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Universit7 buildings were destroyed— the Ecole less occupied with purely Catholic interests, his

commerciale et coasulaire, the ancient and world political activities lessened. His wife died in 1899.

famous library— which according to the Hague Con- In 1907 he joined the Dominicans at Venlos in

vention was mviolable — and the administration of- Holland, and was ordained on 8 December, 1908,

fices situated in Les Halles. The conflagration being thereafter known as Father Raymundus. At

destroyed 300,000 volumes, a thousand incunabula, his funeral held in the chapel of the castle of Elein-

andhimdredsof manuscripts, as also the University's heubach the ofliciating priest was a convert, a

title of nobility and its charter of foundation, dating former army captain, one of the princes of the

from 1425. On 27 August the faculty and students Protestant branch of the family, the Lowenstein-

were dispersed. Classes were not resumed until Wertheim-Freudenbergs.

21 January, 1919. when Mgr. Ladeuse, rector j,^ j University, in Chicago Illinois, con- magn%ficv8, dehvered the openmg discourse m the j.*v-, u • It t •* t. Tu *^'"V^°' uunoi^con- auditoriuii of the College du Tope Adrian IV. S?*1^ ^^ *^ «**'"*/**^*7',?JK**"i^*'^^^ MeanwhUe the interest anil fympatfcr of the Intel- St. Ignatius College, founded 1869. In June, 1921, lectual world had been arovied in behalf of the the golden jubilee of the university was celebrated. University and a movement was set on foot in Ounng half a century it had grown from a strug- Europe wid America to assist in the work of re- ^^ ^8^ school with two classes and ninel^r-nme storing the library. In the Peace Treaty it was students to a umyersity with ax departments and providfed that Germany should repair to the fuU more than two thousand emoUed m over fifty the damage done to the University, which benefited ««^ , The growth smce 1906 has been phe- further by being -the recipient o/ a share of the Tf^'^- The last fifteen years have beai marked 150,000.000 frand distributed among the four Bel- °y the mirchase of a splendid site on Lake Michi- gan universities by the American Committee of ^ ""3°?^ Park, the erection of Loyola Acad- Relief at the conclusion of its activities. On 2 emy.and the Cudahy Engmeermg Building, the

August, 1921, the cornerstone of the new" Ubrary °W8 *»^ the departmente of law^ medicine, en- waJlaid in the presence of the King and Queen, ff^^^'J^ ^'°}^' "^.,^^,^«^*^°^ ?^ '

Surtib!e"stone""'S; t^^ncrof"l92i about"60o'o00 The Department of Arts and Sciences, at Blue

vdumes had been received, about half by gift, knd J^f^^ tlf^^*^^ ^°°f'\f*' ^°*5 " -^t ^^^

the other half by German reparation. The number ^.the university. For half a century it has .fur-

of students enrolled in 1920-21 was 3248, divided S?l4 to, ^J^^"'. ^<^«h engmeer^ and pnesta

as foUows: theology 67, law 478, political and social ^...^fe!'?i,!l"?**'?St ^a*^^ f- ^""^^TV^ ^T

sciences 22, schoofof ^mmerc4 218, medicine 845. ^HS^^v^""^,*^? postgraduate studies. The locality

philosophy and letters 357, Thomistic philosophy 68, J?,-!^^^. ±f situated has become the city's

science 477, special cours^ 444, Ecole de Biiulserie ,9^^^!^J^^J'*' P'T foutemplate movmg

10, preparatohr institute 40. The University has rl.5.*?"^*,*S.*?,H,°^*'»« ^^ ^"S* »* ^^°"

amounced its intention of admitting women to the Avenue and Shendan Road as soon m the necessary

full course of studies. JP<^ "? available. At present the coUege has

about 160 students, and there are about 6000 alumm

Low Chnxeb. See Anoucanism; Book op Com- ™ °' ue»r Chicago. The dean of this department

MON Pbatkb: RrauALiSTS. ^ Kev. Geo. P. Shanley, S.J. Total registration

(1921) 1825

Mwenstein-Wertlielm-Eoseiiberg, Prince K^rl The Department of Law, established in Septem-

H. VON, statesman and Dominican, b. on 31 May, ber, 1908, was due to the persevering energy of

1834, a,t the Castle of Haid, Bohemia; d. in the Mr. Patrick H. OTDonnell, who hacf urged the

Dominican convent at Cologne on 16 November, opening of a law school for several years, and had

1921. His mother was Princess Agnes of Hohenlohe- actively interested himself in securing a represen-

Langenburg, and his father the head of the junior tative faculty. With the co-operation of Rev.

branch of the Lowenstein family, with its chief Francis Cassilly, then vice-president of St. Ignatius

German residence at Kleinheubach, the elder College, the project was launched in the fall of

branch being Protestant. He married Princess 1908 m the Ashland Block under the name of "The

Adelheid of Isenburg in 1869, who died two years Lincoln College of Law." This name was subse-

later, and later (1863) took as wife Princess Sophie quently changed to "The Loyola Law School." For

of Liechtenstein. Two of his daughters became tnirteen years it has maintained a night school,

religious, Franziska de Paula joining the Sisters of with a four-vear course leading to the degree of

St. Francis at Aachen, and Agnes entering the LLS., and the present year marks the opening of

Benedictine convent in the Isle of Wight; a third a three-year day course with a prerequisite of two

daughter became Princess Miguel of Braganza. years of college work. The dean of the law school

Prince Lowenstein was a Knignt of the Golden is Mr. Arnold McMahon, and the faculty regent

Fleece, and a hereditary member of the Bavarian Rev. Frederick Siedenburg, S.J. Total regiSxu-

Parliament and of the Upper House in Wiirtem- tion (IS^l) 155.

burg, Baden, and Hesse. He was a leader in the The Department of Medicine represents the

most intensely Catholic element in Germany, and fusion of no less than four pre-existing medical

was active in social reform. He was the founder schools, the Illinois Medical College, the Bennet,

and president of the Anti-duelling League. For Reliance, and Chicago Colleges of Medicine. These

years he had been in charge of the committee pro- schools were for the most part what are known as

moting Catholic congresses; he was Windthorst's "proprietary schools," and the long and difficult

chief associate in forming the Center Party, and ta^ of raising them to a standard which complied

fought Bismarck energetically during the Kultur- with the exacting Class A requirements of the

kampf . When Bishop Blum of Limburg was exiled American Medical Association is a storv of splendid

in 1876 for refusing to obey the anti-Catholic legis- achievement in medical education. Tne credit for

lation, Prince Lowenstein invited him to his castle this sucoessful accomplishment is due in large

at Haid in Bohemia, and kept him there during his measure to the faculty regent of the department,

seven years' exile. When the Center Party became Rev. Patrick J. McMahon, S. J., the dean, Doctor