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By 1921 statistics the diocese comprises 45 Sprin^owic, b. at Rositten, Latgale in Lettgalia, in priories, 7 convents of women, 80 secular priests tne Diocese of Ri|^« 31 October, 1876. He studied and 16 regulars, 65 Brothers, 305 Sisters, 30 semi- in the ecclesiastic^ seminary at Petrograd, was narians, 1 college for boys with 100 students, 15 ordained in 1901, and was named dean of Lixna in high schools with 60 teachers and an attendance April, 1920, in succession to Mgr. O'Rourke, who of 275 boys and 425 girls, 24 academies with 120 -resigned. The Diocese of Riga comprises the teachers and 1000 boys and 1400 girls, 35 elementary Republics of Lettonia and Estihonia. It has: 130 schools with 170 teachers and 6000 pupils, and 3 parishes; 175 chiurches; 145 secular priests; 412,356 industrial schools with 46 teachers and 380 pupils. Catholics (330,574 Letts; 39,244 Poles; 23,036 White The charitable institutions include 1 home for the Russians; 16,338 Lithuanians; and 3164 of German, aged, 3 orphan asylums, 1 hospital, 1 refuge home Esthonian and other nationalities); 1 seminary, 36 for boys and 1 refuge home for girls. The Rich- students; 1 boys' college. 6 teachers, 50 pupils; 2 mond Clerical Fund Association and the Euchar- elementary schools, 5 teacners, 200 pupils; 1 home for istio League are organized, and among the laity the aged; 3 orphanages. There are about 1000 state the Knights of Columbus, Holy Name, and Junior primary schools, 50 gymnasia, and 3 prisons, in all Holy Name Societies, Hibernian and St. Vincent o^ which ministrations of the cler^ are permitted, de Paul Societies with women's auxiliaries, Boy The clergy have a cooperative society for the pur- Scouts, Children of Mary, Angels of the Blessed chase of dburch supplies. Among the laity there are: Sacrament, Alumnian Association and local parish & Catholic Association of Lettish Farmers, a general societies of men, women and children are estab- Lettish Catholic Association, and a society for the lished. The Catholic population numbera 44,000 publication of Catholic works. Catholic periodicals of whom 700 are negroes; the whites comprise published are a weekly, Latgolas Words," and a Americans, Irish, German, Italians, English, a few monthly, "Wairop." Among those who died are French and small numbers of Bohemians, Poles, Father Casimu: Skrynda and Antonius Skrynda, a Slovaks and S3Tians. physician, who for years devoted themselves to the

relkious and patriotic education of the Lettish ^outh Sidolil, FoRTUNATUS, Regular Cleric of St. Paul, ana the promotion of Catholic and Lettish writing, b. at Zenano, in the Diocese of Brixen, on 8 Novem- F*v« priests. Fathers Marcinjan, Biksis, Kerovic, ber, 1777: d. 8 April, 1850; son of Joseph and Angela Tukws, and Petrus Osien were put to death in the (Tonni) Kidolfi. In 1887 he wa^ sent to study in the religious persecution carried out by the Russian College at Monza, conducted by the suppressed Jesu- Maximalists. On 18 November. 1918, the Letts its. Some years later he manifested nis desire to proclaimed their independence of Russia and were become a religious but the revolutionary troubles of at once attacked by the Maximalists, whom they that time prevented him from carrying out his pur- bought until 1920. During the European War the pose. In 1799 he was compell^ to join the army at clergy and laity made every effort to alleviate suf- the time of the establishment of the Cisalpine Repub- fering especially among the refugee poor. They lie, but he remained untouched by the corruption raised over 2,000,000Russian roubles for that purpose, around him. On 30 September of that year he entered During the war when the Letts were conscripted to the Bamabite novitiate, after which he studied the- fig^t for Russia, they quietly organized themselves ology at Milan and took his solemn vows in 1802. ^to cohorts, which later formed the nucleus of the He was a professor of literature at Cremona and else- first nations! anny. In 1920^^ two years after the where, but when the decrees -• * -• • ■«•

ment, which then ruled

religious orders, he found iciuko u* uuc umuoc ui um -^^'^-^ «"« .*«.«^^w*« .u.»c»^ "^» ""»- *—«»*'- »«©—*. uncle who was an arch-priest of Brixen. In 1816, dur- ^^ the presence of the civil authorites, 50 priests, and ing which what was almost a famine desolated Lom- about 60,000 of the faithful, bardy, Ridolfi appeared like an angel of charity in

aiding the distressed. As the religious orders had been Blmlnl, Diocese of (Ariminensis; of. C. E. , re^tablished in Italy in 1815. he made haste to join XIII— 57d), in the province of Forh, northern his brethren in the coUe^ oi Carrobrole, where he Italy, suffragan of Ravenna. It is still under the concerned himself chiefly m the work of inaugurating administration of Mgr. Vincenzo Scozzoli, who came and directing oratories for the youth of both sexes, to the see in 1900. Statistics for 1920 credit it with The cause of his beatification and canonization was 124 parishes, 125,400 Catholics, ministered to by introduced on 12 November, 1919. 336 secular and 56 regular priests, 64 seminarians,

15 Brothers, 183 Sisters, 254 churches or chapels. Rietl, Diocese of (Riehnensis; cf. C. E., XIII — 54a), in the provmce of Perusia, Southern Rimonski, Diocese of (Sancti Germani db Italy, directly dependent on the Holy See. Rt. Rimouski; cf. C. E., XIII — 58d), Canada, suffragan Rev. Bonaventura Quintarelli, who came to the see of Quebec. Mgr. AndnS Albert Blais, who came to in 1895, died 31 October, 1915, and was succeeded the see in 1891, died 23 January, 1919, and was 9 Dec^ 1915, by Rt. Rev. Tranquillo Guameri, succeeded 18 Dec., 1919, by Mgr. Joseph-Romuald b. at Castelnuovo in 1871. He resigned and was Leonard, b. at St. Joseph de Carleton in 1876, transferred to the titular see of Europus 16 June, ordained 1899, consecrated 25 Feb., 1920. The 1916, and is now bishop of Acquapendente. He has Catibolic population of the diocese is 145,758. There been succeeded by Mgr. Francesco Sidoli, b. at are 198 secular priests, 11 regular priests, 5 religious Ceresota, Diocese of Piacenza, 2 Nov., 1874, elected communities of men and 10 of women. There are 20 June, 1916, and consecrated 25 July following. 105 parishes and 135 churches and chapels, 1 upper According to 1920 statistics there are 160 parishes, seminary with 30 seminarians, 1 lower seminary 142,100 Catholics, served by 200 secular and 40 with 338 students, 12 convents and academies, 1 regular priests, 50 seminarians, 20 Brothers, 100 home for the aged and infirm, 1 orphanage, 1 hospital.

Sisters, 402 churches or chapels. «* ^ ^ ^ « ^ tx /« 

Riobamba (or Bolivar), Diocese of (Bolivabsn-

Biga, Diocese of (Rigenbis), in Lettonia or sis; cf. C. £., XIII — 61d), sufifrae^n of Quito, Ecua-

Latvia. depending directly on the Holy See, revived dor. The present bishop is Rt. Rev. Carios-Maria

on 22 September, 1918, by seimration from the Arch- Xavier de la Torre, b. at Quito, 12 November. 1873,

diocese of Mohileff . It is governed by Mgr. Antonius ordained 19 December,* 1896, appointed Bishop of