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Boehet (cf. C. C, XIII, 104). — by a motu proprio and the CoUegio Pontificio per le- Missioni Estere

of 25 April, 1920, the Holv See granted all regular Italiane, for the Italian foreign missions, founded on

bispops the right to wear tne rochet, but when they 13 March, 1914. and enlarged in 1921; wnich is in the

are in the Eternal City they must always have a via della Scrota. The Collegio Beda, in the via

mantellette over the rochet. Pietro Cavallini. which was founded in 1892, was

separated from tne English College in 1917.

Bockford, Diocese of (Rockfordibnsis; cf. C. E., XIII — 105c), in Illinois, U. S. A., covers an area Boman ConcrefatioiiB (cf. C. E.. XIII— 136a). —

of 6867 sq. miles, with a Catholic population of The congregation of the Holy Office (C.E., XII — 137)

61,043. It is suffragan to Chicago. The first and is now chafed with the duties of the Congregation of

E resent bishop is Rt. Rev. Peter James Muldoon,D.D., the Index, which was suppressed on 25 Marcn, 1917; . 10 October. 1863, ordained 18 December, 1886, it alone is competent to deal with questions relating appointed titular Bishop of Tamassus and auxiliary to the Euchanstic fast of priests celebrating Mass. Bishop of Chicago 10 June, 1901, consecrated 25 On the other hand, what rdates to the use and con- July of the same year, transferred to Rockford 28 cession of indulgences, except dogmatic pronounce- September, 1908, proclaimed 29 April, 1909, refused ments regarding new pn^rs and devotions, has been transfer to Monterey and Los Angeles at the Con- transfenid from the Holy Office to the Apostolic sistory of 22 March, 1917. Statistics for 1922 report: Penitentiary.

77 churches with resident priests, 22 missions with . The Congregation of the Consistory (C. E.,XIII — churcheS; 3 statipns, 10 chapels, 214 secular priests, 139) has now a thiid cardinal e3>ojficio member, 21 ecclesiastical students, 1 academy for bovs with 30 namely the prefect of the Congregation of Seminaries pupils, 1 for girls with 60 pupils, 4 high schools with and of Universities of Studies, and a new ex^ffido 450 students, 33 parochial schooLs with 6473 pupils, 1 consultor, the secretary of the last-mentioned oon- orphan asylum with 206 inmates, 2 homes for old gregation. It no longer decides questions of corn- people, and 6 hospitals. Educational and charitable petency arising between the various congregations, institutions are in charge of the religious communities tribunals, and offices of the Roman CuriaTthese being established in the diocese. settled by a body of cardinals selected by the pope

each time a dispute arises. Bockhampton, Diocese of (Rockhamptonibnbis; The Congregation of Propaganda (C. E., XII — cf. C. E., XIII— 105c), in Queensland, Australia, is 456; XIII— 143) has jurisdiction also over societies suffragan to the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Rt. Rev. of ecclesiastics and seminaries founded exclusively James Duhig, who came to this see in 1905. was for the training of missionaries for foreign missions, created titular Archbishop of Amida and coadnitor particularly in connection with their n3«3 and ad- with right of succession, to the Archbishop of Bris- ministration and the granting of concessions regard- bane, 26 February, 1912. He was succeeaed by the ing the ordination of me fdumni. It has, no longer, S resent incumbent Rt. Rev. Joseph Shiel, bom in any jurisdiction over Catholics of Eastern Rites, feath, Ireland, 2 February, 1873. ordained at May- even in questions involving Latins. For them the nooth, 19 June, 1898^ volunteered for the Australian Congregation of the Eastern Church has been estab- Missions and served in the archdiocese of Melbourne IJshed with the same power over the subjects and and the diocese of Rockhampton and Ballarat; churches of the Eastern Rites as the other congrega- consecrated Bishop of Rockhunpton 26 Januaiy, tions have over those of Latin Rite, respecting, 1913. In September, 1912, the golden jubilee of the however, the jurisdiction of the Holy O^ce. diocese was celebrated and the following year on The Conffresation for Extraordinary Ecclesiastical 1 1 May, the enthronement of Bishop Shiel took place. Affairs (C.E. ,XIII~145) is charged with the formation The apostolic delegate, Mgr. Cattaneo visited the or division of dioceses and the filling of vacant sees, diocese 22 June, 1918, and the foUowine day the when civil governments have to be consulted on these foundation was laid for the new St. Patrick's church matters; it deals, moreover, with affairs entrusted which replaces the first church in Rockhampton. to its examination by the pope through the cardinal During the WorldWar three priests of this diocese and aecietary of State, when foreign civu law or papal a full quota of the Catholic young men served at the concordats are involved.

front. Through the death of Rev. Julien Plormd, On 4 November, 1915, the Congregation of Semi- 15 March, 1921, the diocese lost one of its pioneer naries and of Universities of Studies was formed to priests who had served in this territory for thirty- have jurisdiction over everything pertaining to semi- five years. The Catholic population of the diocese naries, which previously had been controlled by the numbers*about40,000, the majority of whom are of Congregation of tiie Consistory: it supervises the Irish origin. By 1921 statistics there are: 20 parishes, government and course of studies m Catholic faculties 1 convent for men (Marist Fathers) , 38 secular priests, or universities, including those directed by religious: 200 sisters, 7 high schools with 14 teachers and atten- it grants permission to confer academic ain^rees and dance of 150 boys and 100 girls, 17 boarding schools may itselfoonfer them on men distinguishedfor their with 250 boys and 430 girls. 35 elementary schools attainments. The Aardinftl secretary of the Con- with 150 teachers and attendance of 5700, 1 orphan- gistory is an ex-officio member, and the consistorial age receives one shilling day from the government assessor an ex-officio consultor of this congregation, for each child. During a papal vacancy the sacred congregations re-

lto,«« 00Ueg« (cf. C. E.. Xin-131) Under fifi^^^jte £LTiL^«lTi^^'r^^

P1U8. X. certain changw were made affe«tmg the ^^ ^ ^^^ ^^t ^^ ^^^ti^^ ^ ^ ^^ Seminano Romano: thephiloaophical and theologiad ^ut if the matter is very urgent it may be

facult.e8.were transferred to the Lateran and renamed J^Pf^ proviaionaUy by the pieffectid a few of the

Semmano mawiore; the faculty of law is m the ^^^J^ ^f the oonkre«ition to whom the pope would

te„\l^Sr.;f ?ff*°lJ^™ "iTif^fWWrin likely have entnistK. They may not, Sowever,

Seminano mmore at St. Peters. Ine cSeminano a^i\^^u ^^4^*^^ ^u;^u a,^^;^^ *uJ! i;^^^^;^^ rS ^^^

Pio has been incorporated in tiie Seminario maggiore ^^^ ^^^ matters which during tiie hfetune of the

at the Lateran. %ere are two new coU^esTthe P0P« ^«y ^^^^ decide without consultmg the

Collegio Pontificio Etiopico, for the Abvssinians, sovereign pontiflf or m vurtue of special and extra-

which was founded on 1 October, 1919, in )%zzo S. ordinary faculties, which the pope is accustomed to

Martin, and is under the care of the Capuchin Friars; grant the prefects or secretaries of the congregations.