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leges for men « with 60 teachers and 160 students. 20 cathedral of Notre Dame, built during the thir- higher schools for boys and ^irls with 110 teachers teenth century, one of the most famous examples and 825 students, 5 academics with 125 pupils, 3 of Gothic architecture. For two and a half ^ears* industrial schools with 375 pupils and 1 ooarding it was subject to constant though intermittent house for girls; missionary work is done among the bombardment, its tall spires always in view of the Indians: there are 3 hospitals which receive a govern- German army. In 1917, during a three da3r8' siege ment allowance for every patient. Societies organ- more than 1500 shells fell in the city itself, while ized among the clergy are: League of Priests Adorers, 40,000 more fell on the cathedral or around during Pious Union for a Happy Death, and the Association May. The roof of the choir collapsed upon the of the Mass; amonjf the laity: Knights of Columbus, beautiful marble altar and today the gaping roof the French Canadian Association, Volksverein, and and broken windows and statues stand as a con- various parochial confraternities. The Catholic popu- gtant reminder of the war. Among the other lation of 85,000 is made up of French, German, Eng- churches of the diocese 66 were totally destroyed, lish and other nationalities. In 1918 two classical g4 suffered severe damage and 177 others received colle^as were built at R«gina; Campion College, an gijght injury. The Abbey d'Igny, founded by St. Enghsh college conducted by the Jesuit Fathers, and Bernard, was totally destroyed by the explosion of "Le Colldge Mathieu" at Gravelboura, a French a mine; a house of scholastics for the African Mis- college under the direction of the Oblate J^athers. sionaries, at Binson, was destroyed, the CarmeUte

Registers, Pabochial (cf. C. E., XII-721c).- S^^^';!^';?!? SLIa^- flf/^rinn^-^^^^Tfh^

Registration of a baptism must be made by the ^iH^^^' WH ^^^^^^^^^

parSi priest without delay, he may not leave the ^^^ P^/P^^'"^' i ^'^iT ""^ /^^ Congregation of

registration to the priest who administers the sacra- fu^'^'^^'^^LT^^^^^ ^{

ment, or to nuns or laymen. The Ritual directs that JJ^^ ^^^^ Child Jesus, 2 houses of the S^ters of

the eitry should be made before the child leaves the ^^'^iL'^^ iLl'^T^^ rlfH ""q- t^^7f^ "S"^ ^

church or the sponsors leave the baptistery. When ^^^«!,^ J ^?"ff °^ the Little Sisters of the Poor;

baptism has been administered neither by the parish ^f^ .°^„% ^f ^" "^^i'^'^w"? "^^ fT^^?'

priest nor in his presence the minister L bound to "? p^°« the hoi^ of the Helpers of the Holy

mform the parish priest without delay so that the Souls damaged; the upper seminary burned wid

record may be made in the parochial register; the ^\^ lower seminary damaged. The demorabsing

parish priest referred to is the prorrriua parochua of fp^^^ f *^e war has been particularly senous for

the subject baptized, that is the pastor of the place ^^^ educational institutions: all the elementaiy

of domicUe of the infant's parents. The decree "Ne schools were closed and have not yet been opened.

Temer«" made it obligatory to note opposite one's ^e„ greater number having been destroyed. The

name in the baptismal register the fact of his or her College of St. Joseph at Reims with 350 pupib.

marriage: the Code confirmed this practice and suffered severely; boarding schools under the

ordered further that a similar record should be made Sisters of Notre Dame and Sisters of the Infant

when the party was confirmed, solemnly professed, Jesus were burned, and all the normal schools were

or ordained subdeacon. The detailed facta of con- destroyed or burned, but these latter have been

firmation must be noted in a special confirmation reconstructed. The property of the professional

book, in addition to the annotation in the baptismal school of arts and crafts of St. John Baptist de la

record mentioned above; if the confirmed party's own Salle, having been destroyed the school is now

parish priest was not present he is to be notified by transferred to other quarters. All the asylums, 1

the minister of the sacrament as soon as possible. for the aged under the Augustinians and 2 under

MuBPHT, Pari9h Record* in EccU Rev., LXV (Philadelphia, the Little Sisters of the Poor, 1 at Reims and 1 at

1921), 1-12. Glaire, have been destroyed. The only charitable

BeglBtro do Araguaya, PrelatureNulliub in the institutions remaining are the institutions of the

province of Matto Grosso. Brazil, erected 12 May, diocesan Missionary Society at Charieville which

1914. It is under the administration of Rt. Rev. ^aa only 4 members; and spiritual retreat houses

Antoine Malan, O. S. F. S., b. in 1862, ordained for men and young men, 1 under the Jesuits and 1

1889, superior of the Salesians of Matto Grosso in under the Christian Brothers. 1901 and elected titular bishop of Amissus and prelate Before the war there were 634 priests in the

nullius 25 May, 1914. The prelature was enlarged diocese; now there are about 520. Two hundred

29 October, 1920, by the addition of territory taken priests and seminarians were mobilized and of

from Belem do Para. According to 1920 statistics these 5 were decorated with the legion d*honneur,

there are 100,000 Indian inhabitants in 10 tribes, of 6 with the medaille mUitaire, 57 with the croix

whom 15,000 are civilized, 1 parish, 3 sub-parishes, de guerre, 9 with the mcdaille des epidimies, 1

3 chapels, 8 convents, of which 4 are Salesian and with the Cross of Serbia. 1 with the Cros? of St.

4 of the Sisters of Mary-Auxiliatrice. George and 1 with the Eagle of Serbia; this list

testifies to the bravery and devotion of the clergy,

Beims, Archdiocese op (Rhemensis), com- at the front and in the occupied territory, prises the district of Reims in the department of There are at present (1921) 41 parishes, 550 suc-

the Mame and the whole department of Ardennes cursal parishes, 105 missions and 663 churches,

in France. The present incumbent, His Eminence There are two houses of priests of the Society of

Louis Cardinal LuQon was born at Maulevier in Jesus and 1 Capuchin convent with 7 religious.

1842, ordained 1865, appointed Bishop of Belley, Besides the Sisters mentioned above as having

1887. During his administration in that see he suflFered the ravages of the war, there are the

terminated the process of beatification of the Cure Augustinians, the Sisters of the Holy Saviour, who

d'Ars and was presented at the festivities attend- visit the poor in their homes, the Ladies of Naza-

ing this event in Rome. He was promoted to the reth, the Sisters of the Holy Family, 1 branch of

Archdiocese of Reims 21 Februcuy, 1906, and ere- which (Branch of Hope) maintains two houses and

ated a cardinal priest 16 December, 1907. 1 clinic, and the Tertiary Franciscans. The Insti-

This territorj", which saw some of the fiercest tute of St. Remi at Charieville is still flourishing,

fighting during the World War, has suffered with an enrollment of 250 pupils and a boarding

severely, and irreparable damage was done to some school under the Sisters of Nazareth is success-

of its finest buildings. Notable among these is the fully conducted. Among the clergy there is an