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Catholic population of the diocese numbers 76^70, Bishop of Amatha 1917, and administrator apostolic

and by 1920 statistics there are 18 parishes, 187 of Jaen, transferred to the see of Lugo 18 Decem-

secular and 20 regular clergy, 40 seminarians, 12 ber, 1919.

Brothers, 40 Sisters, and 110 churches or chapels. The seminary at Lugo was foimded in 1501, and

By a Decree of 1908 the diocese was imited to that the present building was erected by Rt. Rev.

of Troia, and a Decree of 4 March, 1914, gave to Gregorio Mario Aguirre, then Bidiop of Lugo,

it the territory of Roseto Valforte, while another afterwards Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo. The

Decree of 23 February, 1916, gave it another parish, cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

Luck and Zytomlerz, Diocesb op (Lucboribnbis By present (IflGl) statistics the inhabitants of

MTT Zttomerdsnsib; cf. C. E, IX-463d), in the t^ ^o<^^ ^"mber 392,500; there are 950 priestiL

Russian provinces of Volh>Tiia and Kiev (part of 635 pansh^, 452 missions, 6 rebgious orders of

Volhynia is now in the new republic of Poland), ^^^' ^ cloistered orders of women, and 6 other

8u£fragan of Mohileff. It is a diocese of. both the orders of women.

Latin and Ruthenian Rites, but for the latter rite IiUgoJ (or Luoos), Diocesb of (Luoosienbis

it is a suffragan of Lwow. ' From 1866 until 24 June, Rumbnobum; cf. C. E., IX-419b), a diocese of

1918, the Bishop of this see also administered the Greek Rumanian Rite, in Rumania, suffragan of

diocese of Kamenetz-Podolski. The Latin see is Fogaras. The see is filled by Rt. Rev. Valerius

filled by Rt. Rev. Ignatz Dubowski, born in the Trajan Frentiu, bom in this diocese in 1875, named

diocese in 1874, ordained in 1899, made an honorary vicar forain, and appointed bishop 14 December,

canon of Mohileff, pastor and vice rector of the 1912, succeeding Bishop Hosszu, transferred to

cathedral of Zytomierz, named an honorary cham- Gherla 15 December, 1911. On 12-13 August, 1920,

berlain in 1910 and again in 1914, appointed bishop a diocesan synod was held and the following sub-

16 October, 1916, to succeed Rt. Rev. Charles An- jects were brought up for discussion: a diocesan

thony Niedzialkowski, died 7 April, 1911. The seminary, diocesan boarding houses in connection

bishop is usually assisted by three auxiliaries resid- with the seconds^ schools, a diocesan normal

ing at Luck, Zytomierz, and Kiev, but at present school for young girls, the recruiting of priests,

there is only one, Rt. Rev. Michel Godlewski, titular the association of priests adorers, singing schools.

Bishop of iEffea, who resides at Luck. The 1920 associations for women, etc. By 1920 statistics the

statistics credit Zytomierz with 8 deaneries, 76 diocese comprises 5 deaneries and 1 vicariate forain,

parishes, and 242,917 Catholics, while Luck has 10 divided into 15 archpresb3rteries and 174 parities,

deaneries, 92 parishes, 1 collegiate chapter at Olyka, of which three are outside of the newly established

the provost of which is mitred, and 303,683 Cath- frontier, 2 being in Jugoslavia and 1 in Hungary,

olics. ... ^^ secular priests, and 188 churches or chapels.

As a bishopric of the Ruthenian Rite this see is t— .«.--.. -rk- /t \ j* * of very ancient origin, but it was suppressed in ^, ^^«^' ^^^ op (Lungrbnmb)^ a diocese of the eighteenth centSy and only re-established in *> G[eek J?*^, m the Province^ Calato^^ 1915. Its re-establishment had not yet been ap- ^^^^y f^^^^ ^^ ^^ Holy See. This diocere proved by the Polish Government. Rt. Rev. Joseph ^^ if^?^*?J* .P^ ^ Decree of 13 Februaiy, 1919. Bocian was appointed and consecrated for the see T^^l^ ^ok the eighteen Greek parishes mcluded in 1915 by Most Rev. Andrew Szeptyski, Arch- ^^ ^^^ ^f ^"^ dioceses of Rossano, Bisignano, Gas- bishop of Lwow, in virtue of special powers con- f^^' and Anglona, to form, the new diocese. The ferred by Pius X. The appointiAent wis confirmed ^irfioP/ ^K R^v. Gipvanm Mele of the Greek

by the Holy See 23 Februaiy, 1921. Statistics are 5^', i^in"^iP • "*j?^-^^^ *°^ n^??*^*?? ^^ not Dublished for this Rite March, 1919, has jurisdiction over all the Greek

^ Gatholics scattered through the Latin parishes of

Ln^on, Diocesb of (LuaoMENSis; cf. C. E., IX- Rossano. The church dedicated to St. Nicholas of 413a), in the province of La Vend^, France, suf- Myra, at Lungro, was made the cathedral. The fragan of the Archdiocese of Bordeaux. Rt. Rev. iseminanr is at Grotta Ferrata. Latest statistics Glovis-Nicholas-Joseph Catteau, appointed to this credit the diocese with 21 parishes, 21 churches, 30 see 21 September, 1877, filled it for over thirty- secular priests and a Catholic population of 35,()00; seven years, until his death, 28 November, 1915. four associations are organized among the laity. He was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Gustav-Lazare Gar- During the World War about 400 men from this nier, bom in Chatillon-en-Bazois 1857, made his diocese gave up their lives for their country, and studies at Pignelin and Nevers, ordained in 1881, those at home took an active part in all patriotic served as a professor in the lower seminarv, pastor, works.

vicar general, and made superior of the upper Luni-Sarzana and Brngnato, Diocesb op (Lunbn- seminary m 1903, .°J^^.^, P^^^^^^^t^^-gP^^ sis) Sarzanbnsib bt Beugnatbnbib; cf. C. E.; IX^ "i^^L*\'^t/P*ErifnlL^^^^^^^ 43eJa), in the province of Genoa, Italy. The first

T^J^^^^ n/w«h^ f«iS?nli^^l^^^ o^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^^y dependent on the Holy

of 438,520, 301 panshes 4 arch^^^ g^ yj ^^ ^^^^ ^ suffragan of the Arch-

271 succuisal parishes, 146 vicanates, and 10 annexes ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ The episcopal residence is at

or stations. Sarzana. These united sees are filled by Rt. Rev.

Iindden, Patrick A. See Syracuse, Diocese of. Bemaido Pizzomo, born in Varazza, Italy, 1861,

TniraviA 7^....-.«- ^- Q^^ T> . «, ^T ^^ . •^^^ cauou provost of thc cathedral, professor of moral

Lugano, Diocesb OP. See Babli^Lugano. theoloibr in the seminary, aid vicar general,

Lugo, Diocesb of (Lucbnbis; cf. C. E., IX-417d), appointed titular Bishop of Comana 29 Apnl, 1909,

in (jralicia, Spain, is suffragan to the Archdiocese and auxiliary to the Archbishop of Sassari, named

of Compostela. Rt. Rev. Bishop Basulto y Jimenez, administrator apostolic of the diocese 12 April,

• who came to this see in 1909, was transferred to 1910, transferred to the see of Crema 14 January,

the diocese of Ja6n 18 December, 1919, and was 1911, retired and transferred to the titular see of

succeeded by the present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Plaviopolis 6 December, 1915, and again transferred

Placido Angel Rey-Lemos, O.F.M. Bishop Rey- to Luni Sarzana and Brugnato 7 March, 1921.

Lemos was bom at Lugo 1867, ordained 1890, en* According to statistics of 1920 Luni Sarzana counts

tered the Order of Friars Minor 1892, made procur- a Cathouc population of 161,755, 91 parishes, 225

ator general of the Order 1911, appointed titular secular and 70 regular clergy, 94 seminarians, 30