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mons and social conferences. The Catholic po^pula- of Cava and Sarno in 1914 , promoted to Salerno 7

tion is 850,000. The diocese includes 286 panshes, April, 1915, consecrated at Rome 22 April and

539 churches, 1 convent of men, 27 of women, 462 received the pallium 19 July, published 6 December

secular and 80 regular priests, 56 lay brothers, 791 following. On 16 Septembler. 1919, he was named

Sisters, 1 seminary. 337 seminarians, 1 university, 5 administrator of Nusoo and oi Nole 8 December fol-

asylums, 4 hospitals, 2 refuges and 1 day nursery, lowing. He succeeded the Most Rev. Valerio Laspro,

There are 2 organizations amon^ the clergv and sev- who died 22 November, 1914. According to the sta-

eral among the laity. A Catholic daily and 2 reviews tistics of 1920 the archcuocese contained 149 parishes,

are published. 364 churches and chapels, 659 secular priests and 60

seminarians. In 1920 the united see of Acemo con- Bale, DiocEBB OF (Saubnbis: cf. C. E., XIII — sisted of 7 parishes, 7 churches, and 16 secular priests. 395d), in Victoria, Australia. The present diocese was part of the Archdiocese of Melbourne until Salesian Soelety (cf. C. £., XIII-^98c).~-The

1887. when the late James Francis Corbett, then Society has a total of 341 houses and numbers over

Earisn priest of St. Kilda, Melbourne, was consecrated 5000 members — ^priests, lay brothers and clerics,

rst Bishop of Sale. The diocese covers the civil There are 230 festive oratories or recreation grounds

province oi Gippsland, an area of 16,700 souare with chapel for religious instruction, with over

niiles, extending due east from 50 miles from Mel- 100,000 cnildren in attendance. The 130 colleges,

bourne to the oorder of the State of New South for the poor in particular, have asboarders, 35 ,000 boys

Wales, and on the south is washed by the Southern In many of tne colleges there is a department for

Ocean. The first bishop found in this vast district learning trades, with 15,000 boys under instruction,

only a few priests, who « eventually returned to the In 52 agricultural colonies there are 3000 boys. The

Archdiocese of Melbourne, and no convent school. 132 clubs have a membership of over 7000. Over

When he died in May, 1912, he left three fine con- 22,000 pupils are educated by the Salesians in over

vents of tibe Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion, with 150 elementary schools, mostly in Italv and South

primary and secondary schools, at Sale, Barinsdale, America. The Salesians have under their jurisdic-

and Warragul. In 1921 the diocese had eight tion 13 shrines^l parishes, and over 300 churches

convents of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred and chapels. They have 43 missions among the

Heart with primary schools at Sale, Cowwarr. heathens, chiefly in South America (Brazil, Ecuador,

LeongathajNlaffra, Morwell, Omeo, Traralgon, and etc.) , with 250,000 souls. A new mission in the coast

Yarram. The summary of the diocese for that year region of Assam, norUiem India, was taken over by

is: districts, 12; churches, 50; secular priests, 23: them in December, 1921. Here there are only 5000

primary schools, 10; secondary schools, 3; number of Catholics out of a population of 7^^000,000. The

children in Cathohc schools, 1296. According to Vicariate Apostolic of Shiu-Chow, China, was en-

the last available census, the total population of the trusted to the SflJesians in 1920. This vast territory

diocese is 73,507, and the Catholic population is is divided into 10 missions and has about 3.000,000

12,480. The second Bishop of Sale is Rt. Rev. souls under the jurisdiction of Mgr. Louis yersiglia,

Patrick Phelan. Bom in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, in S. C. The Vicariate Apostolic for the Aborigines in

1860, Dr. Phelan was educated at Mount Mellerav Kimberiey, Australia, is to be ffiven to the SSesians

Seminary, Co. Waterford, and at St. Patrick'is in the fall of 1922. At Elisabethville, Congo, Africa,

College, Carlow, where he was ordained 26 Mav, there is a lar|;e mission. Since the armistice of tiie

1888. He commenced ecclesiastical work in the World War important foundations have been es- Archdiocese of Melbourne in October of that year, tablished for the first time in Ireland, Germany, and

early pupils

Cathedral . In 1908 Dr. Phelan became vicar general first band of Salesian missionaries who went to Buenos of the archdiocese, and in 1912 was created pro- Aires in 1875; Archbishop Guerra of Santiago de thonotary apostolic by Pope Pius X. Through the Cuba, Bishop Piani, auxiliary of Puebla, Mexico; death of Bishop Corbett the See of Sale became and six other bishops in Italy and South America, vacant that year, and Dr. Phelan was consecrated Recently deceased is Don Paolo Albera, second sue- second Bishop or Sale at St. Patrick's Cathedral, cessorof the Ven. Don Boeco, died in Turin, 29 Oct., Melbourne, 2 March, 1913, by Archbishop Carr of 1921. Salesian institutes in the United States are

several convent schools in the diocese, had expended borough, Hampshire; Burwash, Sussex; cfiertsey,

£75,000 in building churches^ schools, and presby- Surrey. There is an agricultural school at Pallask-

teries, and was then engaged m building a college or enry , Co. Limerick, Ireland. The novitiate and house

secondary school for hoys at Sale which was costing of studies for the United States lb at New Rochelle,

over £25,000. The Marist Brothers are in charge of N. Y.; for England and Ireland, at Oxford, this college. Bishop Phelan is the author of several

viz. "The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass," The Mission Poles, Ruthenians, etc. Recently deceased Catholic of St. Ignatius of Loyola," and "The Priesthood of laymen of note were: Sir Daniel McCabe, K.S.S.,

Christ.'^ Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Laincashire,

twice Lord Mayor of Manchester, died 29 Sept.,

Balemo, Archdiocbsb of (SALERNn-ANENsis; cf. 1919; Alderman Cams, K.S.G., several times Mayor

C. E., XIII— ^96b), in the Province of Naples, of Darwen, died in December, 1920. During the

Southern Italy. The present administrator is the World War some 25 priests of the diocese went out

Most Rev. Carlo Maria Grasso of the Benedictines of as chaplains. Of these Rev. J. Birch lost a limb,

Monte Cassino. He was b. at Genoa, 22 April, 1869, Rev. John O'R. Browne was honored by a miUtuy

ordainedl April, 1893, named administrator apostolic cross with bar, and Revs. R. McGuinness, W.