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parochial schools; 1 orphan home for girls in Jackson- of Mary Immaculate, 24 priests; Jesuits, 7: Trappists,

ville, with 75 orphans; 1 hospital (ot. Vincent's) in 10; Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception,

Jaclraonyille. Tne priests have missions which the^ 2; Sons of Mary Immaculate, 3; Redem^rists, 4;

attend regularly. The Priests' Eucharistic League is CSerics of St. Viator, 2. There are 77 religious teach-

established amon^ the deray, and among the laity are ing or lav brothers, belonging to the orders lust

organized the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daugh- mentioned; and 16 American Marist Brothers and 10

ters of America, Holy Name Society, and Knights of Brothers of Our Ladv of Mercy. The institutes of

St. John among the colored. women are: Grey Nuns, 189; Sisters of the Holy

Names of Jesus and Mary, 55; Sisters of Notre Dame

Saint Bonaventnre, Collbgb of (cf. C. E.. XIII — des Missions, 13; Daughters of the Cross, 20; Sisters

339a). at Quaracchi, near Florence, Italy, has long of Mercy, 9; Sisters of the Five Woimds of Our

been famous as the center of literary activitv in the Savior, &; Sisters of Providence, 9; Carmelite Sisters,

Order of Friars Minor. Of late the staff of editors 12; Adorers of the Precious Blood, 12; Sisters of St.

has been increased and now consists of 12 Fathers, Joseph, 7; Presentation Sisters, 8; Belgian Ursulines.

5 for the theological and 5 for the historical section, 8j Sisters of_the Holy Family^ 20; Oblate Sisters or and two brought

and a new critical edition of Libri Iv Sententiarum 400 students; 1 minor seminary (founded 1909), 60 bv Peter the Lombard, in two volumes (1916). pupib; 1 Oblate juniorate, 50 students; 21 convents; Olivis'^Quflestionesinll Sententiarum,"editeabyB. 2 general hospitab, and 1 for contagious diseases: Jansen , S . J . , is in print and will comprise three volumes 2 orphan asylums , 1 home for the aged; 1 agricultural of the ^'Bibliotheca Franciscana Scholastica." The college, 3 Indian boarding schools. The State- first part of the long announced new edition of the supported Catholic schools or separate schools in the ^'Summa Theologica of Alexander of Hales is almost Catholic homogeneous parishes continue to be con- ready for print. The historical section has pub- ducted alon^ Catholic Imes as far as possible. The lished two more volumes of Analecta Franciscana": same condition obtains in two large schools in the vol. V (second part of "Bartholomew of Pisa") in City of St. Boniface, the Marist Brothers Boys' 1912 and vol. VI (Necrologia) in 1917; whilst vols, school, and the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary girls' VII (Franciscan documents of Bolojpia) and VIII school. Bein^ legally public schools inspected by the (Process of Canonization of St. Louis of Toulouse) civil authorities, they are administered by trustees will shortly appear. Volume XIX of the con- elected by the parents and are sustained by the tinuation of the Annals Minorum" by Wadding was ordinary school taxes and the money grant of the reprinted in 1914. The most important work of the provisional Government. In the mixed centres this historical section in recent years, however, is the system cannot work, and in such places these are publication of the "Archivum franciscanum His- parochial schools, which involves double taxes, toricum," an international quarterl>r review for Among the persons deceased in recent years may be original research in the field of Franciscan history', mentioned in addition to the late Archbishop Lan- The contributions to this paper are published either m gevin, Mr. Louis Arthur Prud'homme, iiistorian, Latin or in English, French, German, Italian, or and for thirty years judge of (I^ounW Court; his son Spanish. Since 1908 fourteen large volumes have who has been recently consecrated Bishop of Prince been published. Many minor publications have Albert and Saskatoon, is the first bishop bom in been made both by members of the college and out- Western Canada, aiders. In 1920 the new Breviary was printed at

Quaracchi on behalf of the Franciscan Order. Baint-Brieac and Tr^gnler, Diocbsb of (Brio-

CEN8IS BT Trecokbnsis; cf. C. E., XIII — 340b),

Saint Boniface, Archdiocese of (Sancti Boni- comprises the department of C6tes-du-Nord (Brit-

FACii; cf. C. E., XIII— 339), Manitoba, Canada, tany), France, and is suffragan of Rennes. The

IS governed by Mgr. Arthur Beliveau, who succeeded present bishop is Mgr. Jules-Laurent-Benjamin

Mgr. Langevm,0. M. I.,whodiedonl5June, 1915. Morelle, b. at Plessier-Rozainvillers, Diocese of

^^^^*^®*" ^^ ^^™ *^^ ^*- ^*"^®^' ^° ^^® ^**^*'®^ Amiens, 16 May, 1849, ordained 1873, elected 13 of Three Rivers, on 2 March, 1870, studied at St. July, 1906, to succeed Mar. Falli^res, deceased. On Boniface and later at Rome, where he graduated 9 August, 1919, Bishop MoreUe was made a com- doctor of theology, was ordained on 24 September, mander of the (Jrder of Leopold II, by the Kirc of 1883; appomtedT auxiliary and titular Bishop of the Belgians. About 600 priests were mobil&ed Dumitiopolis on 24 March, 1913; consecrated at St. during fie war, 50 priests and 39 seminarians died Boniface 25 July following; promoted at the Corir in the army, 5 were decorated with the L^on of sistory of 9 December, 1915, receiving the pallium Honor, 14 with the midaille mUitaire, 125 priests, on 7 June, 1916. On 4 December, 1915, the erection 44 seminarians with the croix de guerre, and 15 with of the new Archdiocese of Winnipeg necessitated the mSdaiUe des ipidemies. The Catholic popula- changes in the limits of that of St. Boniface, which tion numbered (1919) 605,523. There ate 48 dean- is now bounded on the east by 91 degrees long., on eries, 404 parishes, 977 secular priests (1921) and 150 the south by the international boundary, on the west eeminarians. by the meridian dividing ranges 12 and 13 west of the

principal meridian, by the line separating townships Saint Casimir, Lithuanian Sistebs of, founded by

9 and 10, and by the Red River and Lake Winnipeg, Rev. Anthony Staniukynas, with the help of Bishop

and on the north by the line dividing townships Shanahan of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The first

44 and 45, protracted eastward to its intersection three members were under the care of the Sisters of

with the 91 degrees long. The Catholic population the Holy Cross in Ingenbohl, Switzerland when it

within the present area, excluding the Kuthenian was decided that they come to America and be trained

Catholics, who have been under the jurisdiction of a for religious teachers. Mother M. Cyril, then

bishop of their own Rite since 1912, is 35,000: French Superior of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of

21,525, English 2372; Poles 2079; Flemish 1699; Mary, at Mount Saint Mary's, Scranton, Pa., under-

Indians. 689; German, 257; Hungarian, 119; other took their training and the Lithuanian postulants

nationalities, 321 . There are 105 priests, 53 secular arrived at Mt. St. Mary's, 2 Nov., 1905. Rather than

and 52 religious. The religious orders are: Oblates form a branch of a well organized community, they