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Bagusa, DiocEBB of (Ragusinensis, cf. C. E.. Baphoe, Diocese of (Rapotensis; cf. C. E.,

XII — 633d), in Jugoslavia, suffragan of Lara, is still XII — 647b), in the province of Ubter (Ireland),

under the administration of Rt. Rev. Joseph Gregory is suffrac^n of Armagh, with residence at Letter-

Marcellic, b. at Preko, 1847, elected titular bishop of kenny, Co. Donegal. His Eminence Cardinal

Tanis 1893 and transferred 18 May, 1894, succeeding Michiael Logue, former bishop of Raphoe, was sue-

Mgr. Vodopic, deceased. In 1916 there were in the ceeded by Rt. Rev. Patrick O'Donnell, who fills the

diocese 72,285 Catholics, 500 Greek Schismatics, 5 see since 1888. He was bom at Rilzaine, Glenties,

deanships, 47 parishes, 11 filial parishes, 112 seciuar 28 November, 1855, studied at Maynooth, and later

and 52 regular priests. served as a professor there; was prefect of Dunboyne,

^ rector of tne Catholic University of Ireland, and

Bajpootana, Prefecture Apobtolic of. See was appointed 26 February, 1888; he was made a

Ajmer, Diocese of. member of the Irish Convention in 1917. Statistics

for 1921 report 26 parishes, 57 churches, 90 secular

Bampolla del Tlndaro, Mariano, Cardinal, b. priests, 2 monasteries for men. 5 convents for women,

at PoUzzi, on 17 August, 1843; d. at Rome on 17 45 Brothers, 60 Sisters; 1 college for boys opened in

December, 1913. The family of the Rampollas del 1916, with 9 teachers and 90 students, 1 hign school

Tindaro belong to the Sicilian nobility. The future for women with 50 students, 221 elementary schools

. Cardinal studied at the Capranica, which explains his with 485 teachers and 16,532 pupils, 1 industrial

great affection for that institution and its pupils. In school with 75 pupils, technical schools with attend-

1875 he was appointed to be auditor of the nunciature ance of 50 pupils for each, 5 workhouses. 1 county

at Madrid ana returned to Rome two years later to be asylum for the insane; besides two workhouse hos-

Secretary of the Propaganda for Oriental Affairs; he pitals there are 2 more maintained by public funds,

was Prothonotary Apostolic in 1878 and Secretary of and the Shiel hospital; the priests' mimstry is unre-

the Latin Propa^nda in 1880. In 1880 Leo XlII stricted in all public institutions; primary and

made him Archbishop of Heraclea and in 1882 sent secondary schools receive government grants. One

him as nuncio to Madrid. During his stay there he society is organized among the clergy for the support

won the affection of every one, and when the king of disabled clergy, and several branch associations

asked the cardinal's hat for him, not only did the Pope among the laity such as: the Apostolic Union, Father

grant the honor but in 1887 when his term expired ne Mathew's Union, Pia Unia pro missUmxbua^ Associa-

recalled him to Rome and appointed him Secretaiy of tion of Clerical . Managers of schools, temperance

State in place of the deceased Cardinal Jacobin!. As societies, reading rooms, clubs, confraternities and

to whether he shaped the policy of Leo XIII or sodalities. The diocesan periodical, "The Crann,"

merely followed the Pope's guidance is still an open is published here. During the World War six priests

Question; but his fidelity to the Pontiff was such that served as army chaplains. Canon Maguire's His-

uring his long fifteen years of office he never reserved tory of the Diocese of Raphoe was published in 1920.

repairing lurches and in assisting the needy and flJSXlg- if e'"^f STe lu!

P^ • , r^ 1 *u * I * J D- V T> — II Rev.^^nthony vonHenle, b. at Weissenhom22May,

In the Conclave thatelected Pius X, RampoUa ^^^ ordain^ 23 November, 1873, elected bishop of

vrould certainly have receiv^ the tiara l^d it not p^^^, 3 ^^^ ^^^ consecrated io June following,

been for the veto power of Austria As Arch^est transferred to Aatisbin 6 November, 1906, enthronSi

of St. Peter, It was he who had to extend the officml ^ February, 1907. He was also councillor for the

welcome to Cardinal Sarto, a duty which he per- Kingdonl of Bavaria untO 1918. During his adminis-

formed with exquisite praciousness and tact. After ^ratfon he introduced the diocesan hymn book, im-

the election of Pius, Cardinal Rampollai^ume^ e^ the famous cathedral choir and also the

workof thevanousCon^gationstowhichhebe- international School of Music, catalogued the

longed; that of the Holy (Office had become extremely ^^^^le library of music of Canon Proske, created a

heavy ^after the resignation of Cardinal Serafino diocesan archive for Christian Art, remodelled the

Vanutelh as Secretary; but this did not prevent him episcopal residence into a hospice for the clergy and

from elaborating his splendid study of the Life of St. laity, transferred the old Roman Porta Praetoria to

Melania the Younger which was welcomed by the the cathedral of St. Peter, established a central

enthusiastic approval of the learned men of all Europe, diocesan bureau of charities, disbanded fourteen un-

To allow him to continue his researches, Pius X in denominational churches, established many parishes

1912 made him Librarian of the Holy Roman Church, jn Ratisbon and other places. There are 889,951

besides bestowing other honors upon him. His posi- SSJ'^S."?® "^ A^J? S^^^^e, of whom 600 are Austrians,

tion was of course an extremely deUcate one in his rela- 500 Poles, 150 Hungarians, 30 Jugoslavs, 20 Ru- manians and 20 Russians.

,j ,. . t.. .u ?^ that some future occasion offices, 600 churches, 740 succursal churches, 720

would bring him the honor. He died suddenly m chapels, 1100 secularpriests, 200 regulars, and 300 lay

1913. He will ever be regarded by the world as a brothers. The following ordere of men have founda-

great cardinal and a faithful servant of the Church. tions in the diocese: Benedictines, 2 abbeys at Metten