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64,000. There are: 38 parishes, 195 secular priests, Poona, Diocese op (Punbnsis; cf. C. E., XII —

9 regular priests, 234 churches and chapels. 235d), in India, is a suffragan of Bombay. The

second bishop of the diocese, Rt. Rev. Henry Doerin^,

Polsl, Santa Maria pi, an abbey in the Diocese of S. J., who had filled the see from 1907, resigned m

Gerace, Italy, erected into an abbey nullius 8 April, 1921, and the affairs of the diocese are now admin-

1920. istered by an apostolic administrator, at present the

Rev. A. Bruder, S. J. The Catholic population is

Pondlcherry, Archdiocese op (Pondicheriaka numbered at 20^801 and there are 22 churches and or Pudicheriana: of. C. E., XII — 228d), in India, 20 chapels served by 13 Fathers of the Society of has a total Catholic population of 143,450, of whom. Jesus and 22 secular priests, assisted by the Nuns of 1000 are Europeans, 1200 Anglo-French Indians ana Jesus and Mary ana the Daughters of the Cross. 142,000 Indians; 25,760 of these Catholics are in the The Ahmednegar mission now has 9068 Christians. French territory of the diocese. The present arch- Among the educational iustitutions are: St. Vincent's bishop, Most Rev. Elias Jean Joseph Morel, has filled High School, Poona, with 330 pupils; St. Joseph's the See since 1909. He was bom at Belief on taine, convent school, Poona, with 350 pupils under eleven diocese of St. Claude in 1862, and entered the Sem- nuns of Jesus and Mary who also conduct the Euro- inary of the Foreign Missions in 1884. After his pean Orphanage and St. Ann's School with 16 board- ordination he was sent to Pondicherry, where he ers and 36 day scholars; convent school at I^atpuri became rector of the college of Cuddalore and in 1904, with 76 pupils and a poor school with 47 children; vicar general. He was appoint.ed bishop 11 May, also a convent school at Panchgani with 142 pupils, 1909, and consecrated 21 September of the same year, both under the Daughters of the Cross; English teach- Within recent years the diocese has lost three most ing schools at Bhusaval, Igatpuri, Lanowli, Sholapur, zealous workers by the deaths of Rev. Father Darras Ahmednegar, Dharwar and Hubli, with a total of (1916), the apostle of the North Arcot district, where 735 pupi&. In the Ahmednegar Mission districts he had baptized about 2500 heathens, Rev. Father there are 86 village schools attended by 1456 children Mette ri917), author of several catechisms and and in the Gadag Mission districts 5 elementary founder of a training school for catechists, and Rev. schools with about 300 children. Father Drouhin (1918), a great promoter of primary

education and religious doctrine in the diocese and Poor, Little Sisters op the (cf. C. E., XII —

the editor of two monthly periodicals. The cyclone 248b). — The mother-house of this con^e^tion is at

which occurred in 1916 in this section, destroyed La Tour St. Joseph, St. Pern, Ille-et-Vilaine, France;

manv buildings throughout the diocese. During the there are also novitiates in It^, Spain, Belgium, the

World War twelve of the missionaries went into the United States, Australia and China. The total num-

service and some of these were made prisoners, but ber of foundations (1920) is 312, distributed as

none were seriously wounded and all eventually re- follows: France and Alsatia. Ill: of which 8 are in

turned to their missionary labors. Paris; Belgium, 14; England and Jersey, 27; Spain

The present (1921) statistics show 58 parishes and and Portugal, 54; Italy, Sicily, and Switzerland, 22;

missions, 66 churches and 229 chapels, 3 convents for Turkey and Hungary, 2; Asia, 8; Africa, 5; South

men and 37 for women, 93 secular priests, 65 Euro- America, 9; Oceania, 8; United States, 52. The order

pean and 28 Indian, 21 Brothers of St. Gabriel, 69 numbers 6227 members and cares for 45,297 old

European and 268 Indian Sisters and 1 seminary people.

with 22 seminarians, 10 of whom belong to the dio- ^

cese. The educational institutions include in addi- Poor Brothers of St. Francis Seraphlcua (cf. C.

tion to this seminary, a lower seminary-college at E.XII-248d).— The present general superioris Brother

Pondicherry with 998 pupils; a branch school at Athanasius Wietmann, who was elected in 1901, and

Tirupapuliyur with 1380 pupils; Montfort European during whose term of office the rules of the congre-

boys^high school at Yercand with 50 pupils; Sacred gation have been approved by the Holy See (1910).

Heart arW high school with 48 pupils; a training In 1904 the congregation was affiliated to the order

school for teachers at Findicanam under the Brothers of St. Francis. In 1910 St. Josephaus, the juvenile

of St. Gabriel; St. Joseph's orphanage and industrial home at Aachen, was moved into a new house. In

school with 60 pupils; a Government training indus- 1919 a home for mechanic apprentices, who work in

trial school and a training school for catechist at the city, was established at Cologne. In 1921 branch

Villupuram. In addition to these there are through- houses were opened at Essen, where the Brothers

out the diogese 113 elementary schools for boys, conduct a hostel for boys, and at Aix-la-Chapelle,

boarding and day schools for girls under the Sisters of where they care for abandoned young people. An

St. Joseph of Cluny, various industrial schools, and educational institution, called the Piusheim, was

schools under the Indian Congregation of the Im- opened by the Brothers at Glonn, Bavaria, in 1921.

maculate Heart of Mary, which was established in In the same year the Brothers of Cincinnati, Ohio,

1844 under the rule of the Third Order of St. Francis, founded a protectory for boys at Armstrong Springs,

The Indian Congregation of St. Louis of Gonzaga Little Rock, Arkansas. The American houses were

which was founded about the middle of the eighteenth erected into a province in 1913. In consequence of

century for bringing up non-caste children, has 46 the war the educational institution at Marienbronn,

Sisters in charge of 2 orphanages and 6 schools. Province of Posen (now Poland), founded in 1909, and

The charitable institutions include 21 orphanages the asylum for homeless children, founded at Her-

for boys and prls with 650 orphans, besides 18 who besthal, Province of Eupen (now Belgium), m 1910,

have been placed in the care of Christian families, were given up in 1919. At the present time (1921)

1 refuge for Eurasian women, and 2 homes for the there are 16 institutions under the care of the Brothers:

aged, 1 at Pondicherry and 1 at Karikal. 12 educational houses, 1 workingman*s colony, 1

apprentice home, 2 asylums for the homeless and

Pontremoli, Diocese of (Apuanensis; cf. C. E., abandoned. In Europe there are 202 members of the XIII — ^234b), suffragan of Pisa, Italy. The present congregation and 59 in America. Sixteen promising bishop is Rt. Rev. Angdo Antonio Fiorini, O. M. members lost their lives during the war. Cap., b. 1861, elected 1899. The Catholic popula- tion of the diocese is 63,157. There are: 126 parishes. Poor Child Jesus, Sisters of the (cf. C. E., 204 secular priests, 9 regular priests, 75 semmarians, XII — 251). — The first superior general of the congre- 6 Brothers, 30 Sisters, 361 churches and chapels. gation was Mother Clara Fey, bom 11 April, IS 15,