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to the office (1887-99, 1902-8); memorials of her zeal 516a). — ^These Sisters, with mother-house at Bourg.

are the beautiful chapel in the mother-house, St. have a novitiate at New Orleans, La., in the Unit^

Michael's Hospital, Toronto, and St. Joseph's States, where they conduct establisnments in the

Hospital, Port Arthur, erected during her administra^ archdioceses of Cincinnati, Dubuque, New Orleans,

tion. and the founding of many libranes for the spread and St. Paul and in the dioceses of Duluth, Natchez,

of Catholic literature in poor localities. Sister M. and Superior. There are in the United States 175

Emerentia Lonerean, esteemed and revered as Sisters m charge of 25 schools, 1 orphan hospital^ 1

teacher, literary devotee, and religious, for sixteen industrial school, 1 asvlum, and 1 home for workmg

years secretary general of the congregation, also girls, with 2500 pupils under their instruction,

editor of "St. Joseph's Lilies." Sister M. Austin Siateraof St, Joseph of Chamb^ry (cf.C.¥^.fVlH —

McKay-Wamock, prominent educationalist and at 516b). — Mother Leonide continued to govern the

the time of her death head of the faculty of St. congregation until 1919. Her generalate was a

Joseph's University College, having made a brilliant troubled one, having witnessed the closing; of so many

course of studies there, winning the Edward Blake of the houses in F^wce; as assistant, m 1903, she

Scholarship, the Geoige Brown Scholarship, and the took up the tanj^ed threads of the government at

Italian pnze granted by the minister of foreign an inauspicious tune. It was a great care for her to

affairs for Italv. provide for the needs of so many of her Sisters who

At present (l921) there are 18 foundations of the were scattered far and wide. In August, 1912, the

institute: 13 in the Diocese of Toronto and 5 in congregation celebrated the hundredth anniversary of

Western Canada. The Sisters number 400. Thev the foundation of the mother-house at Chamb^ry.

conduct a university college, 4 academies, 1 high In the early stages of the war the Sisters had to flee

school, and 30 separate schools with a total attendance from Odessa, and before the war was over^g^the

of 8903 pupils. They are also in chax*^ of 3 ho&- Russian province was practically annihilated. While

pitals whicn have an annual registration of 5891 Russia was with the Allies, tniee of the Hospital

patients, a House of Providence for the poor and the Sisters of Petrograd followed the army as nurses, and

aged with 420 inmates, and an orphana^ for 225 were captured by the Germans. They were liberated

children. The present superior general is Mother some time later, through the influence of the Danish

M. Victoria, elected in 1920. government, and returned to Petrograd. Under the

Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy (cf. C. E., VIII — Soviet Government, several Sisters were imprisoned,

515d). — ^The mother-house of the Sisters of St. Joseph some for months, but God ever watched over them,

of tiie English province is at Annecy, Savoy. Finally, the Sisters, not being able to render service

At present the congregation has 19 houses m to their neighbor, and being constantly in danger of

France, and 6 in Switzerland. The Sisters in the imprisonment, decided to leave Russia, with the

Province of Annecy are engaged in teaching 10 exception of a few who were Russian subjects, and

schools for poor children, and 3 boarding schools, therefore could not obtain passports. During the

each of which latter has a finishing course for training occupation of Blegium, the Sisters kept their schools

girls in housekeeping. The Sisters have charge open and, in spite of great privations, lived to witness

of 8 hospitals ana hostels, 3 houses where nursing the return of the King. In the war countries and in the

Sisters reside who go to nurse the sick m their homes, adjacent neutral countries, the Sisters distinguished

and from 12 of the existing houses the Sisters visit themselves by the help they gave to the wounded or

and tend the sick. They aGo have 1 orphanage, and the passing regiments. Several governments awarded

in 5 of the houses there are work-rooms and organiza- medieds and crosses to members of the congregation

tions for the protection of girls and for procuring them for the services rendered. A gold medal was awarded

em^03rment. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, to the congregation in token ofgratitude by the French

in En^and, are entirely devoted to the teaching government; 55 medals were given to individual

profession. There are 6 houses of the congregation Sisters, of which three were from the King of Greece,

m England: Newport (the provincial house and and six from Queen Elizabeth of Belgium. During

novitiate), Devizes, Malmesbury, Bristol, Clifton, the war the Sisters opened an ambulance hospitu

Taunton. The last was founded in 1920 and the near the mother-house at Chamb^ry. another at

Sisters took charge there of the elementary schools. Courbevoie, Seine. The two hospitals of Aix-les-

at the desire of the Bishop of Clifton. The total Bains (Savoie) and one at Rumilly (Savoie) were

number of pupils taught by the Sisters in the elemen- converted into ambulances. In all of these, the

tary schools m Engdand is about 2500. The Sisters Sisters devoted themselves to the care of the wounded

have charge of 10 schools. They also have 2 boarding and the dying. At the age of eighty-two, after a

schools to which are attached large day schools, with life devoted to the interests of her congregation,

a total of about 500 pupils. At Blairs College, Mother Leonide died at Chamb^ry, 17 January, 1919.

Aberdeen, Scotland, there are 13 Sisters in charge At the General Chapter held in August, 1919,

of the domestic arrangements and housework of the Mother Mary Sacred Heart was elected superior

college. At Newport and in all the other houses of general. Some months after the Sisters of Tamopol

the congregation in England, the Sisters devote (Galicia) had to flee before the advancing army of

their evenings to instructing and preparing non- the BoLaheviki and abandon their convent and school.

Catholic women for reception into the Catholic Within the last few years, several houses have been

Church. They also visit the sick and poor in their reopened in France, new foundations made and the

homes as well as in the hospitals, and help many to novitiate has been repeopled. Soon after her election,

die well. The Sisters in England (1921) number in the superior general unaertook a journey to some of

all 89 members. In the Province of Vizagapatam, the provinces, Rome, Norway, Sweden, Denmark,

India, the Sisters of St. Joseph are in charge of 8 and Brazil.

schools, 5 for Europeans and 3 for natives; 2 boarding The following new foundations have been made:

schools^ 4 orphanages; 4 dispensaries; 1 work depot; in Italy; a school, kindergarten, and sewing class

3 hospitals. The number taught and cared for by (1912) in Tuscany: in Denmark, four schools and one

the Sisters is about 5000 children and 270 orphans, academy; in Brazil, one academy and two hospitals;

They nurse in the hospitals and at their homes, in the United States: five schools, of which one

about 8200 sick persons every yeex. In their mis- academy is in Stamford, Conn., one parochial school

sionary journeys they baptize, on an average, 6000 in West Haven, Conn., a school for boys in Deep

children in artundo mortis. River, Conn., two schools in St. Mary's County,

Sisters of St. Joseph of Bourg (cf. C. £., VIII — Md. At present 150 houses belong to the congre-