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^aca (or Xaga), DiocSsb of (Jaocbnsib: cf. C. £^ 1903, named superior of the Jamaica mission in

Vin-260a), in the province of Huesca, Spain, suf- 1916, and appointed titular Bishop of Mazi-

fragan of Saragossa. Rt. Rev. Emmanuel de Castro mianopolis, 2 September, 1919, and vicar apostolic

y Alonso, appointed to this see 28 October, 1913, 18 September following. On 5 February, 1912, the

was transfeired to Segovia, 9 July, 1920. He was new cathedral, built to replace the old one, which

succeeded by Rt. Rev. Francisco Frutos y Valiente, had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1907, was

canon and chaplain major of the king at the dedicated, and is considered the finest cathedral in

cathedral of Toledo, appointed 21 September, 1920. the West Indies. Five years later St. Joseph's Sani-

The diocese embraces a territory of about 1081 sg. torium was opened. During the World War none

miles and by 1920 statistics comprises a Catholic of the clergy from the island went abroad, but a

population of 71,069, 8 archpresbyteries, 261 par- number served as chaplains for the militaiy stations

ishes, 100 fiHal parishes, 1206 priests, 137 chapels and internment camp at home. About 600 of

and 9 convents with 82 nuns and 60 Sisters. the faithful saw service abroad and many won

-. - _^ ,^ r r^ "n distinctions for their braveiy.

Trix^.n.P'^^^^?,. ^ (GiBNNBNSis; cf. C. E., During recent years the mission has lost three

Vra-267b), m the pro^ce of Mdaluga, Spam, ^ble clergymen by the deaths of Rev. John Harper,

miffragan of Granada. Rt. Rev. John Emmanuel g j^ superior of the mission and distinguished

?^*7JhST' ^^iS??^^*^ *^ ^^^u^^i^' for the establishment of many sodalities and church

1909, died 22 June,i919, and was succeeded by Rt. oiganifsations; Rev. Maurice E. Frendergast, S.J.,

a victim of zeal and charity during the influenza epidemic; Rev. John A. Pfister, S.J., director of

^^^^^ ^ 41.^ ri.4.k<>^««i ^t iu(<.A^A ;•» loftc -rx- public pageants and musical activities, and noted

^^""Li^-^K® Cathedral of Madrid m 1905 ap- f ^ ^^ ^^ The vicariate counts

Domted BMhop of Lugo, 4 September, 1909, trans- ^y^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ Catholics (colored), and about

i^"!i}l?!5^??^!' }S}^L. ^h.^?^. ^^^1?J5?? 200 of other nationahties. Latest statkics credit

aL ivltiaKcTTiH-i narXaT^^^ Mcrcy, 11 Domim'cans and 36 Franciscans, 1 hi«h

i«V^^^?ifnf^lfhT7 tSliJ^^ school With 8 teacheis and 214 pupils, 2 a^demfes

and 33 convents with 67 rehgious and 659 Sisters. ^^^ jg ^^^j^^^ ^^ gl boys and 299 j^irls, 1 normal



Ceyloi niary,

T 1 *

20 jSly! 189^*di2d,Tnd'^i^'SS^^'S[by R^^^ charitable institutions iiclude Thome for §irls in

Jules Andr6 Brault, O. M. I., who was consecrated ^^^ P^ Sisters of Mercy, 1 sanitonum under the

16 February, 1920. The diocese comprises a Catho- ^X"^>S?i Sisters, and 1 refuge for girls m chwge

lie population of 61,750 Tamils, and by latest statis- ^ ^^^ Swters of Mercy. The public pnson, alms

tics there are: 26 missions, 236 stations, 2 convents ^i^uses, hospital^ insane a^lums, and military

for men and 3 for women, 6 secular and 48 regular stations permit the pnests to minister m them,

clergy, 3 Brothers of the Oblates of Mary Immacu- ^p^ the two mdustnal schools and thirty-one of the

late, 36 Brothers of St. Joseph, 14 European and ^®°^®ii**^. ^^^^ ^re aided by the Government.

66 native Sisters, 1 seminary with 21 seminarians, The St. ^ncent de Paul Society, a Cathphc club

1 college for boys with 36 professors and 700 stu- ^^^ ^he Kmghts of St^ John are orMiized, and

dents, 1 college for girls with 12 teachci j and 360 * penodical, "Cathohc Opimon," is published,

students; 7 high schools with 43 teachers and an at- ^ Japan (cf. C. E., VIII-297a), consists of six large

tendance of 862 b - p tr ining schools with 9 islands, Honshiu or Hondo, Kiusiu, Shikoku, Hok-

teachers and 33 pupils, 126 elementaiy schools with kaido (Yezo). Taiwan or Formosa, the southern

338 teachers and 8400 pupils, 3 industrial schools part of Karafuto, Corea (Chosen), and about six

with 10 teachers and 122 pupils. There are 4 Gov- hundred small islands. The total area amounts to

emment hospitals in wmch the priests are per- 260,738 sq. miles. According to the census of 1920

mitted to mmister and all the scnools are aided the population of Japan is 77,006^70, apportioned

by the Government. A Catholic club is organized as follows: Japan, 66,961,100; CJorea, 17,284,207;

among the laity and two periodicals, "The Jaffna Formosa, 3,654,398. For the first time in 1920

Catholic Guardian" and the '^Lattica Veda Padu Japan's census-taking was carried out according to

Kavalan" are published. the Occidental method, the renewal to be made

_. , ,_ ^ every ten years. More than 10 per cent of the

Jamaica, VicmATB Apostolic op (jAMAiCiE; cf. population live in towns containing 100,000 or over.

^A^ . . ?"^^^^» *^ ^^^^^ of the West Indies, The density is about 392 to the sq. mile, except in

and British colony. The vicariate is entrusted to Hokkaido, where it is 65 to the sq. mile. The

the Jesuits, and has its official residence at King- number of Japanese resident abroad in 1918 was

ston, Winchester Park. It was administered by Rt. 447,706; in China 169,677; in the United States

Rev. John Colhns, S.J., titular Bishop of 108,216; in Hawaii and the Philippines 109,462: in

Antiphellos, from 9 March, 1906, when he was Europe 1243. The number of foreigners resident

appointed vicar apostolic until he retired in 1919. He in Japan was 20,793; Chinese 13,793 : English 2388:

was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Wm. F. CHare, S.J., Amencans 1770; Germans 660; Ftench466; Russians

bom in South Boston, U. S. A., 1870, ordained in 468; Portuguese 222; Dutch 108.