Cross, at Hartford and Danielson, Fathers of the Congre- of Charity (of Mt. St. Vincent), of C5hristian gation of St. Charles Borromeo at New Haven, Charity, of Third Order of St. Francis, of St. Fran- Vincentian Fathers at Derby and New Haven, and cis, O. M.C., Felician Sisters, O.S.F., of Sts. Cjoil the Fathers of the Holy Ghost at Darien and and Methodius, of St. Casimir, and Sisters Adorers Ridgefield. There are two seminaries of religious of the Most Precious Blood. Priests number 103 orders with 64 students.

secular and 20 regular; ecclesiastical students 37;' There are 1680 religious women in the diocese, churches with resident priests 75; missions 18; representing 24 communities. The Sisters of Mercy parish schools 48 with 12,450 pupils; orphan asylums (721 in community) conduct 2 academies, 37 3 with 297 inmates; hospital 1; academies 3 with parochial schools, 1 infant asylum, 1 orphan asylum, 243 pupils, 2 high schools with 8 teachers and and 1 home for the aged. They care for and in- attendance of 144 (51 boys, 93 girls), 2 training struct 22,900 persons. The Sisters of Charity of schools with 11 teachers and attendance of 43. All Our Lady Mother of Mercy (105 in commimit^) public institutions admit Catholic priests. Among conduct 1 hospital, 1 academy, and 4 parochial the clergy the Clerical Purgatorial Association and schools. The total number of people under their the Priests' Eucharistic League are organized, alid care is 2954. The Sisters of Charity of Emmitts- among the laity the K. of C., A. O. H., K. of St. burg (46 in community) have the care of 1 hos- Geoiige, Blessed Virgin's Sodality, Holy Name pital, 1 day nursery, and 3 parochial schools; thev Society, St. Vincent de Paul, and Altar Guilds. care for 2010 persons. The Sisters of St. Joseph

(243 in community) have charge, of 2 hospitals, 1

Hartford, Diocese of (Hartfordiensib; cf. C. E., academy, 1 school for boys, and 8 parochial schools; VI-144a) .— John J. Nilan, the seventh and present they are responsible for the care of 3700 persons. Bishop of Hartford, was bom at Newburyport, The Sisters of the Congregation de Notre Dame 1 August, 1855. lie received his early education have 1 academy in which thev train 200 pupils, in the elementary and high schools of his native The Sisters of St. Dominic conouct 1 academy and town, made his classical studies at Nicolet, Canada, 1 parochial school, having under their charge 333 and his course of philosophy and theology at St. pupils. The Little Sist^s of the Poor maintain Joseph's Seminary, Troy, New York, where he was 1 home for the aged poor, which has accommoda- ordained 21 December, 1878. He exercised the tion for 168 inmates. The Sisters of the Holy sacred ministry in several parishes of the Arch- Ghost (168 in community) conduct 2 homes for diocese of Boston, where his zeal and efficiency won working girls and 8 parochial schools. They also for him a promotion to the permanent rectorship care for the sick poor in their homes. They are of St. Josepn's Church in Amesbury. It was during responsible for the care of about 4000 people. The his pastorate in Amesbury that he was chosen to Daughters of St. Vincent de Paul conduct 1 hos- fill the vacancy in the see of Hartford. He was pital and 1 day nursery. The Sisters of the Good consecrated in the cathedral at Hartford on 28 Shepherd have charge of 1 house of correction for April, 1910, the diocese having been vacant since wa3rward girls. The Missionary Apostolic Zelatrices the death of Bishop Tiemey (5 October, 1908). Sisters of the Sacred Heart conduct 1 orphanage

Prom the very outset of his episcopal career he ^^^ 2 day nurseries, in which they care for and gave evidence of that zeal and energy which always instruct 265 children. Other religious communities characterized his work in the sacred ministry, which furnish teaching staffs for parochial schools Under his leadership and direction the diocese has in the diocese are: the Felician Sisters of St. been enriched by 1 large infant asylum, 2 academies Francis, SLsters of SS. Cyril and Methodius, Sisters for young ladies, 40 parishes, 17 parochial schools, of Divine Charity, Sisters of the Holy Family of and splendidly equipped additions to 4 hospitals. Nazareth, Sisters of the Holy Cross and of the He established a Diocesan Bureau of Social Service, Seven Dolors, Sisters of the Assumption, Schools with headquarters in Hartford and branches in Sisters of Notre Dame, Polish Sisters of St. Joseph, several of the large industrial centers, and he has Sisters of the Resurrection, and Sisters of St. infused new life and vigor into the Holy Name Francis.

and St. Vincent de Paul Societies. He applied for Hartmann, Felix von. Cardinal, b. in Westphalia an auxiliary in 1919 and received Rt. Rev. John 15 December; d. at Cologne on 11 November, 1919; Gregory Murray, D.D., titular Bishop of Flavias, he was ordained priest in 1874, and then became