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and comprised the two provinces of Kiang-su in The Cathohc population of the diocese are all of the east and Ngan-hoei in the west, with 120 sub- Polish origin, except a few French, Germans, and prefectures, 60 in each province, grouped in 8 Russians, not exceeding 3000 in number. During intendanci^ of which 5 were in Kiangnsu and 3 in the World War the bishop and priests of the dio- Ngan-hoei. There were laboring in the mission cese zealously promoted charitable works to reUeve 208 Jesuits, including 153 priests, of whom 19 were the great suffering brought on the whole of Poland natives, 13 scholastics, of whom 7 were natives, by the war. Some of the clergy were harassed by the and 41 lay brothers, of whom 23 were natives. The enemy and others deported to Russia. Here within secular priests numbered 61, and there were 35 recent years many religious congregations have students at the theological seminary, 27 at the been established in the diocese, notably the Sales- preparatory seminary, and 92 students in prepara- ians, heretofore banned by the Russian government, tory courses at the college of Zi-ka-wei. Religious Many associations of Catholics have been formed, congregations included 43 Little Brothers of Mary, especially for young people and the working classes, of whom 3 were natives; 21 Carmelite Nuns, of These are: Association of Laborers, Young Men's whom 17 were nativqs; 134 Helpers of the Holy Association, Club of Organists, Club of Firemen. Souls, of whom 64 were natives, 37 IVanciscan Association of Catholic Women, Association of Missionaries of Mary, of whom 1 was native; 71 Chiistian Mothers, Sodality of the Blessed Virgin, Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul, of whom 42 were Society of Servants, and others. Among the clergy natives; 27 Little Sisters of the Poor, of whom 7 four great associations have been formed: Associa- were natives, and 237 Presentandines, all of whom tion of Mutual Succor of the Priests of the Diocese were natives. The Presentandines occupied 38 posts of Kielce, Union of the Diocesan Clergy, "Praca" in Kiang-su and 51 in Ngan-hoei, a total of 89. (Labor), Homiletic Association. Two diocesan There were 279 catechists, 675 men teachers, 846 printing presses have been founded, and the popular women teachers, and about 910 native Virgins, who daily, "Ojczyzna" (Fatherland), and monthly aided the missionaries. periodical "Przeglad djecezalny" (Diocese Review)

Li the year 1920-21 there were in Kiang-su 769 are published on Catholic principles. A large book- Christian communities; 195,863 Catholics, 27,087 shop is distributing Catholic books and newspapers catechumens, 5220 baptisms of adults, 45,944 bap- among the people. Recently deceased clergy of note tisms of children, 7811 confirmations, 116,716 annual are: Fr. Sa wield, director of the diocesan seminary, confessions, 113,854 annual communions, 929,042 and Frs. Michael Staweta and Casimir Bochnis, confessions of devotion, 2,143,837 communions of professors, who for their faith and country were devotion, 2703 who received Extreme Unction, 1857 exiled to Siberia by the Russian government in marriages, 225 schools for boys with 9387 Catholic 1893; Fr. Lucian Maciejski, canon of the cathedral and 4612 pagan pupils, 524 schools for girls with chapter, who during the Russo-Japanese War 8538 Catholic and 2172 pagan pupils, 458 men (1904-5) exercised great zeal in the care of sQuls teachers, and 722 women teachers. Tnere are 18,000 in the Russian army and during the World War Catholics in the city of Shanghai, of whom 10(X) are (1914-18) assiduously cared for the great number Europeans and Americans. The hospice in Shanghai, of refugees in Petrograd, especially the children, called the Pou yen dang, is not dependent on the Eustachius Dobiecki, a member of the Imperial missions, but is supported by donations and alms Council of Petrograd and a layman of the Diocese of Chinese Christians and pagans, especially the of Kielce, also died recently. The diocese, divided latter. The director is a Catnolic and he has asked into 25 deaneries, has (1921): 1,169,220 Catholics, the Sisters of Charity to take charge of the hospice a few Orthodox, 3560 Protestants, and 103,759 Jews; and has erected a chapel there, where many bap- 258 parish churches, 21 other churches, and 141 tisms have taken place. This hospice has at least chapels; 325 secular clergy, 8 Franciscan Reformat], 1500 boarders, with all kinds of illnesses and infirm- 6 Salesians, 2 monasteries, 1 convent of Norbertines ities. A priest says daily Mass and administers with 12 nuns, 10 establishments of the Sisters of the sacraments. In 1920 the director of the hospice. Charity with 47 Sisters, 1 emerit-house for aged and Mr. Dohpahong, was made a Knight of St. Gregory retired priests, 65 hospitals and orphan asylums, 26 the Great by Benedict XV for his devotion to the homes, 1 settlement house, 6 grammar and other Church and Catholic works. schools, 1 industrial school with 5 teachers and 60

pupils. All the schools are supported by the gov-

Eielce, Diocbsb op (Kielcbnsis; cf. C. E., VIII- emment, and Christian institutions permit the 636b), suffra^n of Warsaw, Poland. After the ministry of priests and admit Catholic visitors, death of Bishop Kulinski, in 1907, the see was ir4«n_i»iia«ir VT.,*«T.m« A«^om«,T., ^« /^ r« i? vacant until 1910, when the present bishop, Augus- y^S??*^^^?^ ?S ^a^'Ti?'^ -"^ ^'^' ^ v" tin Losinski, was appointed The dioceian semi- S^^"^*U Tk^^?*' "^1 ^^^? ^H V""^ apostolic nary, which had beei closed in 1893 and four of J^f '^^..^-^f^^^^^ the professors deported to Siberia, was reopened *^® Vicanate Apostolic of Kien:<ihang remained

in 1^7 and now (1921) has 12 professors and 104 ^^^^^t "°^l^ T?nnS'hT«°^^^

ar>*y^;no*;a•«o T\^^\.^^iTt^'^, «*«<» .v^^^a !«.*<,»« art/i Kcv. Joscpn xSourgam, D. 1872, ordamea 1896, con-

S^S^^nZ;nHl«- h^?h7.^inT^ „^^ h,,?M secratcd titular BMop of Arihelais 3 November, more commodious by the erection of new build- io,« rrn «, ^^«,ll„♦:r^« «^ ♦v^ «r:^«^»4.^ :« nnrmnnn

ings between 1912 and 1921. About 20 new churches l?^Ln3^ 7^^^~ rSfSol?^^ Twt «^ ?^^ have also been erected in the diocese; the largest °^ whom 7^ are Catholics, There are 13 Euro- church in the diocese is to be Holy doss ChiSch. JSf^^^f, P"^' * ^^^^^ P"^' ^^ °*^^^^^ *°^ begun in 1904 and not yet (1922) completed. «'^*P®'s. Kielce contains the old monastery church of Ei-han-fa, Vicariate Apostolic of. See Ej-an.

Karczowka, formerly belonging to the Benedictine KikuyiL See Anglicanism.

Order. There are 2 hospitals m charge of the Sis- ^ ^ ^^yM^^^^ *oi«.

ters of Charity, one for children and the other the Kildare and Leighlin, Diocesb op (Kildarensis

town hospital .of St. Alejcander, founded in 1745 by bt Lbighunbnsis; cf. C. E., VIII-637c), suffragan

Cardinal John Alexis Lipski, Biediiop of Cracow, of Dublin, Ireland. The present bishop is Most

Bartoss Gtowacki, the famous leader of the peasants Rev. Patrick Foley, consecrated 1896. Religious

under Thaddeus Kosciuszko, died in this nospital orders in the diocese are the Jesuits, Dominicans,

and is buried in the cemetery near the cathedral. Carmelites^ Oblatea of Mary Immaculate, Christian