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umon were definitely rejected by the Methodists 91,199 Europeans and 456,018 non-Europeans; Aus-

in 1022, they refusing to submit to reordination tralia, 547300; Canada and Newfoundland, 1,148,000.

as a condition of reunion. The proposal to extend It is to be noted that for Ireland and for the

laity rights to women has been generally accepted, British colonies the above figures are for con-

the Canadian General Conference (1918) being the stituents (commimicants and their families), while

first to grant such rights, with the proviso that in all other cases communicants only are listed

women be not considered as eligible for the min- (see Protestantism). The total of Methodist com-

istry. Despite the seneral trend in Methodism on mimicants in the world is between nine and ten

this point, a radical departure is reported on the million. The total Methodist constituency in the

part of the Northeastern Oklahoma Conference world is placed by some writers as high as 35,000,000.

of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which in 1922 In all probability it is between 25,000,()00 and

is declared to have panted a license to preach 30,000,000.

to a thirteen-year-old girl. . Neblt, Doctrinal Standardt of Methoditm (New York,

A cnimmoi-w rkt *ht^ (fxwtxi,^^ *n;acHM*to«^» «»#««.tr ^t WW) J RucKOi, Th€ Separation of the Methodiati from the

1, iif"S°^j*.7 ^^.'^ '\VS^ °a»8«opaj7 ^OrK Of chw^Jt of England (nSIt York, 1918); A«M8. HUtorp of the

all Methodist bodies m 1916 showed 34 countries Wm. Taylor Self-iupporting Mutiont in South America (New

occupied; 552 stations; 1937 American missionaries; Y**!?' iSlV Hawm an, Foreign j*ftMionarie« in Action (New

14,134 r«tive helpen,; 3318 churehee; 518.(W0 mem- J^"(g>i«J"?.?7):%'S.,i'i?. ^^l^uT^Tr^'^^ 'tkt

ben; 3342 schools; 118,631 pupils; 120 hospitals, Afriean JvmgU (New York. 1917) ; HUNHAUy Breaker*!

dispensaries, and orphanages. Methodist propa- Metkodvm Adrift (New York, 1918) : ReUcnoutBodie;

annda. has of lat«» hppn n^rtioiilarlv nmrremtvp in '»" (W«»hlngton. 1919); Year Book of the CKwehee

ganoa nas OI laie oeen paiXlCUiany aggrMSIVe in ,j,,^ y„^ ,nnu«l) : Statetnum'e Year Book (London.

the city of Rome, and the late Pope Benedict XY mooal) ; ItethodUt Year Book (New York, anniMl).

called on the Knights of Columbus and the Paulists N. A. Weber.

of America to help counteract it. The • domestic _ _ ^ ,.^ „ .

misions in the United States reported for all Metropolitan. See Abchbishop.

Methodist bodies in 1916, 4576 missionary workers, __ . r»„ „_ /»*„__.„.». .t r> v -r

258 colleges and 88,134 students, and 194 hospitals, ^.V^' P^^^" «* (Metensis; cf. C. E., X—

orphana/es, and homes for the a^ed, of which about 24^ « fe!f*"*i ^°**' "* »o»medjately subject t»

45 wereliospitals. Among the bitter known educa- *^lSSfcv%!!„!Sl„*5?F^r!L £\^f tS^pI'I^^^^^^

tional institutions controlled by the Methodists are ^,^'«» ^Sf** «'i^Ji?'K^?^i«^t^^^r£<

Boston Univereity, Cornell CoUege, De Pauw Uni- Rt.^v. Je«i.BaDtistePelt,b.6Apnl, 1863,ordaired

versity, Dickinson CoUege, Goucher College, and m 1886, doctor of Mmon law and theology, author of

Northwestern University. "^An important factor n the %'^^'Tl'Sf t^t ^^^^^^L'^tV'^^n

general work of the Methodist Episcopal Church is ?"^PP«' SemmMy, vicar general and awhilefteon

the Deaconess movement, which'^had its origin in S ^??«' Pro*** *" ^^'^^SI'^'^'-i'^^q' °""!^?'^ fe

1887 in connection with th^ CUcago Training &hool J^« ^»«^ ^l^S"Z'i^rf£S^bi «L®',*SSr ^]»^

for Missions. There were in 1916 about 1)0 dea- ^iZST * M^4im?!fT^i??,^«^„' loJS'

coness institutions of various kinds in the United ^TThl'^t^fl^^hht^a^' A»mL H^i Ifi

States and foreign countries, the general purpose ^*^, Vmi Archbishop of AttaUa.died 16

^r? i^ me^Vn ^^e'^Uni?^^ ^S^'^IiJ^^ ^T^e iSo^ statistics for 1922 are: 646 parishes.

Z[con^"*ii" X?"n1i^^r5« a^^ '^n^^^^i^J^'ttorifj^Jb^'ior

worketBj in Europe, 668 deaconesses; there were 600 S;?i^*^;^„w?1o; m«n 2i^^?^omin 4<^™th

nunwi In Germitny and Austria-Hungary (1916). !2'^li~f„??^/hl ™S'n™ C^ A^fd^^^^

  • %r>A ^Aa^^^Ao.. u^x«,«:4.<.i.. ;«. -D^.i:. tt t. JL w i crs, Zioo nuns m tne various nouses. Desiaes tne

fSS .fnH y^ri.K^T^R^.^^'-S^^'o^^ religious houses existing in the diocese in 1910, there

on. m-V7'Zie\jr7Z "yr- ..""., . . tor Doys witn '4Z teacners ana ^uu ooys, lu mgn

The official list of Methodist bodies includes, be- schools, 1 normal school with 60 students, about 1500

sides th^e enumerated in the article Methodism elementary schools (public and private), 2 lunatic

(1) the Colored Methodist Protestant Church, or- asylums and 1 for the aged, and 17 hospitals. The

fanized along the same lines as the Methodist ministry of priests is unrestricted in public institu- totestant Church, by Negro Methodist churches tions. All oublic primary schools receive Govern- in Maryland and adjoining statCT in 1840; (2) the mentaid. Four associations are organised among the Afncan Amencan Methpdist Episcopal Church, clergy: The Apostolic Union. Priest Adorers. Pnesta organized in Baltimore m 1873, as a "reformed of St. Francis de Sales, and the Retreat Fund; among Methodism and reported m the government statis- the laity: "Action populaire catholique lorraine,'^ tics for the first tune m 1916: (3) the Reformed French Women's Patriotic League, Societies for young Methodist Umon Episcopal Church, a colored or- people and Federation of Works of Charity. The gamzatipn formed in 1885 as the Independent penodicals published are: in French "Le Lorrain," Methodist Church, the present name being adopted "Le Couirier de Metz," "Le Courrier de la Sarre"; in 1896. Since 1916 it is in full accord with the in German: "Die Lothringer Volkszeitung," "Lothr. Methodist Episcopal Church in doctrine and polity. Volksblatt." The Zion Union Apostolic Church is officially the

Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church. The Mexico, (cf. C. E., X — ^250b). — With the excep-

Evangelist Missionary Church has not reported tion of one term (1880-1884), Porforio Diaz filled the

any statistics since 1890 and has in all probability office of President from 1877 to 1911, the law against

disappeared. In 1921, all Methodist bodies in the re-elections being repealed in 1887. Diaz aimed from

United States reported 67,493 churches, 46,364 min- the first at setting up an efficient dictatorship under

isters, 7367,863 members (7,797,991 in 192i2). Five which economic development was pjossible and which

bodies of Methodists reported 836,113 members would ^ain the good opinion of foreign statesmen and

in Great Britain in 1915; the latest figures for capitalists. To this end he reorganized the guardias

Ireland (1911) claim 62,382; South Africa (1918), rurales, a force of mounted police to deal with