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apostolic, Nan-chang-fu, Nan-kang-fu, Jui-chow-fu, "The Supreme Board of Directors of the Knights Lin-kiang-fu, and Yuan-chow-fu, with approxi- of Columbus, at a regular meeting, held the 14th mately 9,000,000 inhabitants and an area of 24,040 day of April, 1917, m the City of Washington, square miles. In spite of persecutions and mis- realizing tnat the crisis confronting our coimtry fortunes the number of Catholics in the vicariate calls for the active co-operation and patriotic seal had steadily increased since 1885, the date of its of every true citizen, hereby reaffirms the devotion foundation, as follows: 3211 Catholics and 744 of 400,000 members of the Order in this country catechumens in 1885; 5382 and 4098 in 1900; 15,063 to our Republic and its laws, and pledges their and 7972 in 1910; 31,927 and 13,066 in 1921. By continued and unconditional support to the Preai- the Apostolic Letter, "DivinaB Sponsiones," of 25 dent and the Congress of the Nation, in their August, 1920, Pope Benedict XV established in determination to protect its honor and 'its ideals Kiang-si the new Vicariate Apostolic of Kan-chow, of humanity and neht." In keeping with the spirit formed from two-thirds of the former Vicariate of of this resolution the Knights of Columbus offered Southern Kiang-si, and confided it to the Lazarists the services of the Order as a unit to the Govem- of the Eastern Province of the United States. To ment in war work. An appeal was issued to the the former Vicariate of Southern Kiang-si, thence- public for $1,000,000 for this purpose, and an assesB- forth known as the Vicariate Apostolic of Ki-ngan, ment of $2.00 per capita levied against its mem- the Holy Father attached the territory of the bership. In time the war fund in response to this two civil prefectures of Lin-kiang-fu and Yuan- appeal far exceeded the expectations of the Knights^ chow-fu, detached from Northern Kiang-si, which amounting in the end to something over $14,000,000. was thenceforth called Kiu-kiang. Thus dimin- Later on the Knights of Columbus participated ished, the new Vicariate Apostolic of Kiu-kiang in the fund from the general "drive" made jointly comprises (1921) 17,553 square miles and a popula- by the seven officially recognized welfare organiza- tion of approximately 6,000,000. Having ceded to tions doing war work, its share, out of $170,000,000, the Vicariate Apostolic of Ki-ngan 3331 Catholics being $30,000,000, which in turn was shared with the and 1400 catechumens, it had remaining (1921) National Catholic War Council. The first task 28,596 Catholics and 11,666 catechumens. There was the establishment of a Knights of Columbus are 14 European priests and 14 Chinese priests, service in the United States and its in^ar posses- 25 Daughters of Charity, and a diocesan congre- sions. Secretaries and chaplains were placed in all

fition of Chinese Sisters, founded in 1907 by Mgr. the camps and cantonments ; buildings were erected errant, under the name of Virgins of Our Lady and community centers were estabnished. In all of Good Counsel, and comprising 25 members with 260 buildings were erected, 1134 secretaries were 4 houses. A large hospital has been erected at placed, and 309 camps were operated. Headquar- Nan-chang, the care of the sick being inaugurated ters were established in Paris K)r the Order's over- there in February, 1921, by four I)aughter8 of seas activities, with branches in London covering Charity and a French doctor. A college, confided the British Isles, and after the Armistice in Cob- to the Marist Brothers, is also to be built at lenz, for the Army of Occupation. The number Nan-chang, and a central seminary of philosophy of secretaries sent overseas was 1075; 36 chaplains and theology for the four vicariates of Kiang-si and 126 clubs were established in camps along the will be erected at Kiu-kiang. The present vicar front, and among the various military divisions. apostolic is Rt. Rev. Louis-Elisee Fatiguet, CM., The work of the Knights at home and overseas b. 1855, ordained 1881, consecrated titular Bishop won the highest encomiums from both soldiers, of Aspendus 11 Jime, 1911, appointed Vicar Apos- commanding officers, and Governments themselves, tolic of Northern Kiang-si *in 1911 and of Kiu- Its motto "Everybody Welcome, Everything PVee,** kiang in 1920. He succeeded Mgr. Ferrant, who was exemplified in every respect. After peace was died 5 November, 1910. The Catnolic population effected, the Knights immediately devoted their of the vicariate is all Chinese except 14 Euro- energies and their resources to reconstruction work, peans in the port of Kiu-kian^. Two missionaries Emplovment bureaus to the number of 254 were were mobilized in France durm^ the World War opened, and in the first twelve months 300,000 and one of them decorated with the crotx de service men were placed in emplo3rment, 498 guerre. scholarships in colleges were given to service men.

The vicariate comprises (1921) 22 parishes; 17 150,000 service men and 1100 service women were churches; 142 chapels; 31 missions; 481 Christian enrolled in 48 schools then established for that communities: 21 Daughters of Charity with 3 con- purpose. By August, 1920, there were 150 Knights vents; 25 Cninese Virgins of Our Lady of Good of Columbus Schools in operation with an at- Counsel with 4 convents; 9 secular priests; 19 tendance of 500,000 pupils. The Knights have regular priests; 1 seminary with 7 philosophy and devoted the $7,000,000 of their war fund to this theology students and 27 in preparatory courses; educational work which, like the employment work, 1 college for boys with 2 teachers and 14 pupils; is absolutely free to all former service men.

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catechumens; 2 crgches with 40 children; 3 indus- ^^ "^ of. Holy Savior of Leber and canon trial «hooy with 270 girk; 6 a«ociations and C?^^im \hT"AZariS^Scio5?^lSci confratenutiea among the laity. ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ the. titular sees. No statisti^ are

Knights of Oolnmbiu Is Peace and War (cf. C. '^"^ published for it, E., VIII-670d).— When the United Stateo of Amer- KnSpfler, Alois, Church historian, b. at Schom- ioa declared war against Germany in April, 1917, burg, Witrtemberg, on 29 August, 1847; d. in July, the Knights of Columbus, through their Supreme 1920. He studied at Tiibingen and was ordained in Board of Directors, passed the following resolution: 1874, and devoted himself thereafter to the cause