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LWKft 476 LirONS

pointed Bishop of Chalons 1908, and Archbishop of had been awarded to the city by the Law of Sepa*

Lyons 2 December, 1912, created cardinal 1914. ration, has been bought back by a lay society and

Cardinal Sevin died 4 May, 1916, and was succeeded turned over to the monks.

by the present incumbent. Statistics for 1921 give 688 parishes, 70O

ri„«:«« ♦k^ TKT^jiA TX7«- u^..i. oAA -' ^ ^c *u* churchcs, 1990 secular priests and 300 regulars,

ArM^Zli nrlL"^'^.^^^^ 5^'*^ ^^ ^u"^.;^^^ ^^^ 1 univcr^ity with 50 professors and about m stul

t^t^U..rilZu'^^^^^^ dents, 15 secondary schools for boys with 300

up tneir lives, as well as 93 semmarians, from 450 x^„^u™ ««*4 Asno o*„^««*o aq ^,^^^Ja^^, ^^u^^^^

to 500 priests were wounded, about 350 received the J^f ^" ZL^ t.S' ^A^Z ZaT^^^

croix de guerre, 30 were decorated with the ligion ^^"^ ^'\^ ^^^ 360 teachers and 3100 students, 2

d'honneur and 50 with the medaille militaire, ^^^^l schools with 16 teachers and 90 pupib, U

professional schools with 58 teachers and 1050

Numerous religious orders are represented in this pupils, 720 elementary schools with 1790 teachers

district, but it is impossible to give exact statistics, and 60,000 pupils. The charitable institutions in-

as since the persecution many of them are no elude about 60 hospitals. Numerous societies are

longer permitted to wear the religious habit. How- formed among the clergy and laity, and 70 daily

ever, the famous property of the Chartreux which or weekly journals are published.