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greater portion of the crop is consumed by live important. The latter changed the method of call- stock within the State. ing a constitutional convention and made the con-

The surplus in live stock for the year beginning vention bi-partisan. One was of prime importance

January, 1920, consisting of cattle, horses, hogs, from Kansas City's standpoint, for it gave that

mules, and sheep, Was 9,009,000 head, valued at city home rule in charter-making power and in-

$378^40,000. Missouri is constantly gaining as a creased the limit of indebtedness to an extent that

wool-producing State, $3,807,000 worth of wool being will permit necessary public improvements, and, if

sold m 1920. The surplus of poultry and eggs for desired, the purchase of utilities. Two referendum

the year 1919 was about $36,500,000. The statistics measures referred the Prohibition Act of Missouri

in 1904 show an estimated total value from the and the Workmen's Compensation Act, both passed

dairies of $4,900,000, while the statistics of 1919 by the 1919 legislature. The Prohibition Act passed,

give a total value of $125,351,000. The cotton crop but the other was defeated. Missouri has its Chil-

of 1919 brought $11,051,000. The number of farms dren's Code Commission, appointed by the gover-

in 1919 was 263,124, showing a decrease of 14,120, nor. In 1919 it introduced its revised code of fifty-

or of 5 per cent since 1910. Missouri has prosperous one bills and succeeded in having twenty-five

manufacturing industries, the more important of adopted, some of which merely harmonized existing

which depend on agriculture and forestry. In 1919 law, while others introduced new standards. The

there were 8593 establishments with a capital of use of school property for recreational purposes was

$939,691,255, employing 245,826 persons, and an out- permitted, the school board furnishing free light,

put valued at $1,599,313,923. There are 8230 miles neat, and care-taking. Agricultural education is

of railroads and 113 miles of electric railway. A provided for. Capital punishment was abolished

municipal free bridge across the Mississippi River m 1917. The juvenile court now takes care of

at St. Louis for the accommodation of railroads, committing children to other than public institu-

electric roads, wagons, and pedestrians was recently tions, placing them as far as possible with an asso-

completed. ciation controlled by persons of the same religious

Rbligion. — According to the United States reli- faith as the parents of the child. The Smith- gious census of 1916 the total population of church Hughes Act, providing for vocational education, was members in Missouri was 1,370451, and the prin- accepted by the State in 1917 and elaborate arrange- cipal religious denominations were as follows : Cath- ments have been made relative to its administra- olics 445,352; Baptists 268,468; Congregationalists tion. An act was passed in 1919 exempting from 10,479; Disciples or Christians 145,403; German the inheritance tax all property, benefit, or income Evangelicals 37,374; Lutherans 45,313; Methodists passing to any hospital, religious, or educational 228,135; Presb3rterians 17,435; Episcopalians 14,309; or scientific institutions to be used for such pur- Reformed bodies 1204; Unitea Brethren bodies, poses. Recent legislation permits gifts for retigious 4286; Churches of Christ 15,160; Latter Day Saints purposes. A state prison board of three members 9947; Jewish congregations 8347. Thus 32^ per cent was established by the Legislature in 1917. This of the total number of church-going people in the board appoints two chaplains for the penitentiary. State are Catholics, the Baptists Imving the next The Federal Suffrage Amendment was ratified on highest percentage (18.4), and the Methodists being 3 July, 1919; the Federal Prohibition Act on 16 third (16.7). The selling of any wares or merchan- January, 1919.

dise is forbidden on Sunday, and one cannot recover War History. — ^The total number of Missourians

for Sunday work. Athletics are allowed. For Cath- who served in the war against Germany was 128,-

olic educational and religious statistics see St. 000 in the army, 6910 in the navy, and 3400 in the

Louis, Archdiocese op; Sv, Louis, UNivERsiry of; marine corps. The Missouri members of the

Kansas City, Diocese of; St. Joseph, Diocese of. national guard were mobilized at the State Rifle

Education.— The State is divided into 9807 school Range at Nevada, on 5 August, under command of districts. The number of teachers in the elemen- Brigadier General Harvev C. Clark, and on 28 tary schools in 1920 was 21,126, pupils 672,483, high September entrained with the 35th Division at school teachers 2800, pupils 62,438. Attendance Camp Doniphan, Oklahoma. Arriving in France for more than three-fourths of the school term is in May, 1918, they were attached to the American compulsory for children between eight and fourteen contingent in the St. Mihiel salient, forming a part years of age. The school expenditure in 1917 was of the reserve. Transferred to the Argonne they 128,048,051, and the school fund in 1918 amounted participated in the fiercest fighting of the battle, to $14,390,306. There are elbven colleges in the They went into action on 26 September, 1918, and State, besides sixteen junior colleges. A Depart- on October, after six days of fighting, had cap- raent of Education has been recently established in tured every objective from Vouquois Hill to Exer- the State University, which had, in 1919, 3536 stu- mont. The drafted men formed a part of the 89th dents and 128 professors, 53 instructors, and 64 Division under General Leonard Wood at Camp assistants. The School of Administration was Funston, and also made a fine record in the battles opened in 1914. The State laws governing private of St. Mihiel and ArKonne. Another Missouri unit and parochial schools are as follows: No public which acquitted itself with much credit was the money shall be used to help support any school con- 12th Engineers, composed largely of railroad men trolled by any religious sect or denomination. Lots from St. Louis. The casualties of Missouri men and buildings used exclusively for religious worship, in the American Expeditionary Force were as fol- for schools, or for religious or charitable purposes lows: deceased, 106 officers, 2456 men; prisoners, may be exempt from taxation. Bible reading in 10 officers, 101 men; wounded, 298 officers, 7414 men. the public scnools is neither permitted nor ex- cluded. Mobile, Diocese of (Mobiuensis), in Alabama.

Rbcbnt Leoislation. — In the past twenty years This diocese took a conspicuous part in the

only two amendments to the constitution have been civic celebration of the bi-centenary of the founda-

adopted, despite the fact that it required only a tion of the City of Mobile, 26 February, 1911. In

majority vote to adopt amendments. In 1919 nine the presence of His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons,

were veted for. The good roads bond issue amend- Archoishop Blenk, of New Orleans, and all the

ments, providing for bond issues of 160,000,000, and bishops of the archdiocese, a pontifical Mass was

the so-called constitution amendment were most sung in the historic cathedral by Bishop John W.