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That part of the diocese situated along the River He compiled a valuable dictionary in the Ibolan^piage.

Danube was the scene of war activities, especially His auxiliary , Rev. Martin Friedrich, a native jof

from August to November, 1916. Alsace (1872) who had been a missionary in Nigeria

_„ . - __ T^ ,^^ from 1897 died in 1917.

Nicotera and Tropea^ PjJ>pB8E of (Nicoterensis Nigeria, Eastern, Prefecture Apostolic of,

BT Tropibnsis: cf. C. E., XI— 72a), in the proymce i^^ ^^^ ^{j^^ i^n ^nder the care of Mgr. Oswald

of Catanzaroj Southern Italy , suflfragan of j^ggio di Waller, of the African Missions of Lyons. No sta-

Calabna. Bishop Giuseppe Leo,, transferred to the ^^ics are furnished.

Diocese of Tram and Barletto m February, 1920, Nigeria, Lower (cf. C. E., XI— 73d), Vicariate

was replaced by Rt. Rev. Felice Cnbdlati, who was Apobtolic of, with residence at Onitsha, is stQl

appomted m May, 1921, coMecrated at Rome 29 ^j^^er the administration of Rt. Rev. Joseph Ignatius

June, and enthroned 11 September following, shanahan, C. S. Sp., who became prefect apostolic

Nicotera has 12 pari8h(M, 20 church^ or chapels, ^ 1905 yjcar and titular bishop of AbOa in 1920,

458eculMpn^, and a Catholic population of 15,841. ^y^^^ ^he territory was erected into a vicariate. The

TYopea has 60 panshes, 110 churches or chapels population (10,000,000), is extremely dense, but the

160 secular and 6 regular pneste, 36 seminarians, and catechists have been so remarkably organized that

a Catholic population of 62,116. ^hey are able to reach thousands of catechumens.

Nictheroy, Diocese of. See Pbtropolis. The British Government has eiven every encourage- ment to the development of these missions, even to

Klgerla, a British Protectorate; cf. C. E., contributing to the support of the schools. la 1920

XI— 73d (the colony of Lagos is technically outside there were 19 missionary priests (Fathers of the

the Protectorate), situated on the west coast of Africa. Holy Ghost) employed here, and 10 brothers, with

Politically Nigeria is one, the political divisions known 9 stations, 280 posts, 355 schools with 22,800 pupils,

as northern and southern Nigeria exist no longer, their 6 chapels and 7 orphanages. The schools are of

amalgamation having taSen place in May, 1912. three kinds, government schools, assisted schools

The area of Nigeria is approximately 336,000 square and free or unassisted schools; the first two* are

miles. Lagos, with a Population somewhere about aided by the government, while the third class are

80,000 is the capital. Kano has lost much of its for- supported by the voluntary contributions of the

mer splendor. At present it suffers considerably from natives. Until a few years ago the Sisters of St.

a great slump in trade. Its famous walls are now Joseph of Cluny labored in this territory but at

broken in many parts. It would be most correct to present there are no nuns. An Irish lady is in charge

assign to them a neight of 15 or 17 feet. Its popula- of the convent at Calabar, and is shortly to be joined

tion varies with the seasons. During the ground-nut by others. There, as lay missionaries, they will

season thousands of strangers crowd into the native, as continue the work of the Sisters, distinct from the European, quarters. Normally the «,. ^ ^^r ^ ^ ^ -^^

population may reach 40,000. The Emirs of Sokoto, Nlmes, Diocese of (Nemausensis; cf . C. E. XI—

Katsena and Kano enjoy a certain amount of inde- 83a), with the sees of Alais (Alisiensis) and Uz^

pendence aa native potentates but their jurisdiction (Uticensis) suffragan of Avignon, conipnses the civil

w in aU important mattera subordinated to the British department of Card, France. Statistics for 1920

Administration credit it with a total population of 413,458, of whom

It is no longer true to state that "powerful English 302,650 are Catholics, 108,348 Protestants, 450

Protestant mwsions have unsuccessfully endeavored Jews; 293 panshes, a total of 499 secular pnests. 1

to gain a foothold." The Protestant sects as a whole upper seminary and 4 eccl^iastical schools. The

counted in 1919 some 78,937 (baptised) Christiaps. present (1922) bishop, Rt. Rev. Marcellin-Charles

In reply to a query for their statistics just a year ago Marty, b. m the Diocese of Rodez, 22 August, 1862,

the Churoh Missionary Society gave 213 places of studied at the Catholic Institute of Toulouse, or-

and Lower Nigeria, with residences at Lagos, Asaba and chanceUor m 1916, appointed titular Bishop of

and Onitsha respectively. The chief posts of Western Isionda, 14 Apnl, 1919, and coadjutor at Nlmes,

Nigeria are Lokoja, Asaba, Igbuzo, Ogwashi, Issele, consecrated 2 July following to succeed Mgr. F^lix

Olona, Ubiaja, Ukoni, Warri, Agenebode and Aragba. Auguste B^gumot. b. 11 July, 1836: d. 3 February,

The fourth ecclesiastical diviswn of Nigeria is the 1921. In 1921 Abbot Bruy^re published "Guide de

Prefecture Apostolic of Eastern Nigeria, The Society la Cath^rale de Nlmes, a book in which he relates

of African Missions has charge of this prefecture the history of this monument, dating back to the

together with the Vicariates of the Bight of Benin eleventh century.

and fTe^tern iVi(?ma. This last-named vicariate was jjitra (Nyitra, Neutra), Diocese of (Nitrien-

erectedin 1918.. T^e popuktion consisting^^^^ ^f C. E^ X:-774d),7n Slovakia, suffragan of

Nigijtantr^ IS between 8,000,000 ar^^ Esitergom. T^he present tishop is Rt. Rev. Charles

of whom 8366 are Cathohcs, the others bemjj Moham- Kmetko b. at ~

menUry schools. 200 teachers, 3247 pupils, 3 homes ^3,^^^. There are in the diocese: 148 parishes, 96

for the poor and destitute, 3 or^nages, 12 mstitu- curacies, 232 secular and 25 regular clergy, 372,930

tions for charitable works. TVo leper hwpitals Catholics, 28,727 non-Catholics, and 16,102 Jews, admit the nunistry of pnests. The Angeuc Society ' '

and that of the Holy Family are established among the Kocera and Ooaldo Tadino, Diocese of (Nucer-

laity. The present vicar apostolic is Rt. Rev. Thomas inensis et Tadisensis: cf. C. E., XI — 86d), in the

Broderick, who succeeded Rt. Rev. Carlo Lappa (d. province of Perugia, Umbria, Central Italy, is im-

1917), as prefect apostolic of Western Nigeria. He mediately subject to the Holy See. The present

was bom in Ken^, Ireland, 1882, ordain^ in 1906, bishop is Rt. Rev. Niccolo Cola, b. at Cameriilo 25

and appointed titular Bishop of Pednelissus 24 October, 1869, consecrated Bishop of Marses 30

August. 1918. Bishop Lappa was a native of Milan June, 1910, transferred to Nocera 26 August following,

and a aistinguished natural scientist and astronomer, proclaimed 27 November, 1911, succeeding Mgr.