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Two other foundations were made at the same lawyer and statesman, b. at L*Assomption, Quebt^,

time at Rumford, Maine, and St. Malachie, Canada, on 15 January, 1836: d. at Quebec in May, 1920;

In 1918 Ste. Chretienne Academy was foimded at son of Amable ana Caroline (Gauffreau) Jett6.

Loring Villa, Salem, where a number of girls attend He was called to the bar in 1857, and at the same

the grammar school and the different departments time was engaged in journalism, becoming the

of the high school. editor of "L'Ordre." In 1862 he married Mile.

The vows are made annually for six years, after Berthe Laflamme (their son, Father Jules Jett^, a which perpetual vows are taken, according to the noted mathematician, who has been a Jesuit mis- revised Code of Canon Law, which effects other sionary in Alaska since 1898, is a well-known changes in the government of the institute. Dur- authority in the language and folk-lore of the ing the World War the Sisters in Europe cared T6na Esquimaux of Cfentral Alaska). Louis Jett6 for the wounded in the hospitals or in their con- represented East Montreal in the Dominion Parlia- vents turned into hospitals. Many of them were ment in 1872 and 1874, and four years later was received in the Legion of Honor and were awarded appointed professor of civil law in Laval University medals by the French and foreign governments, and puisne judge for Quebec, resigning the latter The works of the institute are the direction of position to become lieutenant-governor of the prov- elementary and high schools, academies, industrial mce from 1898 till 1908. In the former year he schools, orphanages, hospitals. was made a commander of the Ligion ^hormeur,

In the United States and Canada about 100 Sis- and in 1903 was a member of the Alaskan Boundary

ters have charge of 9 schools in the Archdiocese of Commission, and from 1909 to 1911 he was chief

Boston and the Dioceses of Portland, Providence, justice of the province of Quebec,

and in Canada, with a total attendance of 3200. „^„y^ Prepbctuhb Apootouc of (DRDjiBOTm).in

Jesns BCary, Religious of (cf. C. E., VIII-385c). French Somaliland, South Africa. Somaliland has

— In 1860 the first school of the Sisters of Jesus been a mission since 1894, but the missionaries being

Mary, from Lyons, was opened at Ipswich, Eng- expelled from their original stations, took refuge in

land. The seeds of faith there sown rapidly bore Jibuti, and this was erected into a prefecture apo^

fruit, and soon another house was opened at Willes- tolic 28 April, 1914. It comprises all the territory of

den, London. From these two houses branched French Somaliland and is entrusted to the French

off a number of flourishing schools on English soil. Capuchins. The present prefect apostolic is Rev.

and one in Ireland. The schools at Ipswich, Willea- Pascal de Luchon Lombard, O. M. Cap., bom in

den, and Thornton College are amliated to the Luchon, France, 1874, ordained in 1900, joined the

Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. In 1842 mission of Somaliland in 1908 and was appointed pre-

Lyons sent a colony to India, where twelve houses feet apostolic 27 April, 1914. The territory counts only

now exist. The most important are at Simla, now 62 Somali Cathohcs and 352 Europeans. By latest

seat of the provincialate, at Agra, Bombay, Poona. statistics there are 3 churches, 3 missions, 3 mission

Lahore, Mussoori. The St. Bede Training School stations, 6 regular clergy, 1 lay brother, 5 elemen-

is at Simla, and also a high school, both attended tary schools with 6 teachers and 220 pupils, and

by over 100 students. In 1850 the first house of 3 homes. One public institution permits the priests

the Spanish province was opened at San Andre, to minister in it and the Catholic schools and insti-

a suburb of Barcelona. To-day the provincial house tutions are assisted by the Government,

is that of San Gervasio, having under its control t^jj- -.f a-^ Q.Titfm e^f n t? vttt_.4i\qj\ ««t»^

the houses of Barcelona, Valencia, Tarragona, and z^^^J'lf^J'MM^m

othera. In 1913 the Spamsh province sent a cilony J'^. ^^ ^S^'Sri?,^ ^ ^® ^^^' ^^' ^^"^ ^"^ "

to Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. This was ^®P^ ®^ ^ ^^y-

thb second colony from Spain, the first having been Jogaes, Isaac (cf. C. E., yin-420b).— The cause

sent to Mexico and Yucatan, which now form the of his beatification was introduced at Rome 9

Mexican province. A school is still open in Cuba August, 1916.

where the Sisters found a refuge in 1914 when TAHaffA TVr^r«»,» ^«. /T,..»i. ^ n w*-

fleeing from the persecutions of tie Mexican Con- ^f^^^ ^J^-^ (Jo^n^^s^ cf.^C.^ E

Berthier, and Montcalm, and five parishes of TiA *: — i-i — J... :_ ^u- ! — -* Quebec.


its control. Sillery has a large boarding school, rrilTTj^X -.^^""^tS'a'kJ"' ^a '?™— ™**' -^

and wiU open, in the near future, a residence foil ^5"? LvSf^^"^^.^! ' *?f" °°'„'^5

ladiesi similar to that in New York. The houses rtSL'T^h.-^. ?>l°^.,1^'^n^ "'^"^'S?

in the United States are at FaU River, Mass.. Man- S.„*?S^„S*5f*'??L "^.L ^t T^^ ^'^tu S^ ^

Chester and Goffstown, N. H, Wooniocket. R. I, wTrJ^lf 'il?.,???^* *K^5«"^ 1l ^^ ^'^

Providence, R. I. and Jfew Yo^k, N. Y. The estebl ^ fhl M^i ' Tv- '^ i£j^*^*"' Congregation

lishments in New York are a scl^ool in Kingsbridge, „iT„.!J^? *T*«^'Tf % *i" "f""' ^°"*^'

Bronx, and a house on 14th Street caUid "Ou; ^^JJ^^^l^PJ^^^-^'i^,^^ ?J- ,^°S '*"" °"5"«*

Lady of Peace," which is a residence where 190 m ™ iSS°{^^ if °- ^^^ ?**'?, m*^T ®."°*

ladies in the literaiy profession can find every ??°tui^^»^p'fU^°*'*'*'".^°I °"-'l-^**°'?*X°

comfort and convenience. The latter was founded w«„ !,f fkl «?l!f?^l* ?™T*«5*^'^H°^ "o^f

by nuns from Rome in 1902. In 1911 a novitiate ^5^,^°^^*'^ ^' ^'^^-^ °U*- Vincent de Paul,

and boarding school were opened at Highland Mills, ?"£ *^ Temperance Society. There are 6 yicanates-

Orange CO..X Y. The coiJgregation now has about if!*?*' ^2. *}*«>" fnons assisting the bishop, 104

1400 members at work in the different institutions ^"'" ""** ^^ '"^8"'" ^^^'^' ^^ rel'gwus men and

scattered over Europe, Asia, and North and South ^t^f*""!*"- • _i-* *• / -.v «• •

America. More than 15,000 students receive in- The religious institutions of men are : the

struction in their schools. The mother-house is ^( ^\5?**'^/x"%'*'"l* °* Joliette and luniorate

at Rome transferred the,, from Lyons in 1901. ^ro^^^Tc^k^nZZjio^^f^foth^^'^i

Jette, Sm Loins Amable, K.C.M.G., Canadian St. Gabriel; of women: Sisters of Charity of Provi-