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Quebec, Archdiocesb of (Quebecbnsis), in Viator, of the Sacred Heart, Marist Brothers*, Canada, comprises the counties of Beauce, Bell- female: Ursulines*, Augustinian Sisters, called chasse, Dorchester, Kamouraska, Levis, L'Islc/t, Hospitali^res*, Grey Nuns*, Sisters of Good Shep- Lotbini^re, Megantic, Montinagny, Montmorency, herd (of Quebec)*, of Jesus-Mary*, of the Gongre- Portneuf, Quebec and part of Temiscouata. The gation of l^otre-Dame, Servants of the Holy Heart present incumbent. His Eminence Louis Cardinal of Mary*, Sisters of Our Lad^ of Perpetual Help*, B^gin, ^ho took possession of the see in 1898, of the Roly Rosary, of Providence, Domini<»ns of was created a cardinal 25 May, 1914. He has the Infant Jesus*, Franciscans Missionaries of as his auxiliary Most Rev. PauUEug^ne Roy. b. Mary*, of our Lady of Good Council, of the Holy 1859, who was consecrated titular Bi^op of Eleu- Family, Cistercian (Trappistine) Sisters*, of Hope, theropolis (1908), later appointed titular Arch- of St. Joseph, of St. Valier*, of Charity of St. bishop of Seleucia (1914) and (1920) made coadju- Louis*, White Sisters*, Redemptorist Sisters*, Sis- tor with the right of future succession to the Arch- tens of St. Francis of Assisi*, of the Precious bishop of Quebec. Blood*, of the Assumption. Little Franciscans of

Arcnbishop Roy is the chief force in the "Action Mary, Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception,

Sociale Catnolique, of which the '* Action Catho- Oblate Sisters, Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus*,

hque, edited in Quebec since 1907, is a branch, of Ste. Chretienne*, Servants of the Blessed Sac-

In connection with this paper there is a depart- rament, Visitandine Sisters, Sisters of Jeanne

ment which publishes tracts and pamphlets on d'Arc*.

Ho'iiTr^nL^pH i ^^?r!f i^i^J^^Hrft^^ Qnerttaio, Diocese of (db Querbtaro; cf . C. E.;

Wni^^^^nt o ^Lv^^^'if^^o^K^Ll^^ Xll-Wlb), in Mexico, suffrigan of Michoacan.

nrt'pn.^rS,^.nt^w?f.h ^^^^ '^^ P"*^^* administrator of thi diocese is the Rt.

Ko ?/ ^mpjoyf^ent through sickness or age. Other Rev.*^Pmncisco Banegas, b. at Celaya, Mexico, 6

charitable institutions are; 10 hospitals, 2 of which ^^^^ ^^^ studied at Celaya, Quir6tait> iid

are devoted to tuberculw; patients; 8 orphanages; Morclii, and ^ ordained at the seiniSaiy. He was

4 patronages for boys and 3 for girls; 1 house for ^^ ^^^ ^^ y^^ ^^^ ^ 1^14 ^^ ^ ^^ ^

the protec^on of girls ; 1 refuge for repentant girls, ^ugurt of that year. He took refuge in the AntiUes,

all conducted by religious communities; 40 pros- whence he was wnt to Chicago. He returned to Veri

perous conferences of St. Vmcent de Paul and a q^ December, 1918, was elected 28 Februaiy,

tabernacle society. A branch of the Cathoho 1919, published 3 July, consecrated 27 July foUowing,

Association of Travelhng Salesmen is organwed.m succeeding Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Rivera, who died

the diocese, as well as 30 branches of Uie CwachM g May, 1914. Li 1920 the diocese contained:

Afflociation of Yoimg Cathohcs, a club of Ca^phc 279,414 Catholics, 19 parishes, 14 vicarages, 210

awlors and the Association of Canadian Girk. churches and chapels, 93 secular priests, 20 regulars.

Throughout the diocese there are about 25,000 g^^ iqq seminariaiis. r- , ^ ,

members of the national syndicates of Catholic workmen. Quilon, Diocese of ^uilonensib, cf. C. E.,

By 1921 statistics there are 404,500 Catholics; XII— «10d), in India, suffragan of Verapoly, is still 668 secular and 102 regular priests; 22S parishes; under the administration of Bishop Benziger. There 22 missions; 255 churdies or chapels; 36 public are 152,424 Catholics, out of a total population of oratories; 1 university (Laval), with 460 students, 1,900.000. Eighty-one prieqjs, of whom 24 are Dis- of whom 185 are theological students ; 4 colleges calced Carmelites, serve 181 churches and 46 chapels, or seminaries with 2100 students; 1 Apostolic Besides the preparatory seminary with 39 students School with 35 teachers who attend the Seminary there is now at Quilon a higher seminary with 26 of Quebec for lectures; Laval normal school with seminarians, besides 2 at the seminary of Kandy in 100 young women and 75 young men training for Ceylon. There are 24 Discalced Carmelites, 61 Sis- teaching, and 200 other students; 1 normal domes- tere of the Third Order Apostolic of Our Lady of tic science school with 150 girls; 1 agricultural Mount Carmel, 32 European and 27 niitive lay Sis- school with 100 students and 1 agriciUtural or- *«" o^ "*© Missionary Canonesses of St. Augustine, phanage. ^^ Sisters and 7 novices of the Congregation of the

The religious Orders established in the diocese Holy Cross from Menzingen, 21 Sisters and 6 novices

are: male (the asterisk shows which have in the ™ "** Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of

diocese a novitiate or a preparatory postulate), ^?7: Ji*^® J^J^, schools have 1756 ijupils and the

Dominicans, Franciscans*, (Japuchins*, Jesuits, P^f iP^J the total number of schools m the diocese.

Redemptorists*, Oblates of Mary Immaculate, including imxed schools, is 184; the total number of

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart*, White Fathers*, P^JEg^ IgJ^- • ^-^ ^. • , ^ n u Eudists, Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament*, ThecJmntebleinstitutaon8mclude2oi^^^

Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul*, Fathera of the °^n ^^\ ^ ^°?2:!S?' ^ ^®' F^]? i^*^ ^ ?? ^^^l

Assumption, the Fathers of the 6oly Cross (who the Infant Jesus Orphanage atj^^

have a house in Quebec, in which there are about 5JSSSl?'^? at NagercoiTWith 30 inmates, besides a

twenty students following the course of theology at <*MPen«uy and 3 hospitals.

Laval, while the FVanciscans and the Capuchins Qnlmper and lAon, Diocbsb of (Coribopi-

have their own classes of theology) ; Brothers of ^e C. E., XII— 611c), includes

Christian Schools*, of Christian Instructicm, of St. the Department of Finistdre, France. It has 314